What Are The Benefits Of Android App Development?

Updated on Apr 23rd, 2021

What Are The Benefits Of Android App Development

Today, gadgets are an important part of people’s life. They cannot assume even a single day without a mobile device. Mobiles are used for finding information, staying connected, finding a route, planning out their schedule and many other routines. How come it is possible?

Its Android operating system of Google which has cherishes everyone’s life. Android is dominating the market with a market share of 90 percent. It’s running actively in smartphones tablets and many more devices. The evolution offered entrepreneurs a scalable and cost-effective platform to develop an app.

History of android app development

In the year 2003 Android Inc was established by Andy Rubi, Chris White, Nick Sears, and Rich Miner. Soon It was acquired by Google in 2005. At that time, no one knows much about Android. Fortunately, the first Android smartphone was introduced in the market as T-Mobile G1.

Since 2008, Now it has about 200 million monthly active users with 2.6 million apps on the Google play store.

Need for android app

As we entered in 2019, It becomes necessary for all progressive businesses to connect with android users. They are working towards capturing a larger android user base. So now it is quite necessary to find reasons for making an android app:

  • Growing Market Share: For the last five years, Android is making its presence steadily across a  demographical and geographical range of smartphone users. It is evident from the figures for mobile markets’ revenue touching $189 billion from the stores. Further Android captures ⅔ rd of total market share. The market of android is expanded beyond the USA, Australia, Canada, and Europe. So its better to make an android app to transform your business globally and generate more income.
  • Cost-Effective Platform: The factor of low cost or affordability is an important reason, why businesses are  to partner with a renown android app development company. It provides free access to tools and systems to Android developers. Android device and its hardware are not so costly. It has rare compatibility issues with every updated version of Android OS. Furthermore, It has 200 million user base which makes the cost of developing an android app so low and profitable
  • Quick and easy to develop: The availability of the easy working model makes it so quick to develop an android app. Due to the flexible ways of an android app, It has shown exponential growth in the last 5 years. The time metrics and the cost of app development have become an important feature of this platform.

Benefits Of Android App for market

It is an open source OS with a simplified development process. Today Android applications have dominated the market due to the digital revolution wave. One’s life is changed due to its diverse ecosystem. The well-designed app is an important resource for a person to access the required information. So its a time to unveil the benefits an android app development company offers:

  • Graphics Support: It offers a huge range of choices for every need for graphic design. The design features are superior to other app development platforms Android app development is taken as the perfect platform for the development of game applications. It requires intuitive and eye-catching designs. The built-in support for 2D as well as 3D graphics brings potential traffic on your web application.
  • Low-Cost app development: In today’s competitive market expects maximum profit quality with minimum investment. It is the same in the case of mobile app development. The fundamental need is to choose a cost-effective app development platform. Android provides development tools at an economical price. So it would extend your market penetration with a low cost per user. Android SDK is easily available for developers and it is the prime advantage of this platform. The developers are to give a one-time fee of registration for app distribution. It makes them enable to leverage computer to build interactive apps and test it on smartphones. As a result, the large user base of Android OS certifies higher return with low investment.
  • Secured Platform: Its as secured as a platform which is Linux based. The smooth and unwavering platform fulfills the need for developing android application as per the requirement of different businesses. It delivers the best mobile app with optimum utilization of resources. The business owners desire that their app should not get crashed. So they look for an app development platform which solves their problem. Here, Android plays a significant role in providing a secured platform. It introduced additional inbuilt features for protection against viruses and malware. It assists the enterprise in finding out accurate approach throughout the app development. Reliability and security make it the best choice.
  • Apps Integration: Android provides the utmost flexible tools for easy integration of applications. The developers choose the proper android platform for developing mobile apps. It’s the best platform which supports the integration of apps so effectively. These apps can be integrated into data management and multimedia tools. As a result, the performance of the app gets bolstered.
  • A large Excess: Today the penetration of Android is geographically and demographically quite healthy. Google is working so flawlessly, sincerely over the app development platform. The user-friendly applications attract more people towards android mobile apps. It’s a fact that the market, which Google covers contributes more than 66 percent. Furthermore, 2  million apps have been featured on the google app store. The Android is scaled up on adaptability and flexibility. It is also integrated into tablets, Android TV and wearables. It enables Android apps to become compatibles with technologies like IoT, VR, and AR.
  • Rapid Deployment: The competitive edge increases the importance of android apps. It has a quick development cycle which lasts a few hours. Nowadays enterprises to transform their idea within the stipulated time. It’s an important benefit of android platform.
  • Targeted Multiple Platforms: It is a basic feature of android applications that anyone can build an app. These are coded in Java language. It becomes so easy to script code in the Android OS for mobile applications. The use of a programming language like Java makes it simple to target various platforms like Ubuntu and Symbian. Thus, Enterprises Choose Android platform for app development. It helps to take benefit of the resources and time based on different targeted groups. Kotlin is also made as an official Androidlanguageent language. The applications run on Java Desktop, iOS and Android can be powered by Kotlin multiplatform.

Why should you hire android app developer from Matellio?

The market is in high demand of the capable Android app, as Android is the largest and most used platform. An engaging Android app gives businesses huge access to the large customer base with the very less conventional marketing effort. But all the success depends on the quality of an app, which in turn entirely dependent over multiple factors such as personalization, easiness, and strategy. A credible and competent IT partner an help you in pushing the market growth further through an android app while cutting the overhead of IT management tasks from your managerial team. Matellio possesses a high level of expertise in handling the android app development tasks and therefore a preferable choice of prudent business holders to hire android app developer. Whichever IT partner you approach or wherever you outsource the development task, never forget to check the portfolio and here Matellio excels.

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