Tips for Designing an Effective Landing Page

Updated on Apr 23rd, 2021

Tips for Designing an Effective Landing Page

When you are thinking of having a web page for your brand or product one thing that is rarely considered, is the landing page, until the project starts. But landing pages are crucial to build the brand as well as it is immensely valuable as a marketing channel for any type of business. It is one of the best ways to nurture and educate your customers about your products. Whether you want to showcase your list (pre-sale products, give away products, etc.) or boost your sales by highlighting the new items, services or special offers, landing pages are great too for driving conversions. So when you are thinking of creating a web page, do hire a website designer who has the knowledge of creating a landing page that will help your product.

Landing pages when developed by web design and development companies are often set up to promote clear ideas about a special campaign, events, promotion that targets a particular audience. Hence landing pages are important to build your brand. In this, we will discuss how landing pages help in increasing your customers and some tips to create an effective landing page.  

How Landing Pages Help You Build More Customers

Since landing pages can help in building more customers, the marketing and the sales team of an organization often prefers to have it and keep updating it. They are one of the best sources to generate valid leads that can be converted into sales. There are several factors that help landing paged to build more customers.

1: Customized for customers: It is important for a professional working in website design and development to understand the difference between creating a homepage of a website and a landing page. Typically a homepage is designed bearing in mind that it will offer an overall view of the business or the products/services. However, a landing page is customized in a way that it will help the business to grow the clientele, their loyalty, and boost the profit by focussing on certain short-term goals. A landing page needs to offer a clear picture of the products or offers that also has a direct call to action section.

2: Helps With Conversion: Since the landing pages target a certain audience and influence them to take action, it is the responsibility of the professional working as website design and development to make this call to action as easy as possible. This will help with better conversion rates.

3: Data Insights: With landing pages, one can view the channels that are bringing in most leads and helps with conversion. One can identify the topics, offers, and campaigns that have interested the people most. This can help any organization to get insight into the trends that are driving the sales and they can implement similar methods in the future or do away with processes that are driving away from the sales.

4: Improved Paid Search Campaigns: Click through rate is used for paid search campaigns and landing pages can help in that while connecting with the customers. A well-defined landing page will bring in more interested people when you are in paid advertising. The interested customers are likely to share their information or contact you for the business thus increasing your sales.

5: Contact More Customers: Landing pages help in building up your customer list with the help of call to action section. Often these call to action section helps not only in increasing the list of customers but also turn them into potential customers.

6: Brand Awareness & Credibility: People are more into knowing the brand and going through the reviews of a product before buying it. A landing page helps a company to brand themselves while increasing its credibility with ratings and testimonials from loyal customers. This often helps in connecting the brand with new customers.

So while these are few ways in which a landing page can connect with existing as well as new customers for their business. But it is important that you hire a website designer who knows how to create a landing page that would attract and connect with customers.   

Tips For Creating An Effective Landing Page

If you are new into web development and designing there are certain design tips that you can follow to create an effective landing page. They are:

1: Discreet Content: The content of the landing page must be succinct that highlights the unique value proposition (UVP) of the product/brand or services. The content of the landing is to be determined by the product and the offer that you are selling. For better content do keep in mind to categorize the content into the following sections.

  • Heading
  • Subheading
  • Call to action
  • Benefits
  • Lead Generation Forms

2: Simple Layout: Keep your designs minimal in the landing page while making it attractive, presentable and informative while being non-intrusive. Additionally, it should be a clean, simple designed page with enough white space that also has interesting and attractive visuals. It is lots to bear in mind while developing a page like that but you have only 8 seconds to pursue your customer with the page. So hire someone professional to do the job.

3: Alluring Imagery: Nothing speaks louder than photos, visuals are the most crucial aspect of a landing page because they are the first thing that attracts a customer. So use high-quality, alluring yet information based photographs and images to keep your customer engaged to the page.

4: Create Trustworthiness: Most landing pages use social proof to validate their credibility and trustworthiness. You can use the number of customers served, press mentions, statistics. However, nothing speaks louder than testimonials, trust marks, and badges when you want to create your trustworthiness. This is the classic yet most sought after methods of creating the identity of your brand that can be trusted.

4: A/B Testing: Before launching the page it is vital that you check whether your landing page is working properly and if you can check the conversions. For that conduct A/B testing, this will ensure you can collect the data to get insights into your landing pages. You can perform the A/B testing on the following depending on the kind of landing page you are creating like:

  • Headings
  • CTAs
  • Images and graphics
  • Buttons
  • Trust signals
  • Press quotes
  • Placement of page elements
  • Navigation links

5: Mobile-First Strategy: As part of one of the design tips one should always remember to create a landing page that looks good on mobile devices. It should be easy to navigate and quick to load. This will ensure better audience reach.

6: Social Sharing: Encourage your customers to share your landing page by including social sharing icons. Nothing speaks better about your brand than word-of-mouth sharing. In this social networking age, social shares are as good as word-of-mouth.

7: UVP for Promotion: This can be an optional tool but an embedded video will give a full view of your product or services to your prospective and existing customers.

Consider all these following factors to create an effective landing page. But who should you hire to create such a page?

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