5 Amazing Legal Tech Trends That Will Shape The Legal Industry in 2021

Updated on Jan 5th, 2024


It is no surprise that in today’s digital world, global industries have transformed significantly. Whether education, logistics, or even retail, every sector has evolved much using the top technology trends. The legal industry is also one such global sector that has been harnessing the legal tech trends to transform its legal framework.

Technologies like AI, IoT, and many more have already taken over the legal industry to revolutionize their way of working. But, what does the future holds for the legal industries, will there be more legal tech trends that will transform the legal industry? Or, will the legal sector show stagnant growth with the existing technological innovations? Well, if you are someone who is looking for answers to such questions, there certainly you’re at the right place!

In today’s article, we will be discussing the five amazing legal tech trends that are all set to transform the legal industry in the coming years. So, without wasting much of your time, let’s cut to the chase.

Tech Trends Transforming Legal Industry

1. Virtual Legal Assistants

Virtual-Legal-Assistants-DevelopmentSo, the first and foremost legal tech trend that is all set to transform the legal industry in 2021 is the rise of virtual assistants. Although virtual assistants is not a new concept, it has been around the global sector for quite some time now. In fact, many businesses are already using custom virtual assistants for a long now. However, it’s inception in the legal sector has been a subject of interest for many people.

As per a report by Gartner, almost 25% of the legal agencies will adopt a virtual assistant to increase their operational efficiency. Legal firms are filled with cases and important tasks, and in such a scenario, having an automated solution can work wonders to simplify the complex operations that do not require much human intervention.

2. Third-Part Risk Management

The next big tech trend that will revolutionize the legal industry is the third-party risk management system. Gartner predicts that by 2023, the large enterprises will increase the spending on risk management by over 50%.

Today, the risk management systems are spread across many verticals of the organization like IT, finance, marketing, supply chain, and legal department. In such a scenario, adopting digital solutions can substantially reduce these risks, and can even offer a complete view of all the third-party risks associated with different departments.

3. Custom Legal Software Solutions

Custom-Legal-Software-SolutionsCustom solutions have always been a trending aspect of the global sector, whether it be education, retail, and now even the legal industry. Many digital software solutions like law firm software, compliance software, case management software and many more are driving innovation in the legal sector today.

Custom solutions enable legal firms to efficiently target their customer needs in a much effective way. Moreover, if you consult an experienced software engineering firm for your software development, then you can even get an idea of the current legal tech trends and reliable technologies.

4. Cloud Adoption

Cloud adoption is not a new legal tech trend. Instead, it has been in the global industry for some time now. But, cloud-based solutions have increased by over 20% in the year 2020. Software solutions like case management and document sharing applications have now been using cloud solutions to access critical information in a secure manner.

Cloud-based services, along with custom legal solutions helps the large agencies to secure their critical database and satisfy their customer needs. You can access your database anytime you want, without hampering the security.

5. Mobile Apps

Legal-Tech-Mobile-App-DeveloperLast but not least, we have mobile apps as an advanced tech trend for the legal industry. It is no surprise today, that people spend most of their time on mobile phones rather than on anything else. In fact, a report suggests that there are almost 3.2 billion mobile app users across the globe. Hence, having dedicated mobile apps has become a trusted technology trend for the legal industry.

Having a mobile app increases your chances of enticing your users, and enhancing your customer experience. Not only that, but you can even access all your reports and can manage all your work remotely with the help of custom mobile applications. Need more assistance, reach us, and get all your answers!


Future of the Legal Industry

So far we saw the top legal tech trends that are all set to transform the legal industry in 2021. To conclude, we can say that, in today’s digital world, change is the only constant. What once was a sci-fi concept has today become a reality, and tomorrow it may even vanish from the global sector. Hence, the only way to succeed in this competitive era is to adopt the latest legal tech trends for your agency to satisfy your customer needs in the most efficient manner.

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Till then, Happy Reading!

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