Why choose Angular for your Next Development Project?

Updated on May 4th, 2021


So, you are planning to build a website for your business but have no idea what technology framework to choose. You searched on the internet, and found that Angular is the most trending and reliable development framework for your project. But, you are not convinced enough!

If that is the same scenario with you, then don’t worry, you are at the right place! In this article we will be covering the top reasons as to why choose angular for your next development project. So, let’s get started!

Here’s what all you will find in this article:

1. Understanding Angular and AngularJS

2. Top 8 reasons to use Angular for your Development Project

3. What all project can benefit from Angular

Angular is an open-source, front-end framework that came into existence in 2009 and then later turned into AngularJS and many other versions later on. First introduced by Google in the global market, Angular is the most robust framework that can be used to create dynamic web apps, mobile apps, and website pages seamlessly.

As per reports, Angular is used by almost 800 million websites and the number is expected to grow with time. So, with so much happening in the Angular development sector, let us quickly discuss the top compelling reasons as to why you should hire an Angular developer for your next big project. But before that, let us understand the term Angular.

What is Angular and how does it differ from AngularJS?

Angular-VS-AngularJSAngular, as we discussed, is an open-source framework that has become quite popular in recent times. Nearly every web and app development project today is a part of Angular framework. The first ever version of Angular was AngularJS or what we can say Angular1. AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that is actively used for front-end development.

With AngularJs framework, the programmers can seamlessly create reusable codes and can even see the changes in JavaScript on UI. it was introduced as an open source in the year 20099, and since then it has been maintained by the Google team.

Angular, on the other hand, is a TypeScript framework and varies in functioning as compared to AngularJS. It is also an open-source web development framework, but is completely different from AngularJS and that’s the main reason why it took a long time to launch it in the global market after the launch of AngularJS.

Here’s a probable differentiation between Angular and AngularJS!



It uses Scope and Controllers that enables the developers to seamlessly add variables Angular uses a hierarchy of components as its architectural design
The variables could be easily used and seen in View and Controllers The developers cannot see the changes in UI
It uses JavaScript language It is based on TypeScript language
The developers can create reusable codes with AngularJS Angular has many more directive than AngularJS
Written in JavaScript and introduced in the year 2009 Written in TypeScript and introduced in the year 2016

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Top 8 Reasons you will need Angular for your next Development Project

As discussed above, Angular is completely different from AngularJS, and so are there benefits. Here are the eight most compelling reasons that will convince you to use Angular in your next big project. Let’s dive in!

1. Cross Platform App Development

Angular development is a perfect choice for web development, app development and website creation projects. Besides that, it is also very useful for cross-platform app and web development. Yes you heard it right! You can seamlessly develop your web application for different platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. with Angular framework.

Whether Porgressive Web Apps (PWA), or desktop-installed apps, Angular supports every project very efficiently. It has modern web platform capabilities that enables the web apps to provide mobile app like experience. Furthermore, the developers can even develop native mobile apps seamlessly using Angular framework.

2. Declarative UI

The next big benefit of Angular is its declarative UI. Angular uses HTML language to define the UI of your web or mobile app. HTML being less complicated as compared to JavaScript, is a more intuitive and declarative language.

How does that help you in your development project? With Angular, which uses HTML to design the UI, you don’t need to invest much of your time in deciding the flow of the software application’s screens. Meaning, you only need to define what all you need, and Angular will take care of the rest.

3. TypeScript

The Angular development process tackles place in the TypeScript language, which is a superscript of JavaScript language. With TypeScript, you do not need to worry about the security concerns of your application, as TypeScript supports different types(primitives, interfaces, etc.)

Moreover, you can seamlessly detect the errors while writing the codes in the angular framework. Besides all that, TypeScript is not a stand-alone language like other languages such as CoffeeScript and Dart.

Instead, TypeScript actively supports features of core ES2015 and ES2016/ES2017 like decorators or async/await. You can seamlessly debug the odes written in TypeScript directly from a web browser or an editor, and can even opt out of its in-built features.

4. Enhanced Speed and Performance

Angular is also known for providing fast and effective web and mobile applications. The developers can seamlessly transform the templates into codes and can run it according to the latest JavaScript virtual machines. Not only that, but Angular is also universally adopted.

Meaning, Angular runs over several servers including the popular ones like Node.js, .NET, PHP, and many others. Additionally, the code splitting functionality of Angular also enables the developers to load only that code which requires rendering. That’s how things become easy and fast while using Angular development services.

Angular Developers

5. Easy Testing

Testing is much easier with Angular framework. Angular.js has all the modules of the project. You simply need to load the modules one by one, and you are all set to go for the automated testing!

A great thing here is that you do not need to remember the series of the modules loading. One module at a time will help you to keep in pace. All in all, Angular follows ‘one file one module’ principle that makes the testing of the software components easier and fast.

6. Google Support

One of the biggest benefits that you can leverage while using angular is Google’s support. Google’s long-term support is the best thing you can get with Angular framework. Not only it solves the problem of getting reliable support, but also ensures that the angular framework will be upscaled in the near future.

Many Google apps like Gmail, and Google Hangouts are built on Angular. That thing supports the idea that Angular will sustain the future with a robust support. Additionally, with google’s support, not only the experienced but every user of the Angular framework learns something exceptional from the other learned programmers of Google!

7. Simplified MVC Pattern

Angular is embedded with the original MVC (Modular View Controller) architectural set-up. However, unlike AngularJS, it does not require us to break the application into different modules and then build a code that can unite them all.

Instead, you just need to divide the app into different sections, and Angular will take care of the rest. That’s amazing! With Angular devel;opment, the project becomes much easier than ever. It eliminates the need of getter and setters, and ensures less coding for the developers. The directives are also not a part of the code and hence can be managed by some other team.

All in all, with Angular, you can develop effective and faster apps with less loading time and minimal coding. And as per Amazon, even a 100-millisecond improvement in the page loading time increases the revenue by 1% ! So, what’s you take on that?

8. Code Consistency

Last but not least, we have code consistency. Everyone who is engaged in the software or mobile app development business understands the value of consistent codes. An inconsistent code increases the launch time and elevates the cost to a significant level. However, the scene is a little different with Angular!

Angular framework makes coding easier by enabling you to use templates and pre-defined code snippets. The framework consists of a component which begins in the same style. For instance, each component places the codes into a particul;ar class.

That makes it easy to reuse the code and eliminate the time wastage of rewriting the codes time and again. Also, the interface elements are independent of each other and so the testing becomes easier. Lastly, code consistency offered by Angular also helps the new developers to read the code of the project seamlessly while saving their time and increasing the overall productivity.

In short, with Angular, the code can be maintained and reused much easily to save the time and other resources on the project.

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Which Projects can Benefit from Angular Development Services?

So far we discussed the various features and functionalities of Angular. Let us now have a look at some of the popular development projects that can benefit from Angular framework.

Enterprise Web Applications

Enterprises are benefiting from Angular in a number of ways. A common example is the seamless development of enterprise web apps that has become possible because of angular framework. Angular, as we all know, is based on TypeScript. So, it offers many of the features like, auto completion, advanced refactoring, and navigation, that enhances the functioning of the enterprise apps and makes their development a piece of cake.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are also one of the crucial aspects that has benefitted from the angular development framework. PWA, as we all know, is an ongoing trend of the global market. It enhances the working of the web apps and provides a user-experience like a mobile app. Hence, with Angular, the designing and development of PWAs is also simpler and much faster.

Single Page Applications

Noty many people know, but the main goal of Anguilar was to create dynamic single page applications in less time and with less coding. So, if you are planning to build a single page app, then Angular will be the best option to consider. Why? As you will find all the necessary and advanced tools that will enhance the development process of your page effectively.


Over to you!

So, those were some of the reasons as to why you should choose angular for your next development process. To conclude, we can say that, at present, Angular is the most reliable and promising development framework that can enhance your web development or app development process. Features like reusability, code consistency, and seamless maintenance has made Angular popular in the global market.

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