How to Develop a Custom Vehicle Inspection App?

Updated on Jan 8th, 2024

How to Develop a Custom Vehicle Inspection App?

Vehicle inspection app development is quickly gaining momentum in the automobile and service sector. The companies that were once using paper-based formats are now adopting online vehicle inspection apps to magnify their customer experience and brand value. 

However, creating a dedicated vehicle inspection mobile app may seem a tedious task to some companies. Especially the ones who are new to the mobile app development market. However, by partnering with the right app development company, you can simplify your product development process.

Hence, as a leading vehicle inspection app development company, today we are sharing the complete process of developing a custom app for your vehicle inspection process. In this short guide, you will find everything related to vehicle inspection app development, including features, tech stack, benefits, and the implementation process. So, let’s begin with our journey! 

  • The market for mobile app development is increasing exponentially, and vehicle inspection app development is one of the successful trends in the automobile industry.  
  • You can easily automate various complex tasks like accounting, scheduling inspections, getting real-time alerts, and more with a dedicated vehicle inspection mobile app. 
  • Always begin your project with an MVP, and choose the most competitive features. However, start with the basic ones and then add the advanced in the later stage. 
  • Pay heed to the UI/UX of your app, and integrate at least one of the next-gen technologies in your app.  
  • Choose a reliable app development partner that has experience of creating similar apps. Also opt for a company that can offer free consultation and market analysis services.  
  • After development, test your app thoroughly for different platforms and devices. Make sure to update your data in one of the cloud platforms. 

What is a Vehicle Inspection App? 

A vehicle inspection app is an on-demand service application that streamlines the repair and inspection processes. A dedicated vehicle inspection app can automate various tasks, including generating inspection reports, real-time inspection alerts, payment collection, etc.  

Moreover, a dedicated inspection app can also automate reporting import/export, notifying the users after the service, discounts, and scheduling inspections. Not to mention the amazing benefits you get in terms of user satisfaction and mobile-friendly services in scaling your business revenues are beyond explanation.  

Why Invest in Vehicle Inspection App Development? 

Well, if you think you are the first to invest in a custom vehicle inspection app, there’s something to know! Over hundreds of vehicle inspection apps are present on the Play Store and the App Store. And offering mobile services to the users is the foremost aim of all those apps. 

Besides, a dedicated vehicle inspection app also offers many exciting benefits to the companies. To name a few, we have: 

  • The vehicle inspection app saves your time by automating all the tedious manual work.  
  • You can easily send/receive real-time alerts of the inspections related to the fleets. Besides, sending promotional notifications to your users is also possible with the app.  
  • You can know all the rules and compliances required for vehicle inspection. All the reports are readily available in the app. Hence, the employees can use those reports for any legal work.  
  • Everything can be automated using a dedicated app, from generating inspection reports to calculating bills, generating invoices, collecting payments, and even alerting the users about the repair.  

Connect with our experts over a free consultation call to discover more benefits of investing in custom vehicle inspection app development.  

Must-have Features for a Successful Custom Vehicle Inspection App

Now that you have decided to invest in a custom vehicle inspection app development, let us discuss the features that will build success for your app. Features are the most critical part, and having the most competitive ones is essential to winning today’s market.  

Hence, as a leading custom app development company, we have listed below some crucial features that will add value to your big business idea.  

Vehicle Inspection Form 

Under this module, your employees can easily create custom vehicle inspection forms. They can use the pre-built templates or create their forms using specific fields.  

Things like inspection date, total distance covered by the vehicle, pictures of specific parts, inspector name, and store name are included in this module. Furthermore, you can also add vehicle name, model number, purchased year, vehicle number, body condition, and engine and fuel condition at the time of inspection. 

We can also help you to fill all these fields with your voice commands by integrating the required technologies into your app.  

Completed Inspections 

You can access all the vehicles inspected and repaired by you in this module of your vehicle inspection app. The total time taken to inspect and repair the app, total repairs, total payment, model number, and vehicle number can be found in this module.  

Furthermore, if your employees wish to schedule the inspection of certain vehicles due to a busy schedule, they can do so using the same feature. So, at the chosen time, they will get an alert from the app about inspecting a vehicle.  

Exterior/Interior Fault Detection 

Often, the fault is not easily detected in the vehicle; such faults require careful analysis and sometimes an expert’s view. Hence, we can add smart sensors to your vehicles and integrate them with your custom vehicle inspection app.  

That way, you will get real-time data on what parts are in failure and how soon they require repairing. In short, you can easily get data of all the failed parts within seconds from smart sensors. 

Digital Payments 

Once the service is completed, there should be no delay in collecting the payments from your users. Hence, you should add digital payment options to your app to avoid payment-related issues. Your customers can pay through different means, including cash, card, or digital mobile payment applications.    

Import/Export Reports 

A business audit is essential for all companies, and your business is no exception. Hence, we can help you export or import any sort of custom reports to your app.  

You can generate various inspection reports and invoices and export them to your audit software. Moreover, you can also import any specific report from your traditional legacy system to your custom vehicle inspection app using the same functionality.  

Total Vehicles 

The total number of vehicles inspected by you or your employees at any given time can be found in this module. Hence, whether at the time of audit or during normal accounting, you can have a digital record of every vehicle inspected by your company with their details and payment plans.  

Social Sharing 

Social sign-up and sharing are the modern trends for all businesses. Hence, you should also integrate such functionality into your app to enable a seamless UX. Your users should be allowed to log in using their social IDs and be granted access to share the inspections on social media. 

That way, you will have better publicity for your app without marketing investments. A happy customer will always attract more users, and you will eventually have better revenues.   


Send real-time notifications to your customers whenever their vehicles are ready after the repair. Through real-time alerts functionality, let them know of any ongoing deals or discounts especially meant for them.  

Customer Feedback 

Get true feedback from your customers regarding your vehicle inspection services. Using that functionality, you can reply to or share feedback on your social media post.  

Blogs and Articles 

Educate your customers about your team policies, the working of your app, and many other things through engaging blogs and articles. Using the same module, you can share videos and other marketing material with your customers.  

Update Profile 

Let your users update their current profile, including their name, email, password, and location. They can even customize the background and theme of the app as per their requirements.  

Besides all those advanced features, there are some basic features, including settings, profile creation, social media log-in, rewards, referral bonus, etc., that you can implement in your app.

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Tech Stack to Develop a Custom Vehicle Inspection App 

You must work with certain technologies and APIs to implement all the features mentioned above. Here is a list of all the technologies our experts at Matellio suggest for your app.  

  • Android App: Java, Kotlin
  • iOS App: Swift, Objective-C
  • Cross-platform App: Flutter, Xamarin
  • Backend Tech: Java, AngularJS, ReactJS, Python
  • Front-end Tech: AngularJS, ReactJS
  • Payment: Stripe API, PayPal API
  • Log In: FaceBook SDK, Gmail API
  • Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Cloud Platform: AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure

On our free consultation call, you can discover the complete tech stack for your custom vehicle inspection app. Just fill out our form and get started! 

How to Get Started with Vehicle Inspection App Development with Matellio? 

How to Get Started with Vehicle Inspection App Development with Matellio

Any sort of app development is complex work undertaking many processes. However, following the right steps can make vehicle inspection app development a piece of cake.  

Here’s how you can develop a custom vehicle inspection app with Matellio in five easy steps. Not a big fan of reading? You can skip that process and fill out our free consultation form to start your project immediately! 

Discuss Your Business Requirements 

The first step for a successful vehicle inspection app development is to analyze your business requirements. You should understand your business goals. What processes are followed in your organization and which ones should be automated should be clear to you. 

Once you have an idea/business strategy in your mind, you can consult with our experts. We offer a free 30-minute consultation to our clients. Right from features, resources, time, cost, design, and even tech stack, you can explore everything in that consultation call. 

Besides, we also offer a wide range of digital transformation services, including technology consulting, business consulting, IT auditing, free competitor research and market analysis, etc. You can leverage that to uncover the latest market trends for your digital product. You can know who your competitors are and what strategies they follow to succeed in the market.  

We even make sure to present your idea with a proof-of-concept service. That way, you can know whether your idea will yield the expected outcomes or do you need to change it before actually developing it.  

Choose the Most Competitive Features and Tech Stack

Once the main strategy is analyzed, it is time to choose the features and tech stack required to implement them in your app. Features are the most critical element of any app, and a custom vehicle inspection app is no exception.  

You should have at least two or three unique features in your app that are not present in your competitor’s version. If and only if you have something special in your app, you can lure your target audience.  

Hence, as a leading vehicle inspection app development company, we have recommended some useful features for your app. You can visit that section above to discover all the features.  

Similarly, we have also mentioned the tech stack you need to follow to create a custom vehicle inspection app. Besides the ones mentioned, we recommend adding next-gen technologies to your app. For instance, you can add AI to your app for custom chatbot functionality. Similarly, every small and big company today is leveraging cloud integration services for cost-cutting, better computational capabilities, higher customer experience, and easy management. Cloud integration services offer enhanced computing power that also helps you get business insights from your user’s data.

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Select Appealing Designs for Your App 

Besides features, if there’s anything that can impact the success of your custom application, it is, without a doubt, the UI/UX. UI stands for the user interface, and UX stands for the user experience.  

In short, these two aspects of your app reveal how accessible and user-friendly your app is for your users. For instance, if your design is simple and the target audience can access all your app’s features, then your app is said to have a high UX.  

In contrast, if your users face difficulties predicting what a certain feature does, your app has a poor UI and, eventually, a poor UX. And not to mention, a poor UX always leads to a loss in trust and revenue.  

We are sure you do not want that for your vehicle inspection app. Hence, at Matellio, we always focus on offering the best UI/UX designers for your app. Whether implementing gaming elements, VR, or even simple designs, our expert UI/UX engineers have vast experience delivering engaging designs to our clients worldwide. 

Read More: Top 7 Tips to Hire the Best UI/UX Designers 

Get an MVP Matching Your Business Needs 

MVP is one of the fascinating things in the app development sector. It is a minimum viable product built per your requirements and ideas. With an MVP, you can know what your ideas will look like when transformed into a reality. 

In other words, an MVP will have all the features and design elements you choose. You will know what the UI of your app looks like and what features match your expectations. You can easily amend your requirements and bring multiple changes to your project without much investment with an MVP. 

Hence, we always offer MVP development services to our clients. You will choose the features and designs, and then we will create prototypes for you. At last, a chosen prototype will be converted to a functional MVP depicting your app. All that will happen before the actual vehicle inspection app development.  

That way, you will have a final layout for your app, and the testing cost will reduce to a greater extent. You will also get more time to market your product and build its target market.  

Development, Testing, and Deployment 

Lastly, our team of experienced app developers will create, test, and deploy your application. You can easily scale your development team, i.e., adding or removing developers per your project requirements. Once we develop your custom vehicle inspection app, we test it for various devices and platforms.  

At Matellio, we believe in delivering a glitch-free product, which is only possible with thorough testing. Whether manual or automated, testing ensures that all errors identified were left unnoticed during the development. Hence, we provide testing services as an integrated part of our app development.  

Lastly, our developers deploy your app on your choice of platform. You also get Play Store and App Store optimization services for your app. Product maintenance, support, and feature and tech stack enhancement are some additional services you get by partnering with Matellio.

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How Much Does It Cost to Create a Custom Vehicle Inspection App? 

So, we are at the most awaited section of our blog – the cost of developing a custom vehicle inspection app. It is no surprise that a custom application undertakes many factors during its development, and a vehicle inspection app is no exception. 

We need to analyze many factors before calculating your business’s exact app development cost. Factors like the number of developers you hire, the complexity of the features, next-gen tech, testing method, and even the cloud integration services opted by you add to your development cost. 

Hence, initially, the best way to figure out an exact app development cost would be to discuss your ideas and requirements with our experts. You can leverage our free consultation call to connect with our experts. After analyzing your needs, we will provide you with an accurate cost and time estimate for your project. So, hurry up, fill out our form today and book a free consultation slot! 

Final Takeaway! 

With the advent of digitization, every industry is moving towards a mobile-friendly platform, and vehicle inspection is no exception. A custom vehicle inspection app offers many advanced features, including payment collection, inspection schedules, real-time alerts for your customers, marketing notifications, and much more.  

Hence, if you are looking for a modern approach to magnify your business revenues, investing in vehicle inspection app development is the best way. You can target your audience with a mobile-friendly strategy by offering them an online vehicle inspection app. So, why wait when you can start today? Reach us to get a free quote for your project!

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