How to Develop an AI-Based Learning Management System?

Updated on Jan 15th, 2024

How to create AI based LMS system

AI has become a crucial component for almost all the leading sectors, and its role in transforming the education sector has not remained a question anymore. From exam monitoring platforms to training portals and content sharing platforms, AI has today penetrated the e-learning sector more than anything else, and learning management systems are no exception!

Today, more than half of the global audiences are using AI-based LMS to satisfy multiple needs. Not just schools and colleges, but even the leading companies are using AI-powered learning platforms to enhance their training programs. And the global pandemic situation has even facilitated the growth of AI-based learning management systems to quite some extent. That’s why leading education companies today are investing in AI powered custom LMS

But, what is it, and how can you develop your AI-based learning platform? Let’s explore all such answers in our blog below!

Deploy AI in your LMS

What is an AI-based Learning Management System?

An AI-based learning system is an excellent el-learning assistant platform that uses predictive technology and data-driven facts to recommend the best content to the learners. In other words, AI-based LMS is a robust platform that makes use of trending digital technologies to offer valuable educational content to learners. From conducting online sessions to allotment of tasks and assessments and monitoring students’ results, an AI-based learning platform can manage all those tasks efficiently.
LMS is highly scalable and uses smart algorithms to offer personalized and automated learning services to various students. Whether you talk about schools, colleges, or even corporate offices, anybody could seamlessly implement an AI-based LMS to enhance their learning processes.

Here’s how an AI-based learning management system is beneficial for various groups of the market.


  • Smart assistance with conversational chatbots
  • Personalized learning and multiple smart solutions for a single problem
  • Immediate feedback on their assessments
  • Scalable and highly professional mode of learning
  • Instant support from real tutors

Educational Companies

  • Out-of-the-box learning platform
  • Smart AI capabilities that could solve modern-day problems
  • Better and promising ROI
  • Better customer engagement and integration facilities 


  • Accessible course materials for every student
  • LMS facilitates remote learning
  • Real-time assessment of the students
  • Immediate results and automation of mundane tasks
  • Powerful analytic tools for better learning and teaching facilities

Due to such immense benefits, today, more than 70% of the USA organizations are using LMS to enhance their learning procedure. When are you planning to? 

Benefits of AI-based Learning Platform

Here are some more amazing benefits of AI-based LMS that could help you attract a huge customer base and revenues for your educational organization. 

1.Enhanced Learning

The first and foremost benefit that could help you make great profits for your investment is enhanced learning. With the use of a dedicated AI-based learning platform, tedious tasks like corporate training, graduation programs, and certification courses can be automated and simplified to a great extent.

Not just that, but with interactive learning programs and real-time support, LMS has been gaining huge popularity in the education sector too! Hence, you could promote your custom AI solution in all those sectors that today make a significant part of the global economy.

2.Time and Cost-Efficient

As compared to the traditional learning process, LMS is far more cost and time-efficient. The use of AI technology has further increased the LMS capabilities, and that has made exponential progress in the e-learning field. 

With LMS, you do not need any trainers, administration staff, and helping staff to manage learning sessions. The educational institutes could seamlessly conduct online classes, with tests and performance reports generated instantly. Moreover, the use of conversational AI services has also made the support services more smart and reliable. What else does one need today?

3.Compliance Regulated

Regulatory compliance has always been a matter of concern for almost all sectors, and e-learning is no exception. People do not readily rely on these online learning platforms, whether it be management or learners. That’s where LMS comes to play!

With an AI-based LMS platform, you could ensure that the same topics are spread across all the platform channels. The managers could even verify the tutors’ concepts and tasks and let them know how much is still pending from their side. 

Apart from all that, LMS even helps the educational institutes to eliminate the irrelevant logins by restricting their online sessions through a valid credential. Once the credentials are expired, nobody could re-enter the online session without other valid login details.

4. Complete Rebranding

With custom LMS software, there is no issue with rebranding. If you partner with a reliable software engineering firm like Matellio, then you can get the complete AI-based LMS platform as per your needs. From color scheme to features to design, everything is developed concerning your brand and its services.

Plus, you could even have a dedicated mobile application for your users by partnering with a reputed and experienced company that provide  ai development services and application development. Having a mobile app is the foremost need of any business, and with the right partner, you could have that advantage.

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Upgrade LMS with AI

Must-have features for a successful AI-powered Learning Management System

The success of the AI-based LMS platform depends not only on the technology partner but also on its design and features. That’s why, as a leader in AI software development, we have enlisted some prominent features that one must look at while developing a custom learning management software. 

  • Content Recommendation

    Your custom AI-based LMS platform should be capable of recommending the most suitable content to your audience. The system should be capable enough to analyze the customer’s behavior and needs and then suggest the most promising educational content.

  • Conversational Channels

Gone are the days when traditional chatbots used to amaze everyone. Today, modern-day users demand more human ways of communication, and conversational AI has got it covered. A conversational chatbot understands human-behavior and even mimics human-behavior in the most efficient manner. With that, you could offer a unique and reliable customer experience to your users without investing much in the resources. 

  • Social Sign up

Besides basic registration, you should enable your users to login/sign-up on your LMS platform with their social accounts. That’s because, many a time, the users find it irritating to enter all the details to use the LMS solution. Hence, with a social sign-up facility, they only need to enter their social id, and they are all set to go!

Plus, you could even offer them some special discounts in return for sharing your LMS app on their social accounts. What a unique way of marketing your LMS platform for free! 

  • Unsupervised Learning

With the use of machine learning solutions, you could offer complete personalization with your AI-based LMS platform. The smart algorithms could seamlessly identify the learners’ trends and patterns and could then offer them personalized services based on their experience with your AI-based learning platform. And we all know that personalization is the key to success in today’s competitive market!

  • Gamification

With the advancement in digitization, gamification became an important concept, and e-learning is no exception. Lately, many big and small educational companies have been using gamification to enhance their platform’s functionality. Hence, you too can implement the gamification factor in your AI-based LMS to improve your user engagement and enhance your learning process.

  • Automated Distribution

Content curation and distribution are the two main aspects when it comes to online learning. The managers have to invest many resources to curate and distribute the content on different channels effectively properly. However, the scene is a bit different now.

With the use of AI-powered LMS, the content curation and distribution services became human-independent. AI-based learning platforms offer ready-made templates and unique distribution channels that ensure that the same content is optimized for your educational institute’s different distribution platforms. Moreover, you even do not need any coding knowledge to distribute the content. Everything could be done via an automated AI-based learning platform.

  • Online Assessment

Apart from automated distribution, your custom AI-based LMS should also be capable enough to conduct online tests and assessments for the learners. The system should be secure and should have smart AI capabilities to generate personalized tests for multiple students at the same time. Remote learning has especially become a much-needed aspect during hard pandemic situations. 

  • Smart Monitoring and Reporting

Besides online assessment, offering instant and real-time results to the learners is also one aspect of making your LMS successful in the market. However, the traditional process might require a lot of resources, but not with an AI-based LMS.

With smart learning platforms, tracking the learners’ real-time performance and offering them visualized reports is just a piece of cake. Hence, remember to include that in your LMS software.

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Besides all that, there are many other features like admin panels, mobile access, and digital payments that could make your AI-based LMS a hit in the market. Hence, the best way is to consult with an company that provide enterprise software development for education sector with AI expertise to complete your custom AI LMS solution’s features.


What to look at when investing in an AI-based Learning Platform (LMS)?

Here are the top crucial aspects that you need to consider when investing in a successful AI-based LMS from design to tech stack.

1. Expert Consultation

Now you may have a complete idea of your business needs and the customer wants. However, with an expert consultation service, you could get more than that. Right from reliable market trends to idea validation, an AI expert could help you with all such critical aspects that directly impact your custom AI software solution’s future. Hence, always try to opt for an expert technology partner that offers free consultation services.

2.UI/UX Services

Now you may have a complete idea of your business needs and the customer wants. However, with an expert consultation service, you could get more than that. Right from reliable market trends to idea validation, an AI expert could help you with all such critical aspects that directly impact your custom AI software solution’s future. Hence, always try to opt for an expert technology partner that offers free consultation services. 

3.Professional AI Developers

Before beginning your AI-based LMS project, you need to have a dedicated team of tech-savvy experts that could transform your idea into a reality. However, most businesses often skip the importance of this step, and as a result, suffer in the future. Hence, to eliminate such circumstances, you should always hire the best resources from a reputed and experienced software engineering firm. Why?

That’s because,

  • An experienced software engineering firm will have an idea of all the problems that might come during the development with their best solutions.
  • They will have complete information on the reliable trends for your AI-based LMS software.
  • The use of best-in-class tech tools and platforms also impacts the overall success of your AI-based LMS. 

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 4.Testing Services

Finally, we have testing services as the most crucial aspect during AI-powered LMS development. If you aim to bring innovation and the best customer-services, then opting for testing services is a much-needed aspect. That’s because testing detects even the minutest of the bugs left unidentified during the development process. You could get potential customers and great revenues with an efficient and functioning AI-based learning platform. 

Hence, ask your technology partner whether they provide any testing services or not. Remember, an experienced and reliable firm always includes testing as their core aspect of custom development. So, make sure to choose the right AI development firm.   


Thats’ where Matelio comes in!

With years-long experience as elearning development company and AI solution development, we at Matellio always aim to bring the best for our customers. Whether you are a startup or a Fortune 500 company, our skilled and experienced developers strive to deliver an efficient and trending custom software solution catered to your business needs. From free consultation services to flexible hiring models and automated testing, you get everything to make your project a hit in the market.

Hence, reach us today to transform your next big AI project idea into a reality. Become a pioneer of the education sector by delivering smart and in-trend LMS software with your brand name and logo. Leverage our skilled and tech-savvy knowledge to become a part of the successful business of the digital market.

Till then, Happy Reading!  

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