Case Management Software Development
Centrally store all your case related information, and efficiently track details like client details, billings, case notes, and appointments with our fully custom and feature-rich case management software.

What is Case Management Software?

Case management software is an effective web application of the legal and audit industry. It is an interactive platform that helps the law officers and other legal experts to efficiently handle all their cases and case related information seamlessly. With a case management software, the user can efficiently handle multiple clients and can collect information over hundreds of data points. Not only that, but with the centralized storage facility, the legal expert can even track all the vital information seamlessly via case management software. Moreover, our custom software application also facilitates smooth and effective communication between the clients and the law officer and even helps the admin to check the performance of their law firm and particular cases seamlessly.

Smooth Communication

Business Intelligence

Court Scheduling

Enhanced Security

Key Features we can include in Case Management Software

Document Production

Produce critical legal documents seamlessly in a predefined format to make your work more efficient.

Data Management

Track and manage all your case related data in an efficient manner and store your critical information centrally.

Business Development

Get valuable insights and critical analytics over latest market trends and grow your business in a smooth manner.

Task Management

Streamline all your firm management tasks, and free your time to focus on other vital aspects of your case.

Workflow Analysis

Leverage in-built workflow analysis and ensure the consistency of your case while keeping your firm’s standards.

Text Messaging

Communicate with your client and other case related experts seamlessly via text messaging feature.


Effectively schedule all your appointments and court meetings by synching all the information with Google calendar.

Case Reports

Get critical reports and analytics related to a particular case and monitor the progress of your case seamlessly.

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Integrated Services of Case Management Software

Explore an extensive range of software services that Matellio offers with a case management software.

Custom Management System

We can help you develop a feature-rich and flexible case management system that can satisfy all the needs of your law firm and can streamline all the aspects of the case management.

Calendar Application Development

Time Tracking System

Centralized Database System

Management Portals

Client Portal Development

Develop an efficient portal specifically dedicated to your clients with our expert programmers and streamline all the aspects related to your case management.

Access Control System

Custom Branding Tools

Custom Security Sockets

Multi-factor Authentication System

Case Management Mobile App

Our expert and certified mobile app developers can help you build a feature-rich mobile application to help you access any case related information from anywhere around the world.

Security Tools

Custom Interface Development

API Integration

Cloud-based Services

Case Management Tools

Get access to various amazing legal tools that will further streamline your lay management process and will help you to focus more on your case.

Calendar Management System

Data Collection Modules

Staff Scheduling Software

Workflow Management System

Centralized Database System

We, at Matellio, can help you in centrally storing your data to further help you to efficiently track all the vital information related to cases and access the information with a single click.

Data Monitoring System

Smart Search Modules

Role-based Access Control

Import/Export Functionality

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Frequently Asked Question

Matellio provides first-class solutions to almost all the industry verticals. Here is our list of expertise-
  • Web App Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Desktop Software Development
  • Custom Enterprise Solutions

Absolutely. We make sure that all your data and your sensitive information remains secure. That’s why we sign a NDS to ensure you that none of our management members, or employees, leaks your valuable data.

Yes! Matellio offers an extensive range of pre-built reports to cover a wide range of your data reporting needs.

During your initIal days, you might not need a custom case management software, but as soon as you grow your business, case management software will become an essential need for your organization. Deploying a comprehensive software solution would allow you to improve the accuracy of your crucial data, ensuring that all staff have access to detailed and consistent client information.

The development time usually depends on some critical factors like features, tech stack, customizations, and more. You can share your requirements with our expert business analyst team and book your free consultation. In addition to estimating your idea, our experts help you analyze its feasibility, determine the areas of improvement, and help you deploy a solution for your organization that's best-in-class.

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