5 Reasons To Choose Salesforce Service Cloud For Your Small Business

Updated on Jan 5th, 2024


Handling a small business isn’t a simple task. Right from managing your inventories and marketing campaigns to enhancing your sales and customer services, you need to handle a lot of things for a business to grow. And of all those mentioned, customer service always remains the foremost critical task for small businesses. That’s why the leading businesses today use tools and tech services to find new customers and provide personalized services to them.

Salesforce service cloud is one such aspect of enhancing the customer services! 

Whether we talk about finding leads and solving your customer’s queries in real-time, or adding unique insights about specific customers on the basis of interaction with your brand, the salesforce service cloud manages all the operations seamlessly.

You don’t believe us? Don’t worry, here are some facts about the salesforce service cloud that will help you make a better decision (Source: Salesforce).

  • Salesforce solutions are known to increase business revenues by almost 25%.
  • Over 88% of the leading businesses are today leveraging custom salesforce services to enhance their customer services.
  • Almost 35% of the small businesses agreed that implementing the salesforce service cloud helped them raise their services and enhance customer operations.

Clearly, the salesforce service cloud has provided an innovative approach to all the businesses for targeting their leads in a much better and profitable manner. But, what exactly is this salesforce service cloud? Let’s explore in our blog below!

What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

What is Salesforce Service CloudService cloud generally refers to the service module in Salesforce solutions. Right from accounting, contact module, customer support modules, and self-service portals, a salesforce service cloud is a complete package of the small businesses. The service cloud further enhances your past, future, and present client’s services by answering their queries and providing assistance in promoting your products/services.

The main purpose of custom salesforce services is to make your customers happy and enhance your brand value in the market.  Whether we talk about providing a live chat option to your customers or offering knowledge-based modules of your products or services, a salesforce service cloud does it all. Additionally, managing your employees is also a crucial concern that is solved by implementing salesforce solutions. You just have to integrate the field service functionality, and all your employee’s performance and the used assets will be on your screen.

So, what is stopping you from implementing the salesforce service cloud in your business?

What are the Advantages of Using Salesforce Service Cloud?

Salesforce Service Cloud Development SolutionAre you still not convinced of implementing a service cloud in your business? Let us help you to make a better decision! Here are the top 5 reasons that will compel you to implement salesforce service cloud in your small business.

1.  Better Lead Conversion

The first and foremost benefit of implementing the salesforce service cloud in your small business is that it offers better lead conversion. Often it is seen that small businesses find it difficult to bring leads and manage them efficiently on their traditional platforms. It requires a lot of tools and resources to do that. But, not with the salesforce service cloud!

From analyzing the types of leads to tracking their sales journey, the salesforce service cloud offers everything that you need for better lead conversion. Furthermore, the salesforce service cloud even offers telephone integration, which means, you get all the details of the lead as soon as you connect with them over a call.

What an easy way to convert leads into prospects without putting in many resources!

Salesforce Service Cloud Development Services

2. Improved Customer Engagement

Another significant benefit of implementing the salesforce service cloud is enhanced customer services. Now it is often seen that responding to the customer’s queries and informing them about your latest services/products is a labor-dependent task. It not only consumes your time but even increases your business expense exponentially!

However, the scene is a bit different with the salesforce service cloud. By offering some robust features like live chat, Omni routing, lightning console, and much more you can seamlessly streamline your customer service operations. The service cloud platform not only assists your customers in real-time but even allows your employees to respond to the customer’s queries posted on their social media channels.

Having a real-time answer to their queries not only satisfies the customers but even enhances the reliability of your brand in the global market.

3. Offers Mobile-first Experience

In today’s digital market, when everything is going mobile, having a mobile-first experience is also necessary. The Salesforce service cloud does exactly the same thing. Using the salesforce app development services, you can manage your customers and employees in the most efficient manner. Besides offering professional services to your customers, the salesforce app even allows you to deliver an engaging working experience to your employees with drag and drop functionality.

Not just that, but with the field lightning feature, your employees could get real-time information of the previous chats with customers that could potentially reduce the service time and enhance the overall customer experience.

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4. Efficient Reporting and Analytics

Reports and analytics are the most vital asset for any organization irrespective of their niche and size. If you seek higher productivity and profitability in your business, then getting accurate reports and current market trends is foremost essential. That’s where salesforce service cloud tops the list!

With custom salesforce solutions, you can seamlessly access the latest market trends and can even get repost on your critical business operations. Whether it is measuring the success of your marketing campaigns, or validating your customer acquisition rate, the salesforce service cloud is a perfect tool for everything.

And that’s not all! The salesforce even offers CRM software integration that helps you seamlessly capture quality leads and even assist you in delivering personalized services for a better CX.

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5. Smart Decision Making

Last but not least, a significant benefit that you can get after implementing the salesforce service cloud in your business is smart decision-making capabilities. Not many know but with the advancements in digitization, AI or artificial intelligence even penetrated into the service cloud segment. Yes, you heard it right!

Once you implement the salesforce service cloud in your small business, you get all the smart AI capabilities like secure document sharing, voice-based operations, sales automation, and much more. That means you could seamlessly achieve all your targets with fewer resources and in less time. What else does a startup need to grow and become successful with limited resources?

Ready to Implement Salesforce Service Cloud in Your Business

How Can Matellio Help?

As evident, the implementation of the salesforce service cloud is a beneficial deal for small businesses. Apart from enhancing the customer service operations the salesforce service cloud even optimizes the resource management and helps in faster sales target completion. So, what’s your excuse for not implementing salesforce solutions in your business?

With years-long experience in enhancing the digital transformation journey of multiple businesses, we, at Matellio, have got perfect custom salesforce services for you. Whether you are a startup or a leading enterprise, our certified salesforce developers have solutions capable of satisfying all your business needs. So, why wait when you can start today! Reach us and get an expert consultation on implementing the salesforce service cloud absolutely free!

Till then, Happy Reading!

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