15 Benefits of Chatbots in eCommerce

Updated on Dec 14th, 2023


Today, chatbots are an essential part of every business. The primary factor is their important part in many crucial activities, mainly via increasing customer involvement.  

The benefits of chatbots in eCommerce, however, go beyond just customer service. In a business, chatbots can assist with internal process automation, sales, marketing, etc.  

So, let’s look at how incorporating chatbots into various operations and processes might help your eCommerce business achieve its goals. In this blog, we will outline multiple use cases and opportunities that demonstrate how chatbots can be used in eCommerce.  

So, let’s get started! 

eCommerce Chatbots: What & Why?

AI-based eCommerce chatbots can be used by online retailers to communicate with clients while they are shopping. E-commerce businesses can use these chatbots to respond to questions about their products directly on their website or through other messaging platforms.  

These Ecommerce chatbots are employed for conversational marketing and to ease the worries of potential customers regarding a product prior they make a purchase. These bots replace the need for human customer service representatives through conversational commerce and speedy, competent after-sale support. 

Why Must eCommerce Businesses Use Chatbots?

By helping businesses provide excellent personalized customer care while providing a more efficient and enhanced customer experience, eCommerce chatbots are transforming how businesses connect with customers. The way eCommerce companies communicate with their customers to answer their questions is changing thanks to eCommerce chatbots.  

Numerous physical stores converted to online stores, adding additional issues with customer service. To handle customer care contacts, enhance the customer experience, and cut support expenses, businesses started proactively implementing chatbots.  

According to a global poll of e-commerce decision-makers conducted in October 2019, 24% of e-commerce businesses planned to integrate AI-based chatbots on their websites.  

Moving ahead, let’s discuss this, 

Benefits of Chatbots in eCommerce Business!

Below, we’ve listed few top advantages of using AI-based chatbots in the eCommerce industry. Take a look! 

Improves communication & collaboration 


Users’ open fewer emails sent by companies as part of marketing. Nowadays, it seems challenging to reach out to customers via traditional techniques. 

Businesses may quickly close deals with bots by attracting new potential customers or keeping their current ones. Conversational chatbots powered by AI have made it possible to comprehend customers and their needs. Chatbots also serve as a means of gathering customer feedback. When speaking with a chatbot, users don’t have to spend a long time on an IVR or waiting for customer service. Chatbots are more efficient and effective.  

Instead of waiting for human employees to respond to their inquiries, 62% of customers say they would prefer to use a customer support chatbot. 

You can also increase customer experience on your eCommerce website. All You have to do is to hire conversational AI developer to build a similar kind of chatbot for your eCommerce website.  

Ensures 24*7 support services  

Customers anticipate that businesses will be available round-the-clock every day of the week. Having a 24-hour service team is costly. Still, you may avoid it by employing AI-based chatbots to guarantee that your consumers are handled immediately, regardless of the time of day. A best way to ensure customer satisfaction is to offer customer assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

Enhances funnel conversions 

With their ability to provide a personalized shopping experience, chatbots have the power to influence customers’ purchasing choices. They can accomplish this by serving as a product expert and clearing any uncertainties customers may have regarding the products. 

Similar to a store manager, they can also be used to extract data from email marketing campaigns, upsell and cross-sell products, and provide discount vouchers. With each contact, chatbots will gain more knowledge about their users. The chatbot will eventually offer better-quality consumer interactions.  

Personalized recommendations 

Giving customers a tailored experience is essential for any eCommerce business. In order to synthesize information, chatbots can access past behavior and examine conversational data. They provide individualized recommendations for goods and services based on data. Users can learn about new products and frequently click the “purchase now” button.  Nike, a well-known shoe company, has launched an AI-based chatbot just for women. Customers benefit from finding shoes in their sizes. 

If you also want to include a chatbot in your eCommerce website, then it would be beneficial to consult with eCommerce app development company. They can help you with anything, whether integrating a chatbot into an existing or new website. 

Helps in cost reduction 

You’ll spend much less on your customer service staff if you use chatbots to handle most (if not all) of your customer support tasks. Chatbots offer practical customer assistance with less human involvement, freeing you up to concentrate on more crucial elements of your e-commerce operations. Additionally, you may significantly lower human error and provide efficient customer assistance with little personnel costs.  

Enables sales assistance 

Chatbots can study the preferences of your consumers by posing queries and utilizing additional data and context from your CRM. This enables them to push pertinent offers and promotions and provide customized recommendations. To boost the value of your customers’ shopping carts and orders, they can use their interests and past purchases to cross-sell and upsell products. Prior estimates from Juniper Research indicated that by 2023, chatbot-enabled e-commerce transactions would total $112 billion. 

Ensures targeted offers & promotions 

Promoting particular products to boost sales in a specific way, such as encouraging the purchase of goods with high-profit margins, upselling other products, and more, is an essential component of every retail firm. 

Traditionally, this would be accomplished through banners, pop-up windows, emails, and other methods, but many customers have grown accustomed to them. AI-based chatbots can provide a further avenue for marketing that can significantly affect sales without annoying and alienating consumers. Promotions can be made as a natural part of a discussion, which makes them seem more like a helpful service than a sales tactic.  

Tracking Deliveries

This can be facilitated by an adequately developed AI-based chatbot for e-commerce, which enables customers to communicate, source flexible delivery information, and modify specifics. For instance, clients can modify their delivery slots, ask for an estimated delivery time, or change their delivery address without assistance from a human person.  

Boosts operational workflow  

Chatbots are beneficial for internal processes as well as customer-facing ones, and they can do so in a variety of creative ways. The specific uses can vary, but on the most fundamental level, chatbots can offer staff members an easy-to-use interface for locating information or issuing commands. For instance, a chatbot may connect inventory software to let staff members rapidly check inventory levels. 

Automates lead procession  

Compared to live human representatives, chatbots can help your firm gain consumers more quickly. 

This is so that they may communicate with clients via direct messages and modern chatbots that use natural language processing. Without a live human agent, automating the initial engagement with website visitors (new or returning) or web users can help quickly qualify potential users. Additionally, chatbots can automatically guide potential customers to the products, collections, etc, that match their search criteria. 

Consult with a top NLP software development company to build a highly effective NLP-based chatbot for your business.  

Easy to showcase new products 

Additionally, chatbots can automatically guide potential customers to the products, collections, etc., that match their search criteria.  

For example, with the aid of a chatbot, Sephora, a well-known cosmetics retailer, assists those who wear makeup in locating the items that are best suited to them. 

Enhances customer retention rate 

The percentage of site visitors that become frequent customers over a predetermined period is known as the customer retention rate. Visitors leave satisfied, and many return as repeat customers because chatbots provide immediate and tailored contact, and customer support, handle order status inquiries, promote products, and boost sales.  

Boost customer loyalty 

Maintaining constant customer satisfaction is the only method to increase client loyalty. One of the best contenders for the job is a chatbot. For customer retention, they must provide highly convenient service and individualized dialogues. 

The chatbot asks visitors for their names and uses their words to address them throughout the interaction. To help it recommend prizes and special offers to devoted clients, you can connect the chatbot with the loyalty programs.  

Conversational commerce 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning-based bots are trained to comprehend the varied semantics involved in human talks. 

Customers have the option to type a query rather than navigate a rule-based bot while using these bots. eCommerce Chatbots have a great feedback system that makes sure the confidence score is maximized, and the outcomes meet client expectations.  

Saves time 

Customers desire immediate solutions to their difficulties in response to their questions. Even conventional chatbots may occasionally be unable to respond quickly. A conversational AI chatbot, on the other hand, gives the impression that the consumer is appreciated by immediately replying to and resolving their issues. 

How Can Matellio Assist You?

Chatbots can help you with many of your customers’ problems, whether you are a midsize firm that is growing or a new company that has just launched. You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re seeking to integrate AI-based chatbots into your eCommerce website. 

We develop our chatbots to connect easily with your business. We utilize cutting-edge AI, machine learning technology, and computer vision services to provide them the flexibility to automate crucial steps in the customer and internal staff’s e-commerce journeys. 

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With millions of other sellers of the same products as you on the internet, staying one step ahead is essential. Chatbots can be a useful complement to any Ecommerce strategy, even if they will never be able to replace people fully.  

It’s time to build your custom AI-based chatbot so you can give your consumers efficient service, such as guiding them through your e-commerce website, personalizing their experiences, and offering 24/7 support.  

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