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Updated on Apr 10th, 2024

Use Cases of AI in Healthcare

The Pandemic shook the roots of the healthcare industry but also taught us that technology can become a strong pillar for this sector. It is why healthcare has advanced significantly with the incorporation of advanced technology such as artificial intelligence.

Not one or two, but there are multiple use cases of AI in healthcare that will give you clarity about how rapidly AI has innovated healthcare. So, if your business is catering to the healthcare sector, then investing in this next-gen technology can be one of your best decisions.

AI can be a game-changer for your business growth as it offers solutions to some of the most significant yet challenging sections of the healthcare industry. Through this blog we will be exploring the use cases of AI that can enhance your business. But before moving forward, let’s learn about,

  • AI can make your business stand against firm competition within the healthcare sector in the long term.
  • It is very important to match the trends to integrate the next-gen power called AI into your healthcare business to enhance the same.
  • There are several ways or sections in which you can use AI within your healthcare business: patient engagement, administration, medical research, and more.
  • AI beholds the successful future of the healthcare sector as it can transform healthcare operations more innovatively.

What is AI Healthcare?

The connection between artificial intelligence in the medical service and healthcare administration is said to be AI healthcare. There are different ways in which the potential of AI-driven enterprise solutions can empower your business catering to the healthcare industry.

The ML and AI algorithms are used to analyze and interpret complex medical data, enhance your organization’s overall patient care and improve your decision-making processes.

Different aspects of the healthcare ecosystem, from treatment to administrative tasks and clinical diagnosis to patient engagement, can be enhanced using this next-gen technology. It is the reason behind the rising demand for various use cases of ai in healthcare.

Stats Related to AI in Healthcare

Stats of AI in Healthcare Use Cases

Major Use Cases of AI in Healthcare

The stats mentioned above would have given you some perspective about how artificial intelligence is upgrading the healthcare sector. The vastness of the healthcare industry is known to you, and every section has its own importance, whether it is research or medicine.

AI has spread its roots in almost every vital section of the healthcare industry, and now it’s time to talk about the use cases of AI in healthcare, and here we have enlisted only the major ones for you. Your presence here shows that you are aware of the profound impact that artificial intelligence can have on your business in the healthcare sector.

It is the diversity of AI that almost all businesses catering to the healthcare sector are leveraging healthcare software development services to streamline their workflow. So, scroll down and explore the major areas where the AI can be used:

AI for Healthcare AdministrationAI for Healthcare Administration

The first and most significant section that drives the growth of your healthcare organization or institution is its administration. Do you know that administrative expenses are about 15% to 25%  of the total healthcare costs? Yes, you heard right; the tools required for improving and streamlining the administration’s operations are valuable.

It is also the most fraud-prone section of any healthcare institution, as various parties are involved in its work. So, fraud can happen on many levels, and it is the reason why the emergence of AI is considered best for healthcare administration. By leveraging this next-gen technology, you can use its tools to stop fraudulent activity before it happens.

Its algorithms can monitor healthcare data and identify any unusual pattern that alarms you about activities such as overbilling, duplicate claims, and more. Not just this but by implementing AI-based biometric authentication methods that include facial recognition or voice recognition, you can prevent identity theft.

Medical ResearchAI for Medical Research

Initially, medical research was the most time-consuming section of the healthcare industry. It was because the researchers had to manually analyze the limited datasets. No doubt that this method was prone to human errors and was missing to broaden the context of research.

But now, you can easily invest in services offered by the best AI development company and gain the power of automation. With AI algorithms, researchers can easily analyze the vast amount of data saving time. New possibilities have been unlocked due to the adoption of AI, and it will be improving global health standards.

Medical research can be considered one of the best use cases of AI in healthcare, as its algorithms can help in drug discovery and development. With the help of AI, researchers can analyze vast datasets, which include molecular structures and other biological pathways. It can also streamline all your clinical trial processes by optimizing the trial protocols and saving you time.

Patient EngagementAI for Patient Engagement

One of the major pillars that can take your healthcare organization or institution to the peak of success is patient engagement. It is a process involving the patients themselves in their healthcare journey to increase satisfaction levels. Traditionally patient engagement used to rely just on face-to-face interaction between patients and their healthcare providers.

But post-pandemic, this physical appearance was challenging. With the adoption of AI in the healthcare sector, patient engagement has been transformed. Now your healthcare organization can deliver personalized care to the patients.

With the help of this use case of AI in healthcare, you can also add virtual health assistants, known as chatbots, to interact with patients in a natural language format. These bots can easily offer the answers to common health-related queries, schedule appointments, and also remind patients about their medication schedules.

By leveraging healthcare technology consulting services, you gain the experts guidance, and they will let you explore multiple perks of AI technology including remote patient monitoring. AI can gather and analyze real-time data from wearable devices and home-based sensors. Later this data can be used to detect anomalies and track the health metrics of patients.

AI Patient Engagement Process

Medical Imaging AnalysisAI for Medical Imaging Analysis

Medical imaging analysis is one of the critical use cases of generative AI in healthcare. The algorithms of artificial intelligence can be accurate for analyzing medical images that include computed tomography scans or CT scans, X-rays, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Thus, the analysis can help medical professionals to draw out significant insights into the patient’s condition. Using the advanced technology of AI, you will be able to enhance the accuracy and speed of the diagnosis process.

In order to understand this use case of AI in healthcare, we have broken it into two pieces:


The AI algorithms are capable of analyzing radiology images such as CT scans and X-rays as it helps in diagnosing different diseases such as tuberculosis and others. AI can lead to faster and more accurate outcomes after analyzing these images. From identifying the lung nodule in CT scans to capturing the fragile bone situation, AI can do it all with perfection.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Now with the help of artificial intelligence, medical professionals can easily diagnose the ailment and proceed with the treatment. AI does not just read the medical image, but it can also detect the situation of the disease. For instance, AI algorithms can identify brain tumors through MRI scans, but they can also help in detecting which stage the tumor has reached.

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Future of AI in Healthcare

The advancement of technology is a sign that soon AI and other next-gen technologies will be leading the healthcare sector. AI has the potential to improve your operations related to different sections of healthcare industries. You can also leverage the best digital transformation services in order to integrate the power of AI within your operations.

You must also understand that the evolving technology and its increasing demand among your target audience will set long-term goals for your business. From offering more personalized experiences to your target audience to improving your reach through virtual health assistants, AI can give you all.

AI Healthcare Operations

How Can Matellio Help You in Adding the Potential of AI to Your Business?

Use cases of AI in healthcare would have given you clarity about which section you would like to enhance using the power of this next-gen technology. But having clarity with your requirements does not make it easy to invest in advanced technology. You would require the experts to provide you with technology consulting services on how well you can integrate AI within your business catering to the healthcare sector.

Matellio can be your trusted partner for the same!

We are known as one of the best development companies dealing with AI and other next-gen technologies. Our experts hold experience of working with healthcare clients and helping them to transform their business using AI.

Our team of AI experts can work closely with you to understand your business objectives and challenges. We’ll help you identify the most suitable AI use cases and design a comprehensive AI strategy to drive growth and efficiency. 

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