Why You Should Take Your Alcohol Delivery Business on Mobile

Updated on Mar 4th, 2024

Why you should take your Alcohol Delivery Business on Mobile

The alcohol industry has grown massively in the past few years because of the excessive part of every celebration and events. Party gets started with alcohol and such is the trend that prevails in the present years. Increase in alcohol intake being constant, digitalization has impressively grown beyond leaps and bounds. Now, this is the perfect merger we are referring to.

 With everything turning online, with each and every service being made available online, turning the alcohol sales online too is a booming business one can consider to take upon. People have been turning more to online shopping, for the ease which is tagged along with it. E-commerce App Development has also merged the rare shoppers who move out of their homes only when they are in need of something. With everything being made available online, the rare shoppers have been turned into regular customers because shopping online is just as easy as sending someone a text message.

E-commerce intervention in Alcohol industry:

Alcohol Delivery

 Though other sectors of E-commerce have made progress in terms of online sales; this isn’t the same for alcohol e-commerce. The alcohol companies which took on to the internet for sales in the past years aren’t showing much of a progress as any other non-alcohol companies have made. The struggle prevailing, alcohol brands have all been urged to come up with some kind of strategies that would result in the growth of On-Delivery Liquor Delivery Mobile App.

 The mindset of people has been the same for a long time, and buying alcohol in person is the first preference people have. Moving online to buy liquor doesn’t even strike a lot of people. But so was the mindset when other industries hit the online platform for the first time in history. Hence, alcohol brands have a long way to go and they need to prioritize e-commerce and make every such plan work out successfully to increase the turnover as similar to that of any other e-commerce industry. Apart from moving a few of the projects and products online, brands need to consider e-commerce as a whole.

Looking forward to the online business

 Ordering something online needs assurance and the information about the processing if the request or order, and so is the case for each kind of online business like apps like uber eats. Serving the customers in a rightful way also requires the implementation of technology in the rightful means.

 You need to make a lot of facilities available for your customers which require the assistance of technology and such facilities include, ordering favourite drink, which means a lot of options need to be made available for the customers, making payments electronically, live tracking of the order in process, providing all the contact information, including all the liquor stores nearby for faster delivery or preferential delivery from significant outlet, and many more options.

The above-mentioned facilities can only be availed through an online application embedded with all such features, also with some of the unique and special add ons. This technology is mostly availed by the food delivery outlets, which let their user’s track their order in real time, and such is the assistance required even for an alcohol brand for an Alcohol Delivery App Development Solution

 You see the business of all such brands booming. So will they work effectively and efficiently in the case of an On-Delivery Liquor Delivery Mobile App? You may expect a profitable return from investing in such a business. We will guide you thoroughly through the basic plan you need to draw if you are already considering such a venture or need an assurance passed on the framework of such a business.


 You cannot make one simple app for your business and expect it to work for you efficiently. There are entirely 3 panels you need to avail in order for the real-time technology to work for apps like Uber. Let’s discuss all the panels individually.

 1: User panel

The basics which make up the user panel are: –

  • Login
  • View liquor listing
  • Apply filters
  • Place orders
  • Electronic payment
  • Order history
  • Track order
  • Review and feedback
  • Complaint forum

 2: Wine shop owner panel

The basics which make up the shop owner panel are: –

  • Login
  • Manage drink categories
  • Manage drinks and snacks
  • Manage prices
  • View rating and reviews
  • Manage earnings

 3: Admin panel

The basics of the admin panel are

  • Login
  • Manage payments
  • Order management
  • Settings
  • Marketing management
  • Real-time analytics

Advanced features of Alcohol Delivery App

You may also choose to include some of the advanced features in the apps, such as:

  • Working on push notifications, in order to keep the users aware of all the new services and offer which are made available in the Alcohol Delivery App Development Solution.
  • Managing such large database of all the panels including the great number of users making orders are a tough job and hence, cloud management has to be involved in the app in order to store the details of the order in the cloud. This would also make the app convenient to use. 
  • Being able to track the nearest liquor store is among the top priorities of the customers from E-commerce App Development as the nearest outlets would make faster delivery. Also, users have some preference regarding the outlets they wish to order and, this feature would work for either of the cases.
  • The offers made are actually the most effective form of advertisement which would force people to return to the app in order to place repeated orders. Therefore, an effective reward and offer plan is the need of the hour for a steady return of profit. 
  •  The most fascinating feature of the app is the real-time tracking facility. Being able to track the delivery executive is another advancement in the technology people prefer the most. They wish to know the distance the executive is at, along with the time he would take to actually make the delivery, and this is facilitated only in the real-time delivery option. 


Going online is the benchmark one needs to attain in order to keep up with the present trends. If you don’t move your business online, you will have a hard time keeping your business steady. Alcohol brands need to meet the consumers, and that best happens online. The hard things take time, effort and the level of expertise. Matellio is known for the expertise of its development team in E-commerce App Development. The competent mobile app developers in the company have been developing the e-commerce platform for a long and focus over the seamless functionality and scalable solutions. Discussing your requirements with an experienced company or an expert developer can help you in putting the filter and refine your ideas more.

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