AI-Based Virtual Assistant
You must be aware of a girl named Siri, and her besties Cortona, and Alexa. These AI pals have been hanging a lot, be it in houses, phones, or cars. So, if you too have been filling your search bar with “App like Siri,”; then hang on. Stop your search and Scroll Down to fill your appetite.

What is a Virtual Assistant ?

An AI-based Virtual Assistant is a software that has been developed to assist people with basic activities using verbal and written commands. The assistant can respond to queries based on the inputted data in the Natural Language Processing interface. These applications can solve problems in real-time, which enhances human productivity and capability. Leverage the advanced AI/Ml skills of Matellio and design a virtual assistant for your business.



NLP Techniques


What Are Some Use Cases For AI-Based Virtual Assistants?

Workflow and Project Management

AI-based virtual assistants make workflow management and project collaboration easier. Team members can have all the details about projects, meeting reminders, or deadlines using the assistant.


Virtual assistants can understand the patient’s listed symptoms, compare them with a database, and find the possible medical conditions. It can also track medical terminologies in different languages.

Compliance Overseer

Considering the complexities of regulations and compliances, conflicts can be flagged in the business and legal environments. A virtual assistant can be used to report any illegal/unethical behavior.

Talent Recruiter

AI Assistants can deal with the recruitment efficiently by searching through thousands of resumes, and job searches on different job portals. It also filters the applications based on the skills inputted.


Intelligent assistants in journalism can assist with tasks like sentiment analysis, data analysis, dictation, translation, fact-checking, and enhance the news reports in topics like polling.

Emotional Wellbeing

Though not a replacement of a licensed therapist, Virtual assistant can help in dealing with depression, anxiety, and other wellbeing issues by utilizing natural language processing techniques.

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What an AI-Based Virtual Assistant can do for you?

AI-powered Virtual Assistant performs numerous tasks, some of which are listed below.

Book Appointments

Take Notes

Set Alarms

Weather Updates

Send Messages/Mails

Navigation Tasks

Make Calls

Location-based Reminders

Browse Internet

Travel Scheduling

Find Recipes

And much more

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Frequently Asked Question

Siri, Alexa, OK Google, and Cortana are some of the popular instances of AI-based virtual assistants available in the market.

Indeed, we have many options available, but do you ever feel like having an assistant specifically designed to perform specific kinds of tasks. Or perhaps you want to have Jack of every activity, but some of the activities are not performed by these popular assistants! For more information, contact our experts, and they shall clear all your doubts.

The cost to build any application depends upon several factors like technology usage, the complexity of features, and much more. Contact our experts, and they shall provide you the cost estimation.

We sign an NDA contract with our clients before the development phase for ensuring the same.

As soon as the clients share their requirements, our development team will start the development.

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