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Get enhanced security, and qualitative outputs for your business with our professional Cloud Migration Services. Move to a secure and advanced platform with a right roadmap, and workflow model and optimize your cloud migration process with our experts.

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    What is

    Why Your Business Needs Cloud Migration Services?

    Having a real-time and secure platform has become a need for the companies in today’s digital market, and that’s where cloud migration steps in. With our professional cloud migration services you can quickly migrate all your critical apps and servers to a new and advanced environment.

    Moving heavy workloads with agility, flexibility, and scalability without affecting your process workflows is one of the primary benefits of our Cloud Migration Services. Minimize the impact of any disaster and step into a completely automated and secure environment with cloud migration services.

    Reduced Cost

    Eliminate the complex and uncertain application downtime and secure your data with a few clicks without any special training with our cloud migration services.

    Easy Migration

    Migrating your data to cloud is easy for beginners. With proper guidance and IT plan, you can transfer all your critical data to cloud platforms.

    Better Insights

    Discover the current trends and customer behaviour for your products or services by migrating and uploading all your data to an optimal cloud environment of your choice.

    Easy Monitoring

    Reduce the downtime of your applications and solve all your issues in seconds by monitoring the changes or faults in your data in real-time with cloud migration services.

    Accelerate Your Cloud Migration With Our Top Services

    Enjoy our extensive range of automated services that smoothen your Cloud Migration.
    Cloud Migration Consulting

    Begin your cloud journey with complete productivity. Get detailed cloud migration assessment along with AWS migration and Azure migration that aligns with your future business goals.

    AWS Cloud Migration

    Get shifted to AWS cloud migration with ease and efficiency with our cloud migration services. Witness innovation and profits with our agile cloud adoption strategy at cost-effective prices.

    Azure Cloud Migration

    Automate your Azure migration journey with our certified cloud migration experts. Ensure smooth data migration to Azure with a planned IT roadmap personalized for your business.

    Cloud Engineering Services

    Re-platform, re-host, and re-engineer your existing enterprise applications to make them compatible for the cloud migration with our reliable cloud engineering services.

    Cloud Optimization Services

    Boost your enterprise efficiency and reduce your tedious work operations by creating smart architecture and cloud optimization strategy with our cloud migration services.

    Disaster Recovery Services

    Get 24*7 reliable and professional disaster recovery services from our experts on applications, servers, and virtual machines and continue the functioning of your IT machines.

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    Why Choose Matellio for Cloud Migration Service?

    Discover some amazing benefits that makes us stand out from the competition when it comes to cloud migration services.
    Years-Long Experience

    We have decades of experience in offering various enterprise services to a multitude of businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

    Technology Expert
    Detailed Reporting

    Stay on the top of your cloud migration progress with our advanced tools and technologies along with in-depth reporting methodology.

    Migration Experts

    We provide users with our seasoned and reliable migration experts that are all experienced in their respective domains.

    Security and Privacy
    Data Security

    We are completely comfortable with your requirement of an NDA, just let us know in the email and we will help you out with the procedures.

    No Hidden Costs

    The prices we have our deal with and in the contract are final; you don’t need to worry about paying anything more than what we mutually agreed.

    Cost Reduction

    All our clients have experienced a 60% reduction in their business operational cost after implementing our enterprise services.

    Our Portfolio

    For every real-world problem, we have delivered software solutions which reflect our expertise in diverse verticals.

    Our Flexible Hiring Models

    Choose the best pricing models that best fit your business.
    Time & Material Basis Model
    billed yearly
    Long-term projectsLong-term projects
    Varying scope and timeframesVarying scope and timeframes
    Dynamic project requirementsDynamic project requirements
    Turnkey Model
    billed yearly
    Short-term projects or MVPShort-term projects or MVP
    Well-defined scopeWell-defined scope
    Test task for the developersTest task for the developers
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    Dedicated Resource Hiring
    billed yearly
    Dynamic project requirementsDynamic project requirements
    Need-based scalingNeed-based scaling
    Long-term projects & flexibilityLong-term projects & flexibility
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    Frequently asked questions

    We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

    1. What are cloud migration services?

    Cloud migration services is a robust way of shifting all your applications and data to a secure and advanced cloud platform. Whether it be AWS, Azure, or Google, every cloud migration platform offers some unique and powerful migration tools that smoothens and simplifies the cloud migration process. With cloud migration services, you can safeguard your enterprise applications, and can upgrade them to a more powerful version for better profits and revenues.

    2. What are the cloud migration types?

    There are basically 6 types of cloud hosting strategies that can be seen during cloud migration. Those are:

    • Rehosting
    • Replatforming
    • Repurchasing
    • Refactoring
    • Retiring
    • Retaining

    These six types are also known as the six ‘R’ of the cloud migration services. 

    3. What are cloud migration tools?

    Although there are many cloud migration platforms that facilitate transfer of data to cloud, Amazon offers many different types of tools that facilitate smooth cloud migration. These tools are:

    • AWS Migration Hub
    • AWS Application Discovery Services
    • AWS Cloud Adoption Readiness Tool (CART)
    • AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP)
    • AWS Server Migration Service.
    • AWS Marketplace.
    • AWS Database Migration Service.
    • CloudEndure Migration.
    • TSO Logic
    • VMware Cloud on AWS

    4. How long does cloud migration take?

    Cloud migration service is not time-consuming and often transfers the data in a few clicks. However, the type of service partner you chose impacts your cloud migration process. Hence, it is always best to choose a reliable and experienced cloud migration service provider to make your cloud transfer faster, efficient, and cost-effective. You can consult with our experts to know more.

    5. What are the benefits of moving to the cloud?

    Real-time access, data security, disaster security, and so on. The list for benefits of cloud migration services does not end with these two or three benefits. Here are some more that you can get by adopting cloud migration services for your business.

    • Faster Deployment Times
    • Enhanced Security Features
    • Less Infrastructure Complexity
    • Built-in Status Monitoring
    • Automatic Backup and Logging of Key Metrics
    • Greater Flexibility and Collaboration

    6. I need cloud migration services for my current project. Can you help?

    Sure, we can help you with the cloud migration for your current project. For that, your firstly need to fill our form below, and then our experts will analyze your business needs. Once you have consulted with our cloud migration experts, our team will begin your cloud migration process in no time. For further information you can connect with our business analyst.

    7. How much does Cloud Migration Services cost?

    The cost of cloud migration services depends largely on the technique you are using. In addition to that, the cost of cloud migration also depends on your business requirements. For instance, if you only want to migrate your existing software data to a new system, then the cost will be minimal depending on the type of your data. However, if you also want to upgrade your technology stack, and server, then the cost will vary depending on your needs. Hence, the best way is to consult with our experts and get an accurate estimation for your cloud migration service.

    8. What are Cloud migration tools that you use at Matellio?

    We at Matellio have access to the best cloud migration tools that ensures an efficient and faster migration of your data to cloud platforms. With these robust migration tools, you can seamlessly transfer all your data and other software components in an advanced and secure environment that is suitable for your business. Tasks like upgrading the technology, server, hostings, and analyzing the data for target location can all be achieved with migration tools.

    9. What other data migration services do you offer?

    Besides cloud migration services, we offer many other types of data migration services like:

    • AWS Database Migration Services
    • Microsoft Azure Database Migration
    • Salesforce Data Migration
    • Website Migration Services
    • Software Migration Services
    • Application Migration Services
    • Website Migration Services
    • Enterprise Migration Services

    You can contact our experts to know more about our data migration or any other type of services for your enterprise.

    10. Can you help me in developing a custom enterprise application?

    Yes, at Matellio, you can migrate or can create any type of custom enterprise application as per your business needs at cost-effective prices. With our certified and professional experts, we make the software development a piece of cake for all our clients. Right from mobile applications, to ERP solutions, and even on-demand applications, we have a complete suite of custom services that can upgrade your existing business to a more advanced platform. You only need to fill our consultation form below, and our business analyst will handle everything thereafter.