How to Hire Dedicated Angular JS Developers?

Updated on Nov 29th, 2022


In today’s competitive tech talent market, it is more challenging than ever to find and hire dedicated AngularJS developers. If you want to hire dedicated developers, you ought to understand more about the hiring procedure. It entails the comprehension of the abilities, roles, and duties of developers.

This blog will discuss all you need to know about hiring angular developers. But before we begin, let’s try to understand more about what AngularJS is!  

What is AngularJS? 

The open-source framework AngularJS, which Google owns and manages, is built using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and dynamic programming languages. According to studies, the Angular JS framework is used to build almost four billion websites worldwide. Among the most widely used JS frameworks is Angular. 

Angular has been used by large corporations like PayPal to build their applications. Smaller and smaller organizations are applying the framework and benefiting from it.  

Why use Angular? 

Angular is very helpful as it enables developers to create much lighter applications faster, allowing you to provide the product you want quickly. 

Where is AngularJS Useful? 

The AngularJS framework can be used to build native desktop, mobile, and web apps. Additionally, Angular offers sophisticated tools for creating mobile apps, animation, server-side rendering, and more.  

With AngularJS, you can build complex and dynamic websites and applications, including e-commerce apps, PWAs, calculators, games, tutorials, forms, native desktop apps, and more, that can be deployed to any environment serviced by any technology, including PHP, Java, Node, NET, etc.  

Companies using AngularJS are: – 

  • Google 
  • Nike 
  • Forbes 
  • Netflix 
  • Upwork 
  • PayPal
  • Snapchat 
  • Tinder 

In terms of designing user interfaces for both web and mobile applications, Angular Developers are experts. 

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As you’ve seen, here is an overview of AngularJS and companies using AngularJS. Now, let’s move forward and discuss, 

Types of Requirements of Dedicated AngularJS Developers!  

According to the hiring model, you can hire dedicated developers on a permanent, temporary, or time-based basis. Let’s discuss each of these in detail.  


A developer hired via this hiring strategy was required to work 40 hours per week. They receive the same compensation, perks, and leave days as other developers.  


Temporary developers may be employed by you directly or via a hiring agency. They are employed at will or pursuant to a contract and receive hourly pay or, in some circumstances, a salary.  These contract or temporary employees do the duties of regular employees and can assist in times of demand spikes or while your full-timers are absent or on leave.  


Time-based hiring is a sort of employment arrangement that permits developers to put in fewer hours per week than those who hold full-time jobs.  Each of these hiring models has advantages and disadvantages of its own. One of these arrangements might be preferable to the other, depending on the culture, priorities, and preferences of the developer.  

How to Hire Dedicated AngularJS Developers?  

There are three popular channels to hire dedicated developers: 

  • Hire in-house AngularJS developers 
  • Hire dedicated AngularJS developers from freelance websites  
  • Hire dedicated developers from the company 

Let’s discuss each channel in greater depth! 

Hire in-house AngularJS developers 

You can hire local resources on your own, but you must adhere to some outsourcing specifics. With this strategy, you can manage every team member individually, keep an eye on their performance, and give certain employees particular duties. You have to pay a monthly salary in addition to any other potential hidden expenses.  

Pros of hiring in-house AngularJS developers: 

  • Access to developers is always available 
  • Efficient communication & cooperation 
  • Total command over the development process  
  • Excellent for lengthy projects 

Cons of hiring in-house AngularJS developers: 

  • Office rent & taxes 
  • Monthly salaries 
  • Additional expenses: software & hardware, sick leaves, paid days off, and more 

Hire freelance AngularJS developers 

Start your search on platforms if you want to hire freelance AngularJS developers.  

There are many AngularJS developers working on the largest freelance job platforms, Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. On these platforms, you can find some of the best AngularJS developers. But, you’ll have to work harder to discover the top developers by doing additional research.  

Pros of hiring freelance AngularJS developers 

  • A freelancer is only paid when you require them. 
  • If a freelancer doesn’t deliver what is expected, their contract may be abruptly canceled. 
  • A freelancer is responsible for covering all expenses, including taxes and leaves. 
  • Instead of committing to an in-house developer, you have the flexibility to hire AngularJS developers with a range of skill sets to fit the complexity of your projects.  

Cons of hiring freelance AngularJS developers 

  • Your project will be in danger if your Freelancer quits. 
  • One independent contractor lacks expertise in all phases of software development. 
  • Freelancers operate independently; thus, their schedules might not coincide with yours.  

We advise just thinking about this option if you need to make some basic adjustments to a website or app or hire someone to work on a straightforward short-term project.  

Hire dedicated developers from the company 

This option is quite often the most realistic and fair one. It implies that you hire dedicated developers that deal exclusively in this domain and have everything needed for the development.  

Pros of hiring dedicated developers: 

  • Lower development cost 
  • Access to the wide talent pool 
  • Great domain expertise 
  • Easy to manage 
  • No additional expenses 

Cons of hiring dedicated developers: 

  • Costly for Short-Term Development Projects. Prefer working on long-term, large-scale projects.

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Tips to Know Before Hiring Dedicated AngularJS Developers! 

Conduct an interview 

It’s not necessary to hire an in-house developer in today’s cutthroat marketplace. You can hire dedicated developers. Conduct a virtual or in-person interview before hiring because it’s important to evaluate the developers’ talents.  

Check communication channels

Effective communication between developers and a business is necessary to develop a project. Errors might result from a communication gap. Therefore, hire dedicated AngularJS developers who have appropriate channels for communication with their clients so that issues can be appropriately discussed.  

Check the developer’s experience 

You must properly examine any developer you are considering hiring for your project. Examine their level of experience and previous clients’ recommendations. If it’s a company, check the testimonials it has received. You must conduct thorough research of the applicant’s skills, portfolio, and other factors. Your project will become chaotic if you make the wrong hire. A change in developers in the middle of the project will be very expensive. Make sure you don’t hire the wrong person or miss the right one.  

Why Hire Dedicated Developers from Matellio? 

Depending on the requirements, we can assign you a solo AngularJS developer or build a team of the best AngularJS developers.  

The benefits of hiring dedicated AngularJS developers from Matellio are: 

  • After the project is over, we deliver the whole source code to make sure it is never used again. 
  • Our dedicated development team completes projects on schedule without reducing the quality. 
  • We promise to keep your idea from being stolen by signing a nondisclosure agreement.  
  • When working with us, you have the option of managing resources to meet your needs or delegating this to our project managers.  
  • It’s simple to get in touch with our dedicated developers by sending a message by Skype, email, or another messaging service.  

How to Hire Dedicated AngularJS Developers from Matellio? 

You can hire dedicated developers from Matellio in 3 simple steps!   

  • Gather your requirements – You must make sure that your Product Checklist is ready before you start the hiring process. We highly suggest and help our clients create precise documentation outlining their needs.  
  • Take interviews – After reviewing the specifications, we will give you a selection of developers who best match the project’s requirements in terms of experience, skills, and portfolio. 
  • Onboarding process – It’s time to start working with your dedicated developers now that you’ve selected the top applicants and finished all necessary paperwork. We will work with you to set up the onboarding procedure so that the new hires are integrated into your internal team in the shortest possible time.  


Hiring a competent Angular developer is a critical stage in the development of your project. It takes effort to find and hire dedicated AngularJS developers to work on your project. While the market does not appear to be fully saturated, AngularJS is a framework whose popularity is constantly rising.  We believe that this blog was useful to you in delivering the fundamental tips about hiring AngularJS developers.  

If you are looking for the ideal developers to work on your AngularJS project, look no further. With the help of professionals in programming, design, and quality assurance, developers at Matellio can turn your idea into a high-end working solution.  


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