Benefits of Choosing MEAN Stack Development For Your Next Project

Updated on Apr 14th, 2023

Benefits of choosing MEAN stack development for your next project

Web development is not as easy as it sounds. Developers and businesses have a plethora of choices, each offering a great range of benefits. Depending upon your business needs and target market, you need to make a smart choice that adds value to your business.

With technologies sweeping new areas every day, technologies are constantly upgraded and there are new challenges to explore.

MEAN Stack has been a great addition to the tools used by the developers and enterprises to address these challenges. Suitable for any kind of the business including big enterprises and startups, this JavaScript framework facilitates front-end and back-end development with ease of JavaScript.

In the next few minutes, we are going to explore some of the reasons that contribute to its popularity.

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What is MEAN?

MEAN is an amalgamation of user-friendly full-stack JavaScript frameworks and stands for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js. Suitable to develop dynamic web applications and websites, it makes the app development more efficient by making it swift and organized.

One of the major advantages of MEAN stack is that it is based on a single language, that is JavaScript. And thus, every tier of the application is run on a single language base.

Components of MEAN

  • MongoDB: This open-source NoSQL database uses a document-oriented data model, thus here it relies on architecture that comprises of collections & documents, and not tables & rows (as it is in the relational databases). Owing MongoDB architecture, the database is highly scalable and even handles a large amount of data.
  • Express: This lightweight server-side JavaScript framework is used in MEAN stack with node.js for simplifying development procedure. This way, it gets easier to write modular, secure & fast applications.
  • AngularJS: Often referred to as simply Angular, it has, in fact, become a ‘default’ web front-end JavaScript framework. AngularJS, which is built & maintained by Google, enables rapid development of dynamic, single-page web applications. Owing to its modular structure, it paves way for simplified development & testing and also enables easy scalability.
  • Node.JS: This JavaScript-based runtime is built on the V8 engine by Chrome. With a compilation of JavaScript source code to the native machine code prior to execution, high-performing and scalable web applications are built by the developers. Node.js has a rich ecosystem of open-source libraries & components, counting an npm (which basically is Node.js package manager).

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What are the advantages of using MEAN?

1. Web development with MEAN stack is cost-effective

Budget-friendly nature of MEAN Stack is one of the prime reasons that it falls into the favorite of clients as well as the developers. Being a full package of essential technologies, an app owner has the liberty to work with a single team of developers rather than looking for an expert in each realm. Additionally, the developers have an opportunity to work as a part of a gelled-up team that aces in JavaScript.

MEAN Stack code is sharable and reusable within the framework. Thus, common functionalities within the modules do not have to be coded again and again. The entire phenomenon makes web development cost-effective.

2. It is entirely based on JavaScript

MEAN stack is entirely JavaScript-based framework. Thus, it can be optimally used to develop client side as well as the server side applications. Additionally, it supports a wide range of operating systems including Window and Linux. Thus, the web applications developed in MEAN offer exceptional user experience.

This extensive support to JavaScript also adds another point of benefit to the MEAN stack’s store by making the applications capable of managing the data. It makes the data recovery easier while speeding up the process. Besides, it leads to the development of scalable web applications that help you match the pace with growing users.

3. MEAN Stack is flexible and efficient

MEAN stack is known as a flexible and efficient JavaScript framework that is capable of helping developers build projects of all sizes and complexities. That is, whether it is a single-page web application or complex ones, MEAN stack is a perfect fit for all. It also enables easy data sharing among the applications simple. You can simply add the corresponding fields and follow the process that follows.

4. The added benefit of JSON

JSON is the greatest asset when it comes to MEAN Stack web development. Thanks to the array of benefits it has in store. With this, developers do not have to code common functionalities multiple times, thus saving their time and efforts. Additionally, developers can use PHP. Also, developers can import data using MSQL server for processing.

It also enables the developers to use external APIs to work with, shedding a lot of load off the developers’ shoulders.

5. MEAN facilitates highly scalable web applications with less time to market

The tech stack that makes MEAN is known to offer highly scalable applications. Additionally, each one of them is free and open-source. Additionally, the components come with extensive library support with reusable modules. This accelerates the speed of development and also saves time greatly.

6. Cloud compatible

MEAN stack uses the libraries and public repositories for web application development. Additionally, MongoDB makes the most effective use of cloud features in the app thus reducing the cost of disk space.

This makes it an amazing choice for everyone who is looking to develop cloud applications.

7. Exceptional performance

Node.js, which is also referred to as the backbone of MEAN stack, is known to offer exceptional performance. Oftentimes it is compared to the popular back-end programming languages like Python, Ruby, and PHP and stands strong on multiple parameters. High-end performance is one of them.

8. Rapid MVP Development

MVPs are the new hot in web application development trend. And why not? Businesses leverage them amazingly as they innovate while growing with additional features. MEAN comprises of multiple libraries, frameworks, and reusable modules that contribute to MVP development.

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9. MEAN stack is open source and user-friendly

All the technologies that make MEAN are open-source thus making the entire platform open-source.

10. Considered best for real-time apps

As real-time web applications need a highly streamlined module performance that ensures extraordinary user experience. And that’s what MEAN Stack web apps excel at. Thanks to Node.js.

Leverage MEAN Stack for Your Business

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