Why Choose Ionic Framework For Hybrid App Development?

Updated on Apr 20th, 2021

Are you just starting out in the world of app development and want to know which is the right framework of use? With mobile app development becoming the trend there are many frameworks, technology, languages and a whole lot of paraphernalia that are available in the market. Each has their pros and cons and it can take quite a lot of time to go through everyone of them before you can make the decision.

In this article, we will make a case of why a developer should choose Ionic Framework for hybrid app development. But before we analyze the benefits of ionic app development, let’s look into what ionic framework is.

What Is Ionic Framework?

This is an open source User Interface (UI) toolkit that is used for creating high-quality desktop and mobile applications which uses web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The primary focus of Ionic app development is on the frontend UI interaction i.e. gestures, controls, animations, etc. along with the user experience. One of the best features of Ionic framework is that it can be integrated easily with other frameworks and libraries as well as can be used as a standalone framework.

Why Choose Ionic Framework For Hybrid App Development?

As mentioned earlier Ionic Framework allows the usage of a combination of languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS and being an open source has become quite a favorite framework for mobile app development professionals. We will have a closer look into some of the other benefits of Ionic Framework and the reasons that you should select it for any hybrid app development.

  • Across Platforms:  If you are planning to develop an app that can work across all platforms instead of focussing on a single operating system like iOS, Android, Windows Phone and such then Ionic Framework should be your go to platform. With the option of languages giving you the ability to convert from one OS to the other, Ionic Framework offers you that opportunity. Also, by selecting a hybrid language instead of a native language you will have to spend less time and money in developing the app as well as learning each language for each platform.
  • Free: One of the best benefits of Ionic Framework is that you can develop an app is free. While usually, you might have to spend typically $1000 for a framework with Ionic Framework you do not have to spend a single penny for it. You can spend the money in doing your research and marketing ad campaigns instead of in developing the app.


  • Open Source: When you hire a website developer often they will say that open source is associated with instability and for many, the fact the Ionic Framework is an open source framework can be a deterrent. While it is true for many but not for Ionic Framework. Many Ionic app developers can guarantee the stability of the applications that were developed on this platform and do not face any stability issues.
  • Angular Base: For both mobile and web applications Angular is a popular framework for developers. So by learning the language you can use it to create other web applications. There are other additional benefits like the option to extend the syntax of HTML so that components can be included in the app you created. It is also data binding.
  • User Interface: Angular includes JavaScript and CSS that allows you to customize the app, in which you can use different colors, buttons, menus, schemes, etc. This enables you to create an app that is not only good to look at but also has high user interface standards.
  • Cordova Plugins: Plugins are the most useful and essential features in developing apps. If you are new to the scene of web and app development and not familiar with the term plugin, it is a code. This piece of code is coded in JavaScript, which is attached to the app that allows the developer to do several things since it is close to the platform’s native language that you are working on. Ionic framework uses Cordova Plugins that allows you to access various features of an operating system, like Camera, Battery, Geo Location, and so on. Such a plugin offers you to create an app that can reach its optimal working capacity by using one or more of these features of the operating system.
  • Huge Community: Even if you are a pro in website and mobile app development, it is a hardwork. So if you are new to Ionic framework and Angular you would need all the help you can get. There will be multiple issues that you might face when you are developing an Ionic app. Thanks, to the huge Ionic community the active and eager developers and users of this community are always ready to help you with any issues and questions. They are an active group of people as they keep on posting and updating about the Ionic framework, Angular and any related subject on various forums or specialized YouTube channels. If you search for the Ionic founders you will find them on social media too and they will help you too if needed.

Compared to iOS app or any Android app Ionic Framework when combined with Angular JS and Cordova they provide a perfect platform for any hybrid application. So while there may be many reasons for using Ionic Framework like it is free, offers better UI experience, it is open source and so on. But one of the important factors that a developer should always bear in mind when developing an app is to give it maximum exposure. Developing an app on Ionic framework ensures that since it is easy to develop a hybrid app with this framework. All you have to do is learn Angular and start developing the app.

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