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Matellio has been a trusted learning management system (LMS) development partner for companies and educational institutes alike for many years. By leveraging the latest technologies, we build robust and user-friendly LMS for our clients to help them streamline and enhance learning.
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    What is

    Learning Management System Development

    We have perfected the craft of custom LMS development. With our deep industry understanding and broad tech stack, we design enterprise LMS solutions that enhance learning and allow organizations to have more control over the learning process. An LMS helps organizations in efficiently strategizing, managing, and delivering education to their employees and students. It is a full-stack eLearning solution that gives organizations control over the most granular details of the learning process. Using next-gen technologies such as AI-based analytics, trend detection, progress tracking, etc. organizations can streamline the education process and make it more efficient.
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    adaptive learning
    Adaptive Learning Optimization

    Leveraging AI, Matellio's LMS adapts in real-time to each learner’s style, ensuring a personalized and effective educational experience.

    Gamified Learning Experience

    Matellio integrates gamification in its LMS to engage learners, using game mechanics to enhance motivation and deepen learning outcomes.

    Predictive Analytics
    Analytics-Driven LMS Management

    Matellio's Enterprise LMS utilizes AI-powered analytics to offer strategic insights, enabling optimized management of educational content.

    generative ai
    Generative AI Content Creation

    Employing Generative AI, Matellio's LMS dynamically generates and personalizes educational content, ensuring relevance and engagement.

    Top Features of a Learning Management System

    Matellio’s custom LMS tools are feature-rich and optimally designed to ensure enhanced learning
    Academic Schedule

    Create in-depth academic plans and strategies with our structured academic calendar and scheduler.

    Learning Resource Management

    Manage topic-wise course material, learning videos, interactive AR/VR lessons etc., on the cloud.

    Remote Learning Support

    Enable remote learning with features like live streaming, whiteboard, screensharing, live chat etc.

    Assessment Support

    Enable question paper creation, assessments, and performance evaluation to enhance learning.

    AI reporting
    AI-Based Analytical Reports

    Get better assessment reports, completion trends, progress reports, etc. with Matellio’s AI-based LMS.

    Alerts and Memos

    Create and send reminders, notifications, alerts, and memos to teachers and students from our LMS.

    Are You Looking for a Feature Rich Custom LMS Solution?

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    Our Custom LMS Development Services

    Matellio offers an assortment of cost-effective custom LMS development services for educational institutes and corporations

    Our Success Story

    LessonWise – Transforming E-Learning with Virtual Classrooms

    Matellio’s solution included a feature-packed virtual classroom, integrated Stripe Connect for payments, and a resource hub for popular courses.
    Virtual Classroom

    A feature-packed virtual classroom enables a variety of features for students and tutors.

    integrated payment getaway
    Integrated Payment Gateway

    We integrated Stripe Connect for seamless cross-border payments for every user.

    Resource Hub

    Online catalog for courses featured on the website by most popular tutors.

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    IFAS – Advancing E-learning Through Mobile Technology

    Matellio’s solution included features like YouTube integration for educational content, live chat for personalized teaching, and an interactive whiteboard to enhance learning.
    YouTube Integration

    Pull from videos uploaded on YouTube to save server space and increase social reach.

    Live Chat

    Live video sessions along with 1:1 capability to enable personalized teaching.

    Interactive Whiteboard

    Teachers can access the interactive whiteboard to enhance how they teach.

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    Jakapa – eLearning System Enhancement

    Matellio’s solution was a robust platform featuring advanced assessment tools, a feedback-based learning approach, a centralized dashboard, and engaging daily challenges tailored to individual preferences.

    Implemented multi-level feedback-based learning for students.

    Central Dashboard

    All the information can be accessed from a single place and assessed.

    Personalized Learning

    Challenges based on individual likings, choices, and assessments.

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    Hear the Difference We Make

    ``Matellio has finished the first version of the app, and the client is happy with the quality of their work. The team is very professional — they adhere to deadlines, follow the budget, and communicate efficiently. Also, their broad expertise allows them to handle different types of tasks and issues.``
    Chris Johnson Chief Revenue Officer, My Life Legacy
    ''Thanks to Matellio’s work, the client now has an amazing platform, and they’re close to rolling it out to over 1,000 different agencies across the US. The team is responsive and communicative, and they deliver on time and on budget. Additionally, they take ownership of projects to make them succeed.''
    Walter Lautz CEO, Foresti
    ''The client is impressed with Matellio’s services. They’re cost-effective, and they have capabilities that are not found in the company’s previous vendors. Their project management skills are also good, and they have a wide network of resources that allows them to accomplish any task given to them.''
    Justin Labagh Owner, iPracticeBuilder
    ''Their team remained responsive and adaptable amidst changing requirements, and also created more detailed specifications which enhanced development efficiency. Their communication and timeliness were impressive, as well as their ability to promptly fix issues during testing.''
    Wei Lian CEO, Yiupai Inc
    '' The fact that Matellio treats projects as their own is outstanding; they truly want to see their clients succeed.''
    Walter Lautz CEO, Foresti

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is an LMS software solution?

    An LMS software solution allows organizations and educational institutions efficiently strategize, manage, and deliver education to their employees and students. It is a full-stack eLearning solution that provides organizations with control over the smallest details of the education and training processes. In conjunction with next-gen tech like AI-based analytics, trend detection algorithms, progress tracking, etc. learning institutions can simplify the education process and make it more efficient. Custom LMS development allows organizations to have a tailor-made system integrated with all the tools they require to help them better manage the education of their employees and students.  

    2. How do you create an LMS system?

    We follow an agile methodology to develop your custom software solutions. Our process includes:

    • Expert consultation to verify your ideas
    • MVP creation for eliminating the hefty re-development cost
    • Offering you a dedicated development team
    • Developing your LMS software
    • Taking your inputs after every sprint
    • Testing your custom LMS software
    • Deploying on your choice of platform

    3. What is a cloud-based LMS?

    Cloud-based LMS solutions are hosted online on the servers of various cloud vendors. These solutions are usually subscription-based services that give users a fair amount of editing and customization powers. Cloud LMS software solutions are highly scalable, mobile, and offer great value to the customers. Organizations that are looking for an LMS solution but don’t want the hassle and financial overhead of maintaining local servers find cloud-based LMS software a perfect alternative.  

    4. What are the services that you offer with custom LMS software development?

    Matellio offers an assortment of client-centric services for custom LMS software development: 

    • Free consultation with our experts 
    • Idea validation 
    • MVP Development and POS creation 
    • UI/UX design 
    • Software development 
    • Web and mobile app development 
    • Software testing and maintenance 
    • Post-launch support 

    On top of the above-mentioned services, Matellio offers many other services that are project or technology-specific. To learn more about our custom software development services for learning institutes, fill out the form below. 

    5. What are the main functions of an LMS software solution?

    A learning management system (LMS) can perform the following functions:

    • Automating the lecture delivery process
    • Automated examination process
    • The quick and automated result evaluation process
    • Streamlined management tasks
    • Facilitating online and remote learning, and more

    6. Do you offer post-launch services?

    Yes, we are known for offering reliable and cost-effective post-launch services including:

    • Data migration
    • Platform migration
    • Technology updates
    • Feature addition
    • Software Testing
    • Maintenance, and more

    7. How much time is required to create a custom learning management system?

    Software development is a complicated process with a lot of variables. Therefore, it is not possible to provide the exact time it will take for us to develop your LMS software solution. The time of development may vary based on your idea, how complex it is, how many features you want to add and their complexity, how many platforms you want to make your solution available on, etc. So, to get an exact time estimate for your LMS software development, opt for our project consultation services and share the exact details of your project. Our experts will then give you a time estimate for your project.  

    8. What other industries do you cater to?

    Matellio offers software solutions to a variety of different industries. Some of those industry-specific solutions are— 

    • Fintech Solutions
    • Healthcare Solutions
    • Retail Solutions
    • Transportation and Logistics Solutions
    • Supply Chain Solutions
    • Banking Solutions
    • Entertainment Solutions
    • Travel and Hospitality Solutions, and more

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