10 Myths About Cloud Migration and The Truth

Updated on Jul 19th, 2023

10 Myths About Cloud Migration and The Truth

The emergence of Cloud technology has unlocked a host of advantages in the market. Companies are welcoming Cloud into their operations and working it out to achieve more excellent solutions to their problems. The cloud migration services market size reached $88.46 billion in 2019. It is expected to value at $515.83 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 24.8% from 2020 to 2027. Despite its prevalence in several industries, many myths about Cloud migration still make business owners not give into this technology. In this section, we are going to read 10 Cloud migration myths that are afflicting the decision-making of many business owners.

  • Cloud migration refers to moving data or other business components to a cloud computing environment.  
  • In 2019, the cloud migration services market size reached $88.46 billion.  
  • Cloud solutions offer a tray of benefits to businesses in different industries.  
  • Some common advantages of Cloud solutions include increased agility and flexibility, better customer service, and enhanced management.

10 Cloud Migration Myths That Worry Business Owners

10 Cloud Migration Myths That Worry Business Owners

From capabilities to cost, there is a multitude of misconceptions surrounding the adoption of Cloud migration. We will look at ten myths about Cloud migration services that need to exit. 

Cloud Eliminates Legacy Applications from the Equation

Okay, this has to be one of the biggest Cloud migration myths. It is important to note that Cloud migration does not wipe off legacy applications. The fact is that Cloud migration allows you to optimize the budget for the applications that are in less use.

Despite the prominence of Cloud migration, legacy applications play a vital role in every business. While planning cloud migration and deciding on the take on your legacy apps, you must determine what you must replace and what needs instant migration.

The Cloud Helps You Save Money

Businesses tend to look for a modern cloud technology/ tool that helps them stick to their budget and save money. But the truth is beyond that. The Cloud has a lot more to offer than just cost savings. Cloud migration solutions and a cloud-centric approach can help simplify your business operations and boost progress in the digital transformation segment.

Apart from saving money, Cloud migration solutions allow you to have a more accessible business and work with more agility. You might think that merely adopting Cloud will reduce costs like maintenance and investments, but it doesn’t happen just like that.

There are several factors determining the cost you can prevent using this technology. While Cloud budget optimization and migration process can make you walk within the budget, they can also lead to more expenses than expected owing to the lack of proper strategy.

So how can you leverage Cloud migration to save costs?

For starters, you need to find the right Cloud partner for migration. It would be best if you compared different cloud service providers and the available cloud migration tools to find the perfect solution for your business needs. Apart from that, define Cloud infrastructure considering your business requirements.

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Cloud is Not Secure

The right solution is defined by many factors other than compatibility with a company’s business needs. One such factor is security. Secured data and personal information are essential in gaining customer trust and establishing loyalty. The lack of security is one of the significant myths about Cloud migration that trouble many business owners.

Entrepreneurs believe that hosting applications and migrating enterprise data to the Cloud can result in security breaches and lead to losing control over their data. But that is not true.

Suppose your team up with a trustworthy Cloud service provider, Cloud security experts, and architects. In that case, it will be easy for you to look after your data at any given hour. Collaboration with the experienced team will lead to a round-the-clock watch on your data and keep it safe in all circumstances, whether it is server failure or power outage.

The Migration Process is Just a Matter of One Click

Many business owners believe that the Cloud migration process only needs a single click on a button, and that’s it – it ends up emerging as a replacement for existing apps. But it is nothing more than a myth.

It takes a well-thought approach and a long-term plan to develop an unparalleled system that blends in well and converts scattered data into meaningful insights. Cloud migration plans do not come to life overnight or in a day. It is a detailed process that requires time depending on a business and its goals.

Various factors affect the cloud migration process. It would help if you considered the workload that needs migration, the number of users, and the amount of data and procedures you must mitigate. Go with your strategy in different phases. It will help you meet the business needs that are evolving.

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Nothing Needs to Be Done After Cloud Migration

Suppose you are thinking that you can move on to focusing on other aspects of your business after the Cloud migration process. In that case, you have to drop this belief. One of the common myths of Cloud migration is the job is done after you’ve moved to the Cloud, and your business operations can now sprint.

The fact is that after the migration of a workload to the Cloud, the actual errand begins. You have to manage ongoing costs and performance levels to ensure a successful run of Cloud migration. So, you must keep working on such factors and rethink your strategies as things evolve.

Cloud Solutions Can Only Help You with Storage and Analytics

Storage and analytics are the famous use cases offered by Cloud solutions. These two offerings of Cloud have become synonymous with this technology. Storage and advanced technology are considered the only valuable input Cloud has to provide, which is nothing but a myth.

Cloud is not designed only for data or application storage and analytics. These solutions are significant in HR operations management, process automation, marketing, sales, and delivering the best customer service.

The truth is that Cloud is a comprehensive set of enterprise solutions that help different types of businesses stay ahead of the competition. They also help with informed decision-making in real time, which improves productivity. Given that you can enjoy these services based on a subscription, you are free to go on with or terminate them whenever you want.

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Cloud is the Answer to Every Challenge

Another big-fat myth of migrating to the Cloud is the idea that it helps you combat every challenge you face in your business. It is imperative to note that no industry or company can solely rely on the Cloud approach to address every roadblock.

Different operations are running in a business, and the Cloud solution alone cannot fulfill the needs of every process. Some functions need to work with a traditional approach or on-premises.

Segmenting applications into different categories and prioritizing them will help you lead a more efficient and successful cloud migration process and save time and effort.

It’s a Market Trend, So You Should Use It

Any transformation a business undergoes is aimed toward increased efficiency and properly ensuring budget optimization. It may come out as a surprise, but many companies follow the Cloud migration treatment without even understanding its significance in their processes which directs them toward poor strategies.

While trying to transform your business, it’s imperative to comprehend that technology should not be adopted because others are doing it. Not every market trend is meant to add value to your business goals. Your business needs to undergo a customized strategy to fulfill evolving needs.

A cloud strategy should be more than a mandate – it should find your gaps and map technology to meet your goals. You need to find various cloud migration tools available in the market, compare them, and find the best fitting solution for your business needs.

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Only Established Companies Need Cloud Migration

Whether or not you realize it, this is one of the myths of Cloud migration that keeps many small and mid-size businesses from leveraging the value of this technology. It is quite a common belief among small and mid-size companies that cloud migration only caters to companies with complex processes.

The reality is that Cloud solutions are open to every business, whether they are startups or enterprises. The need to adopt Cloud migration is not determined based on the size of a business. Many startups and SMEs embrace cloud migration solutions to stay in the competitive game.

You Don’t Need a Disaster Recovery Planning When You Have Cloud

Another myth about Cloud migration brings the need for disaster recovery management into question. Cloud solutions eliminate the risk of a disastrous event, but that doesn’t mean it minimizes the need for a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). Events such as power outages, physical security, robbery, or fire are unprecedented and cannot be prevented. Therefore, local backups still need to be handy.

Yes, we can use multiple cloud setups to reduce the risk. It will help you figure out the best way to synchronize your data when a site is down. However, you should first consider the nature of different cloud providers’ services.

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Adopting Cloud solutions is no less than a troublesome thought in the business world. Many businesses regard cloud adoption as a tall order and find it apprehensive. The truth is that Cloud solutions and tools offer significant advantages such as efficiency, greater visibility, customer service, and security.

The key is to be attentive to every detail and create a robust strategy to extract more and more of these benefits of Cloud solutions. You cannot remove the risks from the picture, and you cannot consider Cloud migration as a skip button for dodging them.

Choose a cloud service partner that fits your requirements and helps you shape your ideas into viable and practical solutions. Matellio is a leading Cloud migration service provider and allows businesses to shift to a secure and compatible platform to leverage the perks of the Cloud.

Our team, with a decade-long experience in the domain, ensures a smooth implementation of Cloud migration in a business. Our Cloud migration experts will assist you in creating a roadmap to the best service your business needs. To learn how to contact us today!

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