The Ultimate Guide to Route Optimization Software and Its Benefits

The Ultimate Guide to Route Optimization Software and Its Benefits

There were times when one had to follow the manual path to create routes and take on everything that comes along with route planning. A dispatcher had its armory of spreadsheets and maps. They had to rely on their memory and knowledge about various streets and turns. But now that you can consider route optimization software development and have your online tool built, you don’t have to go through conventional mechanisms.  

The hand-wringing process of manual route planning still has its prevalence. However, it isn’t any less arduous, complex, or inefficient than before. Thanks to route optimization software solutions, a significant part of this job can now be automated and more accurate.   

The route optimization software market reached US $2.50 billion in 2017 and is anticipated to value at the US $5.07 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 11.4%. There are many reasons why transportation and logistics businesses are opting for route optimization software development services and implementing a solution that streamlines simply everything. Let’s learn what that’s all about.

  • Route optimization software helps analyze and create an ideal route for a vehicle.
  • With route planning software, you can increase the delivery time, reduce manual workload, minimize fuel cost, enjoy better employee productivity and improve customer service.
  • The route optimization software market reached US $2.50 billion in 2017 and is anticipated to value at the US $5.07 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 11.4%.

What is Route Optimization Software?

The route optimization software is an enterprise solution that helps plan and determine the ideal route for a vehicle. The software incorporates standard analytics and machine learning to fetch the best path for a vehicle/ courier in an automated manner. Route optimization applications contribute to establishing more efficient, cost-effective, and smarter logistics.  

The software uses real-time data to obtain information on road conditions, drivers’ schedules, hours took on the road, employee breaks, geographical locations of the delivery points, and other information to create the fastest route for each driver.  

Your business can leverage vehicle route planning software for various benefits. Transportation and logistics companies implement this solution for different purposes like automated and cost-effective planning in case of traffic jams, unexpected order cancellations, or other emergencies.  

Simply put, route planning software helps boost efficiency, minimize risks on the road, enhance overall customer experience, lower resource waste, reduce operational costs, and invite higher revenues.  

Benefits of Route Optimization Software

Benefits of Route Optimization Software

No matter how you plan to develop a route optimization software, it has certain advantages to offer your business in terms of efficiency, cost, and overall management.  

Let us look at the topmost benefits of route optimization software for your business:  

Plan Cost-Effective Routes

One of the primary benefits of investing in route optimization software development is that it simplifies how you identify or plan routes. It works on advanced algorithms that help analyze and determine the most efficient routes based on your parameters. Given that you have the most suitable routes, you can also save costs.

Less Distance

With routing software, you can easily find driving distance based on the availability of drivers and vehicles. The software also allows you to assign tasks and schedule constraints. Moreover, it analyzes the available resources to plan routes that minimize the driving time and better your key metrics in delivery logistics. In the end, you can save costs on fuel, time spent on the road, vehicle maintenance, vehicle wear and tear, insurance and liability, safety risks, and traffic exposure.

Fast-Paced Operations

Time management is pivotal in logistics and transportation, so you might want to invest in route planning software development. The software helps you quickly dispatch, whether for the same day or the next day delivery. It helps with fast orders and rescheduling. Route optimization tools enable you to create and assign orders in real-time.

Improved Customer Service 

Customers look for a convenient, fast, and reliable process to deliver their orders. Constant human support helps them keep tabs on the status of their order. The route management software allows you to create driver profiles to fit the right driver with the right customer.  

Additionally, the routing software helps ensure that the arrival is always on time. It allows drivers to communicate directly with the customers, eliminating the fuss. The software also helps establish customer relationships and attract trust, which mitigates service windows without impacting the quality of customer service.

Productivity at Its Best

Since the route management software allows you to dispatch orders in real-time, your drivers can take up and finish more tasks during work hours. This transportation and logistics software solution also helps maintain a healthy workforce.   

Moreover, you can easily track the progress and productivity of your employees, which you can use to check their output. Driver route planning software can be helpful for you in spotting any inefficiencies in the process and your workforce.

Maximum Fleet Optimization   

A route optimization tool offers greater insight into the capacity of each vehicle you have in your fleet. This tool allows you to maximize the performance of each vehicle by minimizing idle cargo space and managing the effectiveness when the surge for delivery seems to surpass your capacities.   

Apart from that, you can easily sort out the waste from your operations by optimizing routes. It helps you recheck the size of your fleet. Thus, you can come up with the required number of vehicles. When you have fewer vehicles, you will have fewer field operators, leading to less fuel consumption, less equipment, and less maintenance. That’s one of the primary reasons why many companies worldwide are investing in route planning software development!

No Delays

That is one of the biggest advantages of route planning software development you can enjoy. Reducing the amount of time your drivers spend on the road and in traffic results in reduced operational costs.

Route optimization tool allows you to adjust routes based on the information given by the field, which helps you cut down the costs and saves a good amount of time spent on the road.

Less Workload

Keeping a route plan handy leads to the elimination of work pressure your team goes through. First, it is a great helping hand for dispatchers since they no longer have to spend hours planning routes. So, they can give their time and effort to driving better results from other important tasks.  

No pressure means a healthy work environment. You can seamlessly create multi-drop routes for their drivers based on your operational needs or create round trips with tight drop-offs and fitting break times. On top of that, the software reduces the need for constant communication, provided that it can automatically track updates and progress.

Route Optimization Software Development

Essential Features of Route Optimization Software

Essential Features of Route Optimization Software

Every route optimization software works differently. When planning how to develop a route optimization software, you will consider the checkpoints that align with your business needs. Some solutions go beyond the functions like navigation and calendar. There’s a lot you can add to your software.

While you can sit on the plan and consult the best enterprise software development company to help you with a clear picture of your tool, certain features are essential.  

As you determine your preferences for your route planning solution, you must keep a few crucial features in mind. You want to create something that fulfills what it takes to leverage the maximum benefits of route planning solutions. Right?

Understanding the important functionalities will give you an easy time during the development planning and process. So, let’s look at some of the must-have features of route optimization software:  

Upload InformationUpload Information   

One of the biggest pain points of traditional route planning is the manual inputting of address details. But thankfully, you can have route optimization software that allows users to input their data. This option includes addresses, company names, points of contact, and phone numbers.

Add StopsAdd Stops

One of the best features of route optimization software is the ability to schedule and plan routes by enabling drivers to add the stops they have planned along the journey. Both drivers and managers can view the entire driving route instead of just a single trip concluded from destination to destination.

Enter Delivery TimeEnter Delivery Time  

Adding delivery and meeting time is yet a feature of route planning software. You must ensure that you have all the additional scheduling features like this one. This feature allows you to add the planned beginning time and end time for each meeting. It is useful to drivers for keeping their deliveries on pace. This feature is also quite helpful for sales teams that need to make sure they make every meeting on time.

Edit InformationEdit Information  

In case deliveries or appointments surpass the planned time, you can count on your optimization software to help adjust the route and every destination along the route in real-time. When your sales team has a cancellation or is before the time, they can check other customers that might be nearby but on their current route schedule. The software can help them add new details and manage their time effectively when there’s any unprecedented change in the plan.  

Route PlanningRoute Planning  

This one goes without saying. After all, route planning is one of the prominent features of routing software. This feature is imperative for any routing tool as it helps discover the most fitting and efficient route. Apart from that, it reduces the unnecessary distance that drivers have to map otherwise. The right route optimization software includes options like drive time, drivers’ schedules, and other functions that help find the most suitable directions.

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Integrations play a vital role in all sorts of enterprise solutions, and route optimization software is no exception. The software should be able to integrate and access the identified efficient route in the best navigation apps. The integrations ensure that drivers can access and follow easy direction guidance without missing out on a turn. They can also directly view the data and details using their route optimization solution.

Sharing RoutesSharing Routes  

When you have route planning software, you can easily communicate the route to the users and keep them informed about everything. Users, too, should be able to share their planned routes with you. That includes sharing with the managers so that they can check up on the best workload visibility. The sharing feature is incredibly useful in keeping concerned participants in order up to date.

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This guide taught you how your route optimization process could gain a technological advantage by implementing software. Many businesses are turning toward route planning software solutions owing to the ease it brings in different aspects of the business. You can opt for custom route planning software depending on the requirements and goals of your business.   

The routing software is an incredible way to enhance your overall fleet management capability and attract a higher return on investment. On top of that, you can establish valuable customer relationships.   

At Matellio, a leading route optimization software development company, we help SMEs and enterprises develop custom routing software by implementing the functions that blend in with their business. Our route planning software development services encompass everything from ideating and road mapping to post-development software maintenance.

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