8 Proven Tips to Speed Up Android App Development

Updated on Jan 5th, 2024

In today’s digital world, things are advancing at a much higher pace. Many new technologies are being introduced each day and many of them become perishable in a few months. Of all those technologies, mobile app development has been a reliable trend. The mobile app, or to be specific the android app development market has gained new momentum in these past years. 

As per research by Statista, there are almost 2.96 million Android apps available for download on the Play Store. Furthermore, it was also found that on average, nearly 1,00,000 Android apps are being released each month on the Play Store.  

The stats above show that Android apps are being utilized by more number of people ready in the global market. Hence, if you want to engage a quality audience in your brand, then investing in android app development is surely a profitable deal. Clearly, people are doing that for a long time now but only those who market their products first get all the benefits and quality audiences.  

So, how to speed up the android app development process? How to market and launch your android app first in the market to outgrow your competitors? Does hiring better android developers help? Or changing the frameworks and development platform will affect the android app development? 

If you have questions like these in your mind, then don’t worry, we have got you covered! In today’s post, we will be providing you with the top ten tips to speed up your android app development. Let’s begin!

1.  Use Latest but Reliable Development Tools


The first and foremost thing you can do to speed up your android app development is by considering the latest and speedier development tools for your project. Thanks to the digital world we live in, today we have access to the finest and robust app development tools that can help us in building an efficient and feature-rich app in no time.

However, we all know that many tools and technologies come and go fastly in today’s mobile world. That’s why, before selecting specific tools for your android app development, it is always wise to consult with an expert software engineering firm. An experienced firm will have a better knowledge of the latest tools that are not only cost-effective but also reliable. Those reliable and robust tools will help you cater to all your customer needs in a precise and efficient manner. 

2. Go Lean/Agile

The next big turning to consider when planning to speed up your android app development process is to go agile. A commonly accepted methodology in android app development is to create MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with no frills and advanced features. The main purpose of MVP is to check the user’s response towards the app and its effectiveness. You can get the user’s feedback and can then plan the features accordingly to make your android app faster and more efficient.

Another crucial aspect is adapting the agile methodology and releasing sprints one at a time to break the entire app development process into smaller modules. Adapting the agile method for android app development ensures quality and faster app development, with each sprint better than the previous one. 

Agile methodology not only saves the efforts of your development team, but also costs you less, and ensures that the product is built according to the customer’s expectations. 

3. Hire Experienced Android Developers


Once you have finalized the development platform and the tools, it is now time to hire the best android developers to speed up your android app development project. While hiring android developers, one thing that must be considered is their experience and flexibility. Why? That’s because, if your android app developers are experienced, then they will have proper knowledge of all the issues that might come during the app development process.

Similarly, if the developer is curious enough to learn and adapt to new technologies and platforms, then that will also enhance and speed up your app development process. Flexibility plays a crucial role in determining the curiosity level of your development team. Hence, you should hire android developers that are ready to learn and upgrade their skills for your project. 

Now, how to determine whether a developer is flexible or not? Simple, you can ask these certain questions to them to find out whether they are curious about learning or not!

  • What recent programming languages have they learned?
  • What’s the best platform they prefer to learn new things about coding?
  • What certifications by far have they achieved in android app development?

One of the easiest ways to get experienced and flexible developers is to hire android developers from an experienced software engineering firm like Matellio. Hiring developers from an experienced firm has its own perks!

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4. Consider Hybrid App Development


When planning to launch a mobile app in the market, it is always recommended to launch a cross-platform app. Why? That’s because, with a cross-platform app, or a hybrid app, you could seamlessly reach a greater number of audience with fewer efforts. 

Likewise, a hybrid app is also considered as the most convenient way to reduce app development time. That’s because of the cutting edge technologies of the cross-platform app. Programming languages like React Native, Adobe, Xamarin, etc. allows the user to create apps using the same code for every platform, thus, reducing the app development time. Hence, when planning to create apps, go for cross-platform apps rather than only iOS or Android app development. 

5. Opt for Low-fidelity Wireframes

Wireframes are a crucial step in the android app development process. Most of the experienced android developers know that going headfirst into the app development process is not advisable. Instead, getting the designers, project managers, testers, and developers on the same page is essential.

Hence, with low wireframes, you can seamlessly achieve that. Although low-fidelity wireframes are less detailed and are fluid, they give enough clear picture to the development team. Also, they are quick to develop and serve as a good blueprint for the entire android app development team to start the project in an efficient way. 

6. Automated Testing is in Trend


Testing is the most crucial aspect in any sort of development, whether a web app or a mobile app. Even for a desktop application, testing is done to prevent any bugs and glitches in the software. However, despite the importance of testing, many of the marketers often overview this crucial step. As a result, they face abnormalities in their application after just some time of their deployment.

If you do not want to hamper your brand image, and customer satisfaction, then testing is foremost important. Now, thanks to the digital world, today, many of the vital aspects are being automated, and testing is also one of them. In fact, automated testing has gained huge momentum in the past some years. With automated testing, you can seamlessly detect even the minutest of the bug and can even get suggestions to remove and solve those bugs! Automated testing requires less time and comparatively fewer resources than manual testing. 

So, before choosing your development partner, make sure that they provide automated testing services for an effective android app development. 

7. Have Shorter Release Cycles

As discussed earlier in this article, following an agile methodology ensures a faster and efficient android app development process. Similarly, having shorter release cycles also ensures a faster app development process. Shorter release cycles not only eliminates the chances of errors but also builds a sense of trust in the minds of your customers.

Hence, whenever you plan to develop an android app, make sure that you are getting shorter releases every week, or maybe every month so as to ensure that your app is building faster and according to your expectations. Having shorter release cycles even ensure that you have sufficient time to market your app on the global platform!

8. Flexible Team Size

Last, but not least, we have a flexible team size. Now, often it is seen that many of the businesses, in order to efficiently develop their android app, hire all components of the development team, viz. Project manager, tester, developer, UI/UX designer, etc. at the same time. As a result, their cost increases exponentially!

Now, I am not saying that all those are not required for android app development. However, their presence may not be needed during the entire app development process. For instance,. A tester will be needed only once the design and development are completed. Similarly, once the designs are finalized, the designer may not be needed as such. Hence, the best way is to hire an android app development team from a reputable software engineering firm. Why?

That’s because a reputed and experienced firm will have all the resources for your android app development project readily available with them during any instance. Moreover, they will also help you strategize your project for cost-effective development. 


Key Takeaway

To conclude, we can say that app development has become a necessity in today’s digital world. If you want to satisfy all your customer’s needs and want to outgrow your competitors, then investing in android app development is the only key. Hence, plan your business strategy and consult with our experts to transform your business idea into a reality!

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