15 Simple Ways to Market an App in 2019

Updated on Apr 23rd, 2021

15 Simple Ways to Market an App in 2019

With the inception of an idea for having a mobile application for a product or service, the first thing comes in mind is to contact a renown mobile app development company. But the imperative objective of the whole development process nullifies if you don’t know how to market your app. A basic rule is to invest as much time in the promotion of product as you do while it is in the development stage. Basically, if you are highly engaged in the promotion of your content, seamless and expeditious the process becomes. In today’s era of rapidly changing technology in mobile app development, revenue generation, the strength of mobile apps relies upon efficacious promotion in its relevant marketplace. Statista reports predict that by 2020, mobile applications are hoped to rack up $189 billion in revenue. So, it quintessential to gather ways that will cost less but market your app effectively with an influential increase in followers and downloads.

1: Get in touch with customers: The primary step is to begin with potential communication with your customers to make sure that whatever app is being built, has the right direction. You may begin to get in touch with them by creating a list of targeted customers, who will be communicated to catch their expectations from an app through email, newsletters, etc. Usually, users stay busy so try to incentivize them in return for giving you their time. So when a question how to promote your app hovers around, it would be well answered through the involvement of customers in the app development process, you would ensure the quality and usability of the app to cater the people.

2: Reach Out To Influencers: Influencers are those individuals who keep power to influence the engagement and buying decision of a specific group of people. In other words, to promote your app, you must be racking up the unconventional route that caters the fundamental need of the company. Developing homes, mutually beneficial,  and authentic relationships with these influencers augment the penetration in the marketplace. Genuine sponsorship results in robust and productive promotion of your content. It’s imperative for you to present relevant content or information to the influencer and their audience. You may compensate them in monetary terms, in kinds or some strategic association in the whole promotion.

3: Leveraging Your Mobile Website: If one has a mobile-friendly and fully functional website, then it would be an incredible tool to amplify the promotion of your app. Once you’re interested customers come to your website, they get to know about your app which is hitting soon on platform. It comprehensively implies that you are sectioning off a part of the website exclusively for your app. Alternatively, it may be featured with the pop-up page display, whenever someone visits your website it will offer them either an option to download or continue to mobile site.

4: Use Social Network: Social media has been a significant tool to channelize your marketing efforts into the desired result. So it’s better to send messages multiple times over a month to reach your potential fan base. Launching of an app is a memorable achievement for the company to make sure the targeted customers are getting specific messages by reposting similar content with different messages.

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5: An Announcement Blog: Announcement of launching your app as a company update would seem a great way to promote your app among customers and inform them about a new and major step of the company. You can cite your blog post in the company’s email signature or leverage social network to drive conducive traffic so that they come to know that you have launched a mobile app.

6: Educate users over official Blog: The company’s regular scheduled official blog post is another way to spurt your promotion strategy. While writing blogs try to interpret your readers about the app and the purpose behind your app by including app links, videos, and screenshots. So you may create either an entire blog to post only about your app or a call to action at every blog post’s end to invite readers to download your app.

7: Use email marketing: Every email whether from the newsletter, payment confirmation or tech support must keep a footer including one line advertisement or a link to direct towards an app downloading page. You must capitalize on customer service emails, newsletter, email by incorporating app links or detail to it.

8: Demo Video: Nowadays it’s an immersive way to showcase everything about your apps, why, how or what it offers. For the demo video, prepare a 30-second commercial video with relevant and enriched content that should also be updated weekly or monthly on your blog post, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube channels and other platforms.

9: Apply for Awards: To participate in app awards is the foremost and most recommended channel to market your app effectively. Although the probability of winning these awards relies on your pitch and usp of app idea, however, once you manage to comprehend things righteously, It would offer you a lot of opportunity of tons of press, reviews, downloads, and exposure.

10: Search Engine Optimization: SEO has transformed into App optimization for app stores and play stores. The most innovative and contemporary strategy for how to market your app is to look for the prevalent keywords used by users over the voice recognition mediums like Google voice recognition and SIRI. The future lies with voice recognition devices and the traditional SEO is now the old method. All that requires is an identification of best targeted relevant keywords so that your app keeps on ranking. Also stay ready to analyze with which targeted keyword your app is successfully ranking on, and build quality links to boost rankings.

11: One sway wins: It is quintessential to understand that only app stores will not make a major and influential difference in your app market visibility. So target top results of a google search engine about the relevant nature and area of your app, establish contact to high authority blogs showing results, get featured your app on blogs and kill more than a few competitors with one stone.

12: Build an influential app landing page: You must have a dominating and eye-catching landing page for a predetermined target. Having an effective landing page works like a business card, just like in case when you need it, you have it

13: Join communities of developers on social media: It is better to join social media communities and group of developers and entrepreneurs and ask them for their feedback about current features, future updates, and bug fixes. It would build relationships which ensures the opportunities for cross-promotion without even spending an amount. Furthermore, the extended visibility and accessibility to the experienced and highly active developers amplify the marketing promotion for the company.

14: Use of mobile app review sites: Once you get featured on most popular and followed mobile app review sites, you may expect a potential number of unique visitors traffic to hit your app store and website. So for getting reviews from these sites, you have to review your app from different aspects like high-quality beautiful graphics, unique content,  themes, mechanics, etc.

15: Pinterest: Pinterest is the social media network where users share the image and can pin the image and video on their boards. Here, users maintain their own profile and can search for the content on their board and other boards. From a marketing point of view, if you have your content on someone’s board, it means the user is interested in your product. With the use of innovative Appin, you can pin the apps on your board and also install them with the use of a blue button at the right of the corner.

Even the most feature-rich application demands user attention, which can only be achieved with the proper marketing strategy and contemporary efforts. What most of the app development companies lack is an efficient strategy to market the app. Putting everything in line users only need the best of all viable options and a marketing strategist lays a vital role for the same. Matellio has several successful applications in its portfolio, which have not only caught a user’s eye but also used frequently by users all because of seamless development and appropriate contemporary strategy.

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