What is Salesforce Automation & Why Your Business Needs It?

Updated on May 1st, 2021

What is Salesforce Automation & Why Your Business Needs It

Salesforce automation has a lot of businesses thinking about it, and it has been the game-changer for many. Salesforce offers various automation tools for taking companies further from where they have been, and have resulted in smoother processes and greater revenues. If you are intrigued by what Salesforce automation is and why your business needs it, read on as it is why we are here today.

Every business has processes that are repetitive, and a lot of time can be saved if those were all automated. Salesforce saw this as a perfect product and launched their range of automation tools for businesses to leverage. The most popular automation is for the marketing and sales teams, as with Salesforce, they can now focus on getting better and better every passing day and with each new customer.

What is Salesforce Automation?

Salesforce Automation is a set of tools that Salesforce created to automate repetitive tasks in business processes like Workflow, Process Builders, Approval Process, and Flow Builder. All these tasks take major time in a project and are repetitive in nature, so Salesforce Automation aims at cutting down hours for actual employees and works on its own for these tasks. Likewise, Salesforce for marketing automation helps the sales and marketing teams to improve the quality of leads and conversions. The automation promotes customer satisfaction and experience, and that’s one of the top reasons why people choose Salesforce over others.

Why your business needs Salesforce Automation

salesforce for marketing automation

1. Improved Processes

Salesforce Automation improves various business-related processes and helps businesses gain an advantage over the competition. Salesforce Automation tools include those for improving Workflow, Process Builders, Approval Process, and Flow builder, all of which play a major part in how a business functions. The size of the business doesn’t really matter; for a business to run smoothly, all these processes are necessary at some level.

Salesforce Automation might cost more, but it lets you earn more money down the line while improving both customer and employee satisfaction. It is all the more important if you are a medium to large business, as the processes are much more complicated and need automation for a smooth flow. Along with other Salesforce Automation tools, you can make your business advance much faster while keeping the customer happy.

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2. Generating Relevant Leads

Salesforce Marketing Automation ensures best practices in lead generation, all thanks to its data-driven mechanism. The Marketing team will be able to leverage data from multiple sources, which couldn’t have been possible with legacy systems. Salesforce enables more for the marketing teams through the Marketing Cloud and takes it even further with the intelligent automation it has on offer.

The Sales teams also get the advantage of using Salesforce Sales Cloud. They are able to get complete data publicly available right on their dashboards. What’s more, is the management, which is made easier with Salesforce services. Both the marketing team and sales team can coordinate in real-time. The intelligent Salesforce AI will enable companies to generate more relevant leads with ease.

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3. Improved Customer Satisfaction

Salesforce for improved customer retention has been praised around the world, and it is indeed very helpful in improving customer satisfaction. With Salesforce Automation, the processes are faster and much more on point. When compared to humans, the systems are self-learning and keep improving further with more data and time. The customer experience is the most important thing to improve, and Salesforce has put it all in that space.

salesforce for marketing automation

4. Data-Based Decisions

Data drives the world right now and holds even more importance for the coming years. Salesforce Automation is based on data and works according to the past behavior of users and data generated over the past. Salesforce Automation helps mitigate the risks involved, be it in any field that you are using it in. To make the most of your investment in marketing and business processes, Salesforce Automation can do wonders.

Making data-driven decisions is a must for anyone who wants to run their marketing department and sales department smoothly. Salesforce Automation ensures you can decide what’s best by presenting you with all the data in one place. From there on, you can do what seems best to you. Both Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud are commendable products from Salesforce, but what makes them even better is the Salesforce Automation.

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5. 360 View of customers

Be it lead generation, presales, or post sales, a complete view of the customer’s relevant information is a must to have if you want to manage things better. Salesforce enables so through Automation and AI and has built tools right within Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud to gain a complete understanding of the user. Using Salesforce services ensure you always stay one step ahead of the competition in providing the best customer experience.

But the 360 views of customers don’t only help with improving customer experience. It helps in various internal processes and creating a better strategy and understanding of the user base every single time. Personalization is the way to go ahead in this competitive world, and the customers want everything according to their demands. The only way to achieve it is by having a 360 view of their requirements and needs, and that can be achieved through Salesforce.

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Salesforce Automation will help you with almost everything you need to gain more customers, to keep them as satisfied as possible. The ease of business processes will help you over time and help build a better business infrastructure. Improving processes is a part of growing, and Salesforce, with its automation and services, promises accelerated growth while mitigating the risks involved. Whether you are a small, medium, or enterprise, we can help you reach new heights using Salesforce.

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