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Client's Profile

The client is among the fastest growing providers of vehicle tracking solution, with a strong foothold in India and the neighboring countries. They are the leader in their segment, offering complete vehicle tracking solution through their flagship product - Tracking Genie. The product is a bundled solution offering a closely integrated hardware and software application for both, individual vehicle as well as fleet-management. The solution serves as a platform for its customers to safeguard their vehicles against theft, damage or any unauthorized usage.

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User Benefits

  1. Easy Installation
  2. User-Friendly Features
  3. Full Details On Finfertips
  4. Competitive Price
  5. 24*7 Assistance
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Industry Introduction

Vehicle tracking systems have witnessed incredible innovation in the form of an increased efficiency, safety and security of a vehicle. Many businesses across a variety of sectors use vehicle tracking systems to improve various transportation and logistics operations of their company, achieve time-management and therefore, an increased performance. In addition, these systems also play a vital role in asset monitoring by protecting them against theft and tracking in the real-time using the latest GPS technology and high quality asset tracking devices.

Key Expectations

  • Real-time asset tracking system for Car/Bike/Truck/Taxi - practically any given vehicle
  • Simple Plug & Play setup
  • Geo fencing
  • Complete Track of detours and unauthorized usage
  • Management and Control of Fuel Consumption
  • Prevention of Rash Driving/Accidents
  • Check on Over speeding
  • No. of stops throughout the route
  • Keep a tab on Idle Hours
  • Tracking Current Location
  • Comprehensive Trip Information Report
  • Complete Route Analytics

Key Achievements

  • A user friendly application, with great aesthetics and ease-of-use
  • Great reviews following a rather high customer satisfaction