Why Does Your Enterprise Need Test Automation?

Updated on May 5th, 2021

Testing Automation

Nearly every software engineering firm tests its product before handing it to their clients very efficiently. Yet, it is often seen that the delivered software has some defects that the QA engineers fail to sense during the quality analysis process. Even with the best manual testing process, the test engineers strive to catch all the defects of the software, but they somehow creep in and reappear afterward. So, what can be the solution? Maybe, automating the testing procedures could help!

Yes, you heard it right. Testing automation has become an impeccable tool for the software engineering firm during recent times. With everything becoming digital in today’s tech-driven world, the automation industry is also booming and has now transformed the testing techniques. Repeatability and consistency are the two significant aspects of the automated testing that has helped the QA engineers to optimize the software development and testing cycle. If done well, the testing automation can reap fruitful results in terms of increased brand value and maximize costs and time savings. You can fulfill your organization goals and can make your strategies successful by delivering an error-free product to your customers. Now, that’s amazing!

Still not convinced? Let’s take a closer at the amazing benefits of introducing testing automation in your software development company, right here in this article!

Top 10 Benefits of Test Automation

Test Automation

Test automation is increasingly becoming a vital aspect for almost all industries irrespective of their size. The assurance of error-free products and increased brand value has attracted everyone towards automated testing. Let us take a glance at some more benefits of automated testing methods that have lured several users of the global market.

1. Higher Efficiency

Faster feedback is one of the most amazing benefits of test automation. Automated testing provides ease and efficiency to validate various phases of the software development process. That eventually results in more effective communication between the coders and the testers and lets them solve multiple glitches of the product development.all in all, with automated testing, the chances of errors decreases significantly and increases the efficiency of the team.

2. Accelerated Growth

Plenty of time and other valuable resources are saved due to the quick implementation of automated testing. As a result, engineers can test more products in less time and efficiently. ensuring accelerated growth of the business.

3. Increased ROI

Well, we already discussed above that automated testing saves a lot of time and other valuable resources, and we all know that time is money. With testing automation, your QA engineers would be able to test any product within a fraction of time, and that would allow them to check more products efficiently. All that results in enhanced profits and increased ROI.

4. Testing Improvements

It is no surprise that testing of software applications consumes a more substantial portion of time in the development process. However, with automated testing, you can significantly reduce the overall time of testing. The testing automation can be left virtually unattended, and the engineers can track the results at the end of the testing process very seamlessly. This slightest improvement in the testing time improves the overall efficiency of the project.

5. Reduced Costs

Automated QA reduces the overall monetary cost associated with the testing procedures. With automated testing, you can eliminate the involvement of human testers, and that, in turn, reduces the overall cost of testing. Also, eliminating human involvement also results in reduced errors that would come during manual testing.

6. Seamless Fault Detection

As discussed earlier, the adoption of automated testing reduces human involvement, and that, in turn, reduces the manual testing errors. The automated testing documents the software detects, and hence it becomes easy for the engineers to solve that glitch in the product. Overall, it increases the efficiency of the product while decreasing the overall development time.

7. Enhanced Testing consistency

We all know that to err is to be human. That’s why it is quite often seen that when it comes to manual testing, we can notice several errors, and many a time, these errors are not easily located. That’s where automation testing comes into play. It tests all the applications with the same consistency and eliminates human involvement. As a result, manual errors are eliminated, and other software glitches are seamlessly solved through defect documentation provided by automated testing.

8. Reusability and sustainability

Test reusability is also one of the amazing benefits of automated testing. Meaning, the automated tests are consistent and reusable; that’s why it gives immense time for the coders to access the software problem. Also, since the tests are reusable, it can be employed in almost all testing interfaces.

9. Information Security

We all know that the effectiveness of testing largely depends on the quality of the data you use. And in manual testing, creating the test data often consumes a lot of precious time. That’s where automated testing comes into play. With automated testing, you can seamlessly create and manipulate the test data and can reuse it anytime you want. You can even secure that test data for your future use.

10. Reduced Time to Market

Last but not least, an amazing benefit of automated testing is the reduction in marketing time. Meaning, automated tests significantly reduce the testing time, and hence, you can market your product more efficiently in the global market. As a result, all your marketing team and other users don’t have to wait for a longer period to introduce your product to global consumers. All that also results in reduced operational and marketing costs.

So, these were some of the robust benefits of the automated testing that could, without a doubt, scale your business operations and could help emerge as a powerful brand in the global market. Because of such great benefits, almost 38% of the tech firms have adopted the testing automation. And around 50% of the users are ready to dive into this robust field.

What to Check before Adopting Testing Automation?

Testing Automation - Parameters

Although the field of testing automation has vital benefits and immense opportunities to grow our business, it is always crucial to check the feasibility of the process before adopting it. So, to make your work more efficient, we have listed some important parameters that you should consider.

1. What to Test in Automation

The very first aspect that you need to consider is to analyze what things or products you can test with automated testing. For instance, as an organization, you should look for areas that require continuous monitoring and areas of high risks. Also, you can opt for automated testing for complex modules that are unable to test through manual testing and are portable to manual errors. Automated testing also works best for repeated testing and time-consuming quality checks.

2. Prerequisites of Testing Automation

Automated testing requires some prerequisites that you need to consider before adopting it for automating the testing procedures. To name a few, we have:

  • Stable application and testing environment
  • Use of reusable and sustainable functions
  • Data-driven capability
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Defect Reporting Tools
  • Transparent Market Research
  • High Risks Areas
  • Complex Projects
  • Platform in-dependency

3. Automated Test Interface

The automated test interface is a robust platform that supports all the automation tools and systems needed for testing automation. The main aim of this amazing interface is to simplify the scripts in critical functional areas. All in all, it increases the efficiency and flexibility of the test scripts and other related data

4. Satisfy Business Goals

Last but not least is to track your business goals. You need to ensure that the adoption of automated testing effectively satisfies all your business goals and makes things easier for your testers. Make sure that enhanced test coverage could be achieved by testing every aspect of the application through automated testing. Also, with the automated testing, you can seamlessly update and reuse the test scripts for almost all the testing interfaces that further simplifies and enhances your testing procedures. So, make sure to leverage automated testing in the best way possible.

Best Practices To Make Test Automation Feasible For Your Enterprise

Test Automation - Best Practices

After carefully analyzing the crucial factors, here are some tips that can help you to make testing automation perfect for your organization, irrespective of your business domain.

1. Align the Testing Automation With Your Business Goals

Be sure what you want to achieve with the testing automation. Meaning, the automated tests may seem a perfect choice for one project, but may not be perfect for another one. That’s major because of the different perspectives of the project. Some projects need rigorous testing, while the efficiency of some other projects could be seamlessly achieved through normal testing. So, make sure to analyze your project’s goals and map those goals with your testing techniques, and you are ready to go.

2. Choose the Perfect Tool

Apart from analyzing your project goals, you also need to opt for a perfect testing tool. Now, again, the perfect tool depends on your testing objectives, and as per your project. For instance, if you are testing a financial application, then a perfect tool will be the one that supports load/stress testing. Similar is the case for other projects. So, choose your tool wisely after discussing it with your team and after checking the compatibility of the tool with the project.

3. Plan the Testing Process Before the Development

As per the new approaches like Agile testing and DevOps, state that the testing should be planned much before the development process starts. In fact, the Agile approach breaks the complete process into different sprints and ensures effective collaboration between the testing and development teams. The automated testing efficiency tests these sprints and lists all the necessary changes that are required for efficient completion of the project.

4. Manage Your Test Assets

As discussed earlier, it is very beneficial to secure our test data to reduce the testing time effectively. That’s what the testing automation does. It efficiently creates and centralizes all the test assets and makes it accessible for future purposes. Furthermore, it also helps to organize the testing data to make it reusable for all the projects. Re-usability makes the testing process more efficient and cost-effective.

5. Eliminate Outdated Test Cases

Updating the test cases is one of the vital aspects of testing automation. Once the project goes to the development cycle, the test cases also become outdated. Hence, it is vital to remove all those outdated test cases and to validate your test posts to keep your script updated and relevant to the project.

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Final Takeaway!

With the ongoing digitization, automated testing has become one of the vital needs of an organization to survive in this competitive world. Although the manual testing method is also effective, it is not as efficient as automated testing. And it is no surprise that with time, more and more companies will surely implement the automated testing in their businesses. In fact, sources say that almost 23% of the total yearly budget of many global companies have been allocated to testing automation. That clearly predicts that more is yet to come. Hence, it is vital to adapt to automated testing to ensure the effective growth and stabilization of your organization. We, at Matellio, leverage the latest testing techniques to help you ensure that nothing hinders the growth of your organization. Our expert testers and developers utilize all the recent technological tools and automated testing to help you test your software application or mobile app very efficiently. We have several products from finance, to healthcare, to showcase our expertise. You can visit us anytime to develop a custom enterprise application for your organization. Still in doubt? Reach us at https://www.matellio.com/request-a-quote

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