AI in EdTech: A Complete Guide for Startups and Enterprises

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023


Artificial intelligence has changed the world in a variety of ways, and EdTech is one of the industries with major reforms because of it. A decade ago, no one would have imagined education in a virtual space; everyone relied on old methodologies for it. Education has been treated in a conservative way for far too long, but EdTech has made some great reforms to it already.  

AI in EdTech revolves around automation and improving the overall education and training practices for K12, higher education, and corporate training.  

  • Artificial intelligence is bringing change to every industry, and eLearning and education can reap maximum benefits.  
  • Major changes can be implemented using AI, including better scheduling, better tracking, and a better system for grading.  
  • The future classrooms would revolve around AI, AR/VR, and IoT. Hardware manufacturers can be partnered to create better and more capable devices for smarter classrooms.  


What is AI? 

Artificial intelligence, as the name suggests, is intelligence shown by machines and computer programs. It is wide enough to encompass various processes, including natural language processing, robotic process automation, computer vision, speech recognition, and more.  

There are four types of AI based on functionalities:  

  • Reactive 
  • Limited Memory 
  • Theory of Mind 
  • Self-Awareness 

Depending upon how far one wants to go, one can utilize the power of AI in EdTech to their benefit.  

Benefits of AI in EdTech 


Personalized Learning 

Artificial Intelligence offers personalized learning, which simply isn’t possible any other way. You can set different parameters to decide what the student or trainee specifically needs. The system would then suggest courses, which are also segmented based on what the student needs. The curriculum doesn’t have to be that fits all anymore; AI in EdTech can bring major improvements to personalized learning.  

Reduces Administrative Workload  

A major chunk of efforts in EdTech goes into management and administrative tasks. It is difficult for schools, institutions, and corporates to manage things for each individual. AI steps in to manage all of it for them and helps them gain a better grip on customer management. Various implementations can be done to reduce the administrative workload in sync with other features within the system.  

Support Teachers 

Teachers and trainers are usually swamped with responsibilities and work when it comes to taking care of each student. Artificial intelligence can help them in various ways. Ai can help automate the majority of teachers’ tasks; the simplest example being marking attendance. The tools EdTech can develop with AI can even assist teachers in teaching with smart whiteboards where all the teacher would need to do is explain.  

Better Tracking 

Tracking progress is an essential part of education because the aim remains maximum learning and course completion. AI steps in here to automate tracking; this is through various functionalities implemented. When tracking using quizzes and teachers/trainers, a lot can be missed, and there is always room for bias. But with AI, you can ensure that tracking is true and fair at all levels.  

Better Grading 

The EdTech industry strives towards better grading and filtering, so students can utilize the results and make better choices. Artificial intelligence in EdTech also revolves around the same, and it can help you categorize and help students and employees make better future decisions. You can essentially grade the users over as many parameters as you like, and the AI will provide supporting data to help you grade.  

Improve Scheduling 

Teachers and trainers are always super busy in an education or training setting; AI can help you better utilize your time and efforts. A system-wide implementation ensures everything can be controlled from one place. AI can smartly utilize the resources to ensure nothing gets missed and everyone is covered under the build schedule. AI can improve institutions to reach a place where the entire user base benefits.  


AI Applications for EdTech 

Digital Exams 

Digital exams and quizzes are an essential part of modern learning. EdTech startups can utilize AI to make things better. Modern exam proctoring software is the perfect example of how AI can be used for this purpose. If you plan to take things up a notch, you can even integrate IoT devices and improve the entire examination experience for both students and invigilators.  

Special Education 

Special Education is a segment that needs special efforts to go through the basics. AI can essentially be an assistant to each student in this case and meet their individual needs to the core. The spectrum of special ed includes various disabilities, and only AI can actually be inclusive towards all of them. The assistance through AI can help teachers better manage and help students learn better.  

Automated Enrollment 

The enrollment and form filing process is tiring for any institution of any size. EdTech companies are looking toward possibilities where they can build an automated system that enrolls students based on personal preferences, and only AI can help achieve it. You can even build a system based on preset preferences to choose from and take individual students’ performances into account as well.  

Smart Tutoring Systems 

Gone are the days when the chalkboard was the only tool for tutoring. With the help of AI, truly smart classrooms are now a possibility. Smart tutoring systems use an array of devices built to serve their purpose of improving the quality of education while deriving new ways to impart knowledge.  

Curated Learning 

While the old systems targeted courses for students, AI enables a curated learning experience for each student. The curriculum can be customized to be inclusive of subjects that aren’t compulsory for every student but rather a choice. The decisions can also be automated based on an intelligent system that accounts for every metric imaginable to choose a suitable curriculum for every student/trainee.  

Dynamic Scheduling 

A priority-based schedule can be created for the entire institution, taking into account major metrics which humans couldn’t comprehend. AI can help build a perfect dynamic system that changes with those metrics to create an ecosystem where every schedule is fit to prioritize. You can leverage it by asking your AI development services provider for the same.  

Multi-Language Support 

Real-time translations are possible with AI at work and are a must for a time when multi-nationality students are very common. EdTech and AI majorly focus on making things inclusive for everyone, and multi-language support does just that. Even if a student isn’t natively learned about a language, they can still learn with this system at work.  

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Future possibilities of AI in eLearning 

Autonomous LMS 

Learning management systems are the most popular offering in EdTech. Ai can help with custom LMS development to be inclusive of most of the features we mentioned above. While legacy systems rely on human administration, we can design AI-based LMS to work on its own. With minimum intervention requirements while accounting for most priorities, you can expect perfection in every way possible.  

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IoT Integration 

The Internet of things has been quite popular in EdTech, but to control those devices and rather utilize them, they need to be paired with AI. If you are planning a system for your EdTech that’s truly automated, we can combine AI and IoT for you to deliver the perfect eLearning experience. As an eLearning development company, we understand everything that can be implemented with technologies, and we would do it in the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible.  


Data is gold in today’s time, especially in a field where tons of data is generated every minute. It is your responsibility to keep this data secure and tamper-proof; for that, decentralization is a perfect option. We can implement Blockchain solutions for you to improve data security and major processes involving confidential information like exam results, student profile, etc.  

Smarter Classrooms 

With various technologies in play, classrooms are getting smarter than ever. Our experience as an eLearning app development company helps us gain an overview of technological possibilities within a classroom. We can combine AI, AR/VR, and IoT, to create a mixed-reality learning experience like no other. We can partner with your preferred hardware manufacturer to utilize the whole possibilities of every piece of technology placed in a classroom.  


Ready to Implement AI for EdTech? 

Artificial intelligence is bringing major changes to reality for many industries. Education and eLearning industries can easily be called the ones which could reap major benefits of automation. We hope our blog helped you understand more about AI in EdTech, its benefits, its use cases, and its future possibilities of it. If you planning an AI implementation in your EdTech business, do make sure to contact us first. We will provide a free consultation and quotation for you to make smarter and more informed decisions. Our AI development services include an end-to-end approach, where the possibilities of success are close to perfect.  

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