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Leverage the advanced traffic management software development services by Matellio to get a custom solution that allows you to facilitate a smooth supply chain and secure your drivers. Ensure an on-time product delivery while building profits for your logistics company with our custom solution.
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    What is

    Powerful Features of an Intelligent Traffic Management System

    We can implement various advanced features to strengthen your traffic management software development.
    Floating Car Data Solution
    Floating Car Data

    Predict traffic patterns, delivery delays, speed, stoppages of the fleets, and any accidental situations by getting real-time data of your fleets.

    Traffic Monitoring Solution-2
    Traffic Monitoring

    Analyze real-time traffic conditions using traffic monitoring modules equipped with re-identification sensors, GPS technology, and telematics devices.

    Shipment Planning

    Facilitate future mobility and ensure the safety of your autonomous vehicles with an integrated ADAS solution equipped with HD maps and real-time sensor data.

    Guidance & Navigation Solution
    Guidance & Navigation

    Analyze the traffic patterns better and ensure your drivers’ safety while facilitating on-time product delivery through our advanced traffic management system.

    Traffic Visualization System
    Data Visualization

    Leverage data visualization techniques to identify the traffic patterns and convert them into opportunities for route optimization, on-time delivery, and smart city planning.

    Traffic Flow Solution
    Traffic Flow

    Plan your supply chain operations, and optimize your resources by analyzing the traffic flows and getting real-time traffic updates over a particular area.

    Panic Alert
    Incident Detection

    Get real-time information on traffic patterns and congestion to facilitate traffic safety and eliminate traffic incidents, traffic violations, driver accidents, etc.

    Client Management
    Lane Updates

    You can get lane-level traffic updates about what lanes are empty to eliminate road congestion and enhance your on-time product delivery capabilities.

    Asset Tracking
    Route Optimization

    You can easily view the real-time traffic and road conditions of various paths and set a secure route for your drivers with an automated traffic solution.

    Want to Add Custom Features to Your Traffic Management System?

    Begin traffic management software development with an MVP. Include essential features to test your product and save time and cost.

    Our Traffic Management Software Development Services

    Software Development Consulting

    Get expert assistance for your project and the best features, technologies, and free market analysis service.

    Traffic App Development
    Traffic App Development

    We can deliver you a custom traffic management app equipped with your choice of features, tech stack, and APIs.

    Data Management Services

    You can import your past data to a cloud-based traffic management software or can implement BI modules with our experts.

    Traffic Monitoring

    Next-Gen Tech Offerings for Your Business

    Explore the latest technologies we offer to make your traffic management software development a hit.
    AI and Machine Learning
    AI and Machine Learning

    You can get conversational bots, smart route optimization tools, and machine learning systems that help you detect the usual traffic patterns of a particular area. You can leverage that data to avoid traffic congestion and delays.

    Internet of Things
    Internet of Things

    Get capabilities like real-time data collection, traffic flow, and incident management by implementing IoT in your traffic management software. These features can help you secure your vehicles while ensuring on-time delivery.

    Location Based Services
    Location-Based Services

    With our location-based services, you can compile business-specific roadmaps for your fleets. What are the roads conditions and the traffic routes for the day; all this can be explored through our location-based services.

    Cloud Computing
    Cloud Computing

    Process huge amount of data generated from the smart sensors and get powerful business insights with our cloud services. Besides that, cloud integration service also promotes data security, accessibility, and real-time analysis.

    Looking to Implement these Next-Gen Solutions into Your Business?

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    Why Matellio for Traffic Management Software Development?

    As a leading name in software engineering service providers, we at Matellio understand your business problems and strive to offer you the exact digital solutions. Our expertise in various next-gen technologies, including AI, ML, edge computing, and IoT, makes us the best traffic management software development company. From idea validation and prototype development to testing and updates, our broad spectrum of professional services has got you covered through your product development journey.
    Free Market Analysis
    Free Market Analysis

    We offer free market analysis, competitor research, and a no-obligation quote to our clients for overall success.

    Strict NDA
    Strict NDA

    Our non-disclosure agreement policy legally binds our employees and us from sharing your ideas with third-party businesses.

    Talented Developers
    Experienced Developers

    Whatever be your business needs, we have experienced developers that can offer simple solutions to your complex business problems.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is a smart traffic management system?

    A smart traffic management system is our unique offering that enables businesses to eliminate all the issues concerning the traffic and operations of their fleets. Our smart traffic management system is equipped with the latest technologies like AI, ML, IoT, and cloud computing that offers next-level automation. A smart traffic management system can get the latest trends, traffic patterns, safest routes for your fleets, and much more. Not to mention, fleet tracking, driver safety, and incident management are some of the added perks of an intelligent traffic system.  

    2. How do you develop traffic management software?

    We follow the agile development methodology for all our projects. Our development process includes:  

    • Validating your ideas and requirements  
    • Offering you the best tech tools, features, and other resources  
    • Creating a prototype for your project  
    • Developing your software/app  
    • Testing your digital product  
    • Deployment  
    • Maintenace and support  

    3. What other services do you offer with traffic management software?

    We offer a wide array of professional services to ensure success for your traffic management software development, from idea validation and software re-engineering to UI/UX services, automated testing, app development, and even platform migration services.

    4. How much time is required to create traffic management software?

    The time required for traffic management software development depends on your requirements. For instance, if you chose to launch a traffic management system with complex functionalities, it would require more time for development than a system with some advanced and basic features. Hence, it is always best to consult your ideas and requirements with our experts to get an exact time estimate for your project.   

    5. How much does traffic management software development cost?

    Similar to the time, the cost of your traffic management system development depends on many factors, including: 

    • Number of resources hired
    • Testing method
    • Level of complexity
    • Designs and UI services
    • Hiring model, and so on 

    Hence, you can fill our form below to validate all your ideas and get an accurate cost estimation for your project.

    6. Can you add my choice of features in traffic management software?

    We can add your choice of features, technologies, and designs to make your custom traffic management software apt for your business. You can opt for our MVP development service that enables you to validate your app’s overall design and flow without impacting the actual development process.

    7. How do you ensure the security of my idea?

    We have experts that follow the best security practices to safeguard the data of your traffic management system. Besides that, we also follow a strict NDA policy that legally binds our employees and us from sharing your data with other third-party businesses.

    8. Can I customize the reports of my traffic management software?

    You can customize the layout of the reports you get from your custom traffic management software by partnering with us. Our experts can offer you complete customization capabilities to decide the level of reports you want along with the designs and other parameters.

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