Why to Develop an App Like Favor?

Updated on May 28th, 2021

Why to Develop an App Like Favor

Craving for your favorite food can strike you anytime, anywhere. To fulfil that craving with delicious dishes of your choice, you either need to visit your favorite restaurant or order it on various on-demand food delivery apps. If you are a fabulous cook, you can order the ingredients on these apps from the mall or Walmart to make a dish that satisfies your cravings. 

On-demand service apps are everywhere in the market; whether you want to order food, groceries, medicines, etc., you can get it delivered to your doorstep within an hour with an app like Favor. Apart from other sectors, the food market has always been flourishing since the last decade. The concept of food delivery was discovered as the most viable financial option and delivering the comfort of convenience to the target audience. 

The idea of this business has created a new level of excitement in the delivery sector as food delivery apps like Favor have become the center of attraction in the market, and everybody wants it. Developing a food-delivery app to generate an ample amount of revenue is not as easy as you think. To get your concept on the top, you should consider other factors such as features and options that other apps are offering and hire a trustworthy mobile app development company that can work on your expectations precisely the way you like it. 

An app like Favor is all you need to get into the booming sector of on-demand services. Favor is different from all the other delivery apps available in the market. Various factors contribute to its popularity. Let’s dig deep in the process to know more about the requirements to develop such an app. 

What Makes Favor so Popular? 

The Favor was launched in the year 2013 in Austin, Texas, U.S.A. It is an on-demand delivery app that delivers anything the users want, such as food, groceries, medicines, etc., within a couple of hours to their doorstep. Many applications in the market deliver you anything you want, but getting them on an urgent basis makes Favor different from the others. 

Delivering things under a competitive time limit should be on the top of your list if you want to develop an app like Favor. There are changes in the timings of delivery depending on the region to deliver in metropolitan areas. Favor can deliver the order within a few minutes, and in the outskirts, it takes around two hours to deliver. When you order through other apps, it can take up to several days to get your order delivered. Among other departments, the food delivery department of Favor is the most popular one. 

There is another reason for its flourishing popularity: personal assistants. Yes, you read that right. Favor respects their delivery drivers and has named them personal assistants or ‘Runners.’ It has a team of runners that are responsible for delivering your order within the given time limit. They add a personal touch to the enterprise and enhance the customer’s trust factor towards your business. They are trained to deliver the utmost customer satisfaction. 

The growing graph of customers and revenues helped them raise massive funding of $13 million, and they are on the road to expand this venture countrywide. 

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Essential Features In An App Like Favor 

Features of an app are the power source for generating popularity. The more exciting and useful features your app will possess, the more customers will like it. Before moving forward towards features, let’s get to know the three types of models on which these on-demand services apps work. 

The first one is the individual restaurant model. This app only delivers the items of an individual restaurant within a limited area. The second model is for a chain of restaurants. This type of app delivers the items of a restaurant that has various stores in a wide geographical range. This app will require a Google map API to detect the nearest branch to the customers automatically. 

The third and most profitable and popular of all is the Aggregator model. The apps based on this model do not cater to a particular restaurant; instead, they have tie-ups with numerous stores and restaurants all over the city or country, and they simply connect the customers to the restaurant and delivery drivers. Favor works on this particular model. 

You can choose from these three models, and your trusted mobile app development company will implement them in your food delivery app. This step is required as every person has different expectations from their app, and they should have the right features. Let’s understand the various essential features that are required to have in an on-demand delivery app. 

1. Easy Payment Option 

Payment is one of the crucial features of any app. As your customer base consists of diverse people and the definition of ease is different for everyone. Your customers will hail from various geographical locations that have various kinds of issues like low-network connectivity or availability of cash. Keeping these factors in mind, your project should have a suitable payment option for everyone. 

While catering in significant cities, it might be possible that your consumer base will conduct their transaction online through credit and debit cards. However, in the semi-urban region, it might be possible that some people choose to pay in cash then your app should have a cash-on-delivery option. There should be an option that allows customers to tip the delivery driver or ‘runners’ based on their service through your app or in cash. 

Catering to only one section of the customers might result in the loss of various other customers that prefers other modes of payment. To integrate these various payment options, you can talk to your mobile app development company building your on-demand food delivery app. 

2. Order Scheduling 

Although scheduling of orders is not that of a standard feature, its demand is growing over the years. This feature is a must-have in your project if you are planning to make an on-demand delivery service app. There are times when you are away from home for work and want to enjoy a good dinner all by yourself when you reach home. This feature allows you to schedule the order at your preferred time and satisfy your food cravings anytime you want. 

In case of a party or celebration, it is good to have your food or groceries ordered before the guests arrive. This feature is helpful in numerous ways and can help your project in building a vast audience. 

3. Real-time Order Tracking 

When you order something from an app, there is an odd sense of excitement to know the real-time location. This comforting feeling makes this feature a must-have in your project. It provides a sense of patience to the customers that their order is on the way or it is being prepared. 

The first thing you do while ordering something from an on-demand delivery service  app is checking the distance of the store from your location and calculate the time it will take to reach your doorstep. Along with all the sorting filters like star ratings, reviews, etc., you can track your distance from the store within seconds. Once the customer has ordered something from their favorite store or restaurant, this feature will share the real-time status of the order. 

Real-time tracking is not the primary feature in various apps, but it becomes mandatory the moment you step into the on-demand delivery app market. 

After completing a purchase, customers spend most of their time tracking the real-time location of their order. If your budget allows you, then there are various ways that can transform this feature into an interactive one by including various emoticons and graphics. To implement this feature in your project, you should ask your mobile app development company to integrate Google API. 

4. User-interface And App Navigation 

All the features mentioned above are dependent on your user interface and navigation of the app. This is where your customer will interact with your project. First impressions of your on-demand delivery app should be alluring. It should be easily noticeable to the users. At the same time, customers should be able to find their way to their desired item in your app with ease. 

It would be helpful if you kept in mind that you are serving a wide array of customers, some are tech-savvy, and some are not. Your app should be able to provide a sense of ease in terms of navigation to all kinds of customers. When you look at the popular on-demand delivery apps, you will find that they have implemented a simple user interface and app navigation that anyone can use. Try to make the most of this feature in your app. 

5. Trouble-free Downloading And Sign-in 

As the on-demand application sector is growing, the competition is getting more complex. You have to make your app easily findable on the Google Play Store, App Store, or any other platform. Discuss with your marketing team or hire one if needed to think about a unique logo and a catchy name for your app. Your project’s name should not be similar in any way to the other popular brands. Create your own unique identity so that no one gets your share of the business. 

While naming your app, a palindrome can be a good choice as these types of numbers or names are more receptive to the human brain. 

Nobody likes a complicated sign-up or sign-in process. Your app should have a straightforward registration process. It can be achieved by allowing the user to sign-up with their existing accounts on Google, Facebook, or other social media accounts. However, some customers prefer to fill up a registration form to use your app. It would be best if you delivered both of these choices for an ergonomic registration process. 

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Building An App Like Favor 

Any on-demand delivery app development consists of hours of research and hard work. To make your project more profitable, you have to understand the needs of the market. Create a roadmap to research the market based on various parameters, including features being used in the market, facilities being provided in the market, etc. 

When deciding the features, please keep in mind that you have the choice of either catering to a specific group or all of them. You have the freedom to decide your target audience. It could be a specific community or any specific city or country. 

If you can customize your services according to the varying needs of customers, there is a chance that your project may end up in the top contenders. 

Every App technology is different; as per your target audience, you should select the perfect technology stack that should be able to withstand high loads and scale efficiently. 

Engage in tie-ups with different stores and restaurants that are willing to sell through your project. The more high-rated stores will be in your app, the more sales you will receive. The next step is figuring out the delivery analytics. You can have a system of both full-time and part-time delivery drivers that will ensure flexibility in operations and increase your profits. 

The most important part of developing a delivery app is to find a trustworthy mobile app development company. You always have two options for hiring, a freelance mobile app developer or a full-stack mobile app development agency. Before proceeding forward, you should have a look at their previous projects and their reviews in the market. 

Cost To Develop An App Like Favor 

The cost is a variable quantity when it comes to the development of these on-demand applications. Your cost will depend on numerous variable factors. 

The number of features that you want to include in your project will fluctuate the development price. Platform selection will take a section of the budget. Launching on a single platform will cost less capital as compared to the multiple or cross-platform development. 

The right technological stack will cost you a sufficient amount of money. The development process will cost you the most money. 

It depends on your budget whether you hire a freelance mobile app developer that charges on an hourly basis or hires a mobile development company that will charge you only for the time and human resources invested in developing your project. 

With more complexities in your app, more budget will be required. So, brainstorm with your team and advisors to come with a plan to create a perfect on-demand delivery app. 

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Developing an on-demand delivery app consists of various challenges, but with the right sets of features, tech stacks, etc., your project can make it to the top. 

These apps have taken over the market as the need for on-demand services has increased. With the correct strategy, you can deliver an extraordinary user experience and exclusive services that will make you most popular. 

Share your idea of an on-demand app like Favor with Matellio, and we will make sure it gets a huge success. Our proficient mobile app developers team has specialization in developing ion-demand applications and has delivered several excellent projects worldwide. 

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