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Matellio has years of experience developing top-notch and feature-rich eCommerce mobile apps for startups and big companies alike. With the help of next-gen tech, we create native and hybrid apps that offer mobility and scalability and bridge the gap between businesses and customers.
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    What is

    Make online shopping more streamlined and intuitive with custom ecommerce app development

    mCommerce or mobile eCommerce apps will make your customers more likely to engage and make purchases with your brand. Easy access to the app and its content also results in improved user engagement and raised brand awareness. By developing an app for your eCommerce store, you get to leverage the functionalities like user behavioural analytics, notifications, QR scanning and augmented reality-based shopping experience, and more to improve your conversion rates.
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    Streamlined Shopping Experience

    eCommerce mobile apps make shopping more streamlined. They speed up the shopping process with the help of intuitive app design.

    Improved Consumer Loyalty

    Mobile apps increase customer loyalty with better geo-targeting, personalized offers, and timely promotions and brand positioning.

    Increased User Engagement

    eCommerce apps increase user engagement via native features such as push notifications, easy onboarding, and ease of access.

    Workflow Management
    Better Customer Reach

    eCommerce apps make your business more accessible as they let you sell your goods to people who live in faraway places, thus increasing your reach.

    Rich Features of eCommerce App

    Explore distinctive features that we can include in your custom eCommerce app for any platform.

    Offer your customers the easy facility to pay securely from the app itself by adding an eCommerce e-wallet to it.

    Promotional Offers

    Engage your customers with app-only offers by providing them with discount codes and membership deals.

    Social Login/ User Registration

    Make onboarding hassle-free and secure for your users by letting them sign up/Sign into your app through their social profiles.

    Smart Search

    Enhance the user experience for your customers by adding AI-powered smart search feature on your app.


    With advanced Wishlist facilities, you can tempt your customers to engage with your platform to make their purchases later.

    Two-Factor Authentication

    Secure your customers’ interaction with your platform by adding additional security layers to it for user authentication.

    Order Tracking

    Empower your users with a successful customer experience by letting them track the live status of their order.

    Multilingual Support

    Grow your target user base by facilitating your app with multi-lingual functionality and offer them with native communication.

    Banner Sections

    Captivate your audience with exciting promotional offers on banners and offer your sellers highly converting placement for ads.

    Product Listing Management

    In the back-end category management window, the user will have complete access to show, hide, create, remove, and modify categories, as per the business requirements.

    Category Management
    Category Management

    Get the most intuitive interface to organize categories in the back and front end. Users will be able to navigate instinctively, and admin can manage categories effortlessly.

    Offers Management

    The platform will enable admin to create new offers, and apply them on categories, products, bunch of specific products, or even customers as per their marketing strategies.

    Bulk Import & Export

    Import and export of products’ details will be simplified by the platform by enabling data migration in bulk through most prominent file formats.

    Tax Management

    You can manage taxes across multiple categories, groups of products, and discounted products to generate invoices and make tax filing easy for your team.

    Price Management

    Admin panel of the app will have complete control over the display price of the products, and manage accounts, analytics, and offers on the original cost.

    Real-time Dashboard

    Generate custom reports to grow your eCommerce business based on verifiable data generated by the platform and help management make better decisions.

    Custom Reporting

    Get the most intuitive interface to organize categories in the back and front end. Users will be able to navigate instinctively, and admin can manage categories effortlessly.

    Banner & Ads management

    To make your eCommerce offers more compelling, the admin panel will give you a complete control over the placement of ads and offers for optimized conversion.

    Let’s Create a Feature-Rich eCommerce App.

    Connect with our experts over a free consultation to get the best features, tech stack and designs for your eCommerce app development.
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    Types of eCommerce Mobile Apps We Develop

    Mobile eCommerce Services We Provide

    Other eCommerce app related services we provide to enhance your app and contribute to your business growth.
    Omnichannel Experience

    We’ll create a unified shopping experience for your customers through an omnichannel interface of your brand that accelerates sales opportunities across multiple channels.

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    Big Data Analytics

    Our data analysts will assist you in managing and deriving meaningful insights from the big data collected from your app, to make better informed business decisions and policies.

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    Testing & Maintenance

    Since your app will represent and draw revenues for your brand, it’s important to assure its quality even after its deployment. Matellio offers bespoke services in both maintenance and testing

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    UI/UX Design

    The UX experts at Matellio will create a seamless experience for your users by employing their years of acquired expertise, and best-in-class industry standards.

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    Augmented Reality Shopping

    Create an exciting shopping experience for your users by adding the immersive quality of augmented reality, enhanced with the robust features of native app.

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    Security Testing

    Protect confidential data of your customers as well as your store by hiring dedicated security testing services from our experts to make your platform infinitely reliable.

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    Other Retail and Ecommerce Solutions that We Can Build for You

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile eCommerce App?

    The development cost of an eCommerce mobile app consists of several components. And since these components vary from one project requirement to the other, the overall cost varies too. Some of the factors you can consider to get an estimate of your eCommerce mobile app idea include the region of development, number and types of platforms, integration required, UX/UI elements, complexities of the functionalities, number of features, etc. Since there can be way too many factors to consider the development cost, we suggest you book a consultation with our experts to get a free quote for your project.

    2. How can an eCommerce mobile app help my business?

    eCommerce websites, while they take your retail business on a global scale, it also lands it in a highly competitive market. With mobile apps, you can eliminate most of the competition, retain more customers, engage them better, raise brand awareness, and eventually grow your business with less friction. Right now, the competition in the app eCommerce market is not as tough as that in the world of web. This is why, now is the perfect time for you to invest in eCommerce mobile app development services with irresistible onboarding strategies, to get an edge ahead of your competitors. 

    3. How long does it take to build an eCommerce mobile app?

    There isn’t a fixed timeline in which you can have your eCommerce mobile app developed. It all depends on the type of your app, the number and complexities of the features to develop, number of developers you hire, etc. This is why, the ideal way to know the timeline of your mobile eCommerce app project is to place a free quote request with a reliable mobile eCommerce app development company. 

    4. How do you develop an eCommerce mobile app?

    At Matellio, we leverage the best agile practices when developing an eCommerce mobile app to launch and market it fast and at the same time maintain its scalability. Here’s a brief on how we take on the development process. 

    • Market Analysis
    • Development Plan and Strategy
    • App Design
    • MVP Development
    • Deployment and Testing
    • Adding More Features
    • Maintenance and Support 

    5. What are the different engagement models offered by Matellio?

    In order to solve your retail business requirements that also meet its workflow and executive’s preferences, Matellio offers four different engagement models, and you can choose any of them to hire our developers and tech experts.  

    • Dedicated developer model  
    • Turnkey model  
    • Time and material-based hiring model  
    • Custom hiring model 

    6. Which is better for mobile eCommerce a native, PWA, or a hybrid app?

    No one type of eCommerce app is better than others on all grounds. It ultimately depends on your requirements, budget, scale of business, and target audience. If your business is just starting and doesn’t have either the budget or a smaller target audience, you can suffice it by investing in a PWA. However, if your target audience is a bigger and diversified over multiple devices and platforms, and you want to offer them mobile app features, you can go ahead with either a hybrid app development services or one for native. It will then ultimately come down to the exact features you’re looking forward to, and the budget you have for the project. 

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