Why Opt for Android App for Your Business?

Updated on Mar 19th, 2024

Why Opt for Android App for Your Business?

Android, Multi tasking computing platform and supported by the Linux operating system, has made significant waves in the market over the past years and now deemed as the popular operating system across the globe. 

The popularity of this operating system has profoundly influenced the contribution of Android app development, especially in the business market. 

Here comes the majority of the compelling reasons that throws the light on, why Android apps have that inimitable pull:

Why is Android Preferred By Businesses? 

The answer is easy. Android separates personal apps from business apps, making it easy for you to use your favourite android device for both work and play. This platform comes with the power and provides you with the flexibility to work anywhere and at any time. 

Moreover, businesses prefer the android platform more than anything due to the following reasons:

  •  We can set up a dedicated work profile for the business which does not mix with the personal content. 
  • The android apps for businesses comes embedded with some advanced Android security features and in-built application support for the users. 
  • Mobile-app developers have access to the source code as its an open-source platform. And they can also tweak it according to their business needs. 
  • Android programming makes use of java and its libraries which is easy to learn and facilitates secure coding for the various kinds of business apps. 
  • Due to the extensive support of hardware, and open-source benefits, the android platform has become omnipresent, and readily available, which is advantageous in terms of reaching to a maximum number of people. 

Let’s read about the big players in the market:- 

Easy to use the Android platform has attracted many users across the globe. I have listed some top business apps which can be used to increase productivity and help to generate more revenue:

1: Basecamp:


Through Basecamp business managers can organize as well as assign the tasks to the employees. The project management app also helps in communicating within the team, manage workflows, and help managers to ensure that everybody is doing according to the tasks assigned to them. The business owners can also analyse data and productivity of the employees can also be measured individually.

2: Cloud print: 

Cloud print

This android app has the ability to print the document, webpages wirelessly. Further, you can also print from any compatible printer in a dependable way. Additionally, Cloud print gives access and can be accessed to all the printers available on the local network and can also be integrated with the google services, and enables the function of sharing the photos and images with others. 

3: Slack:

SlackThe team chat service that allows you to communicate with one another. The app provides free services to a number of customers which is helpful to any business irrespective of the size. Moderators can build various kinds of channel for multiple topics. The service supports practically any format of the file, which enables the smooth transfer of data among the employees.

4: Todoist: 

TodoistThe best task management and to-do apps, allows businesses to update the tasks daily. The app is built for various different platforms so that users can use it for multiple devices and set up many tags and categories that make it easy to find out what tasks are to be done and for whom.

5: Google drive: 

Google drive This is google’s cloud-based storage ecosystem. Google provides free storage approx- 15 GB and also extra space for a small fee. The online nature of the app enables collaboration from several locations, easy sharing and effective management of business files in real-time. 

Here are the majority of compelling reasons that highlights why android apps have inimitable pull:- 

1: Caters Well to Beginners:

Android app development is an open-source platform, easy to grasp and tremendously benefiting business owners. It is noticeable that all the SDK libraries of the platform readily make themselves available to the developers at low prices. This bodes well for everyone who intends to get their feet wet and prefer their business to come to life in app form.  

2: Offer Integrated Customer Support:

Customer care is one of the most crucial reasons why to choose Android app development. It actually provides a seamless support service mechanism regardless of the business goes a long way in differentiating you from the competition, also assists the customer in solving their most basic to complex challenges. Adequately developed android apps help in business growth, as well as help organizations, deliver exceptional comfort to their customers round the clock. 

3: Variety in Customization:

Your app needs to stand out. And undoubtedly, customization supports this, which is another unique aspect of developing apps on Android in comparison to iOS app development, which has limited options to offer in terms of customizing apps. Android app development is more flexible, which actually allows developers to make quick changes to app architecture and to integrate unique in-app features. 

4: A Wider Audience:

We could see the android captures the market and now dominating the smartphone arena. Having about 80% of smartphone patronage worldwide offers unlimited access to an equally gargantuan market for the businesses to tap on. Its no wonder now, opting for an android has become practically a necessity for the companies and organizations.  

5: Economical:

In terms of development costs, Android development is taking over the market because of its low-costs but yet handy and efficient tools. So people could always efficiently build stable featured apps with cost-effective tools. 

6: Efficient Marketing tools: 

Indeed, marketing your app has become a priority after development. The google platform is readily providing tools for app marketing. That too, from increasing brand visibility to boosting sales, and all these vital aspects combine the marketing tools they offer a range that’s from push notifications and the data acquisition to the customer support and also increases the volume of conversions and the sales. 

The apps which are built on android platforms can be incorporated into the websites as well as social media accounts. Critical data, for instance, demographics, interests, and buyer behaviours, can be gathered for the analysis easily. The notifications, on the other hand, inform users immediately about the offers. 

7: Enjoys Full support from google:

The Big G enjoys quite a substantial monopoly, over the fundamental aspects of internet marketing. Let’s think about the waves that their policy mobile-first index caused. And then you’ll notice, just how much influence this giant search engine has. The way, Google services smoothly integrate themselves, with android devices promptly underscores this fact. Be it docs, Gmail, drives or maps, all of these necessities are within arms reach in Android. 

The android apps practically give the developers the benefit of leveraging that all that google has to offer. And I don’t think there’s anything better than having a giant at your side.  

8: Great Multi-Tasking Capabilities:

Multitasking is one surefire way to increase productivity and efficiency. And the businesses need versatility for the same. The Android apps have distinctive quality as they help the developers to build feature-packed apps that make excellent enterprise apps. Moreover, having the ability to conduct more than one activity is always beneficial for the users as it enhances the overall user experience. We should pontificate with the utter importance of the said factors in the apps; in short, this stresses the importance of multitasking capabilities. 

The videos should be payable, for instance, while the user is browsing some other content or we can look for the example, the user is searching for some item to buy while payment for the product he purchased previously is being processed seamlessly. Efficiency is what we all need to pursue more than one activity and to be able to do it excellently every time. 

9: Smooth Integration with Third-Party Platforms:

Cloud database, hardware, customer support software, mail servers, practically all of these platforms are of utmost importance for proper development of the enterprise apps. Additionally, android platforms are open to integration as well as for the cross-promotion during both the app development and the marketing phases. The wearable technology, GPS integration, including cross-platform and also the incorporation of the third-party apps are possible in android app development.

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Final Words:- 

Businesses certainly enjoy plenty of advantaged with an organization app developed solely on Android. It technically overtakes the competition, and it does not show any signs of being surpassed any time soon. This is why developing mobile applications for business nowadays on Android should be considered as a no-brainer. There is a number of other reasons as well why an Android app for business is a sensible choice for organizations, those who are seeking a user-friendly business app to help them address their various needs and requirements which are also contending with particular challenges. 

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