Biggest Hidden App Development Cost and How to Handle Them

Updated on Apr 23rd, 2021

Biggest Hidden App Development Cost & How to Handle Them

What is App Development?

Mobile app development is the process of developing a mobile app for mobile devices. People install them in phones during the manufacturing process. The mobile user interface design is given due attention during app development cost.

As per a research article published on Business of Apps, it was found that there were a different set of costs associated with different operating systems or mobile platforms for app development. The statistics looked like

  • For developing an app for iOS, it would cost around $28k on an average.
  • Android would attract an app development cost of about $23k.
  • The similar cost for developing an app for Windows shall sum up to $18k approximately

How to minimize app development cost along with hidden app costs

  • Nature of platforms: There are many platforms available. The popularly used are android, iOS, Windows, etc. The mobile app development cost services get increased with them. It is directly related to those platforms. Which means that if these platforms are used too much the cost will get increased automatically. It is worth mentioning that each and every platform has a few challenges and possibilities.
  • Change in the technology: Gone are the days when the traditional methodology was used. It was then when all the planned features were developed first.  After that, the performance was tested and evaluated along with the speed. It increased the cost by 5 times. But now, the situation is different. The present-day methodology is very powerful and sharp. It does not cost much and can be said that it lowers risks and expenses by the division of work. It develops each set and tests the application and optimally uses the resources.
  • Minimum Viable Product: No one should underestimate or forget MVP i.e. Minimum Viable Product. It goes simultaneously with agile methodology. It refers to the process of launching a product. There exists core functionality. You can use it to reduce cost and will be able to add advanced features. Initially, it will appear to be difficult. But with time, you will understand its notion and will be able to use it optimally to earn profits. You will be amazed but this approach actually saves the app development cost and ensures safety.
  • Constantly maintain and upgrade: Many people consider mobile app development to be harmful. For them, it’s like one is deploying the app. But it’s not like that. Actually, the mobile app development refers to constantly improving the user experience with a continuous process of improving the app. Their suggestions are taken into consideration. You should keep on maintaining and updating your app to be benefitted. Make sure that your app development team is very responsive. They should take care of negative feedbacks as given by different people for avoiding negative reviews.
  • Custom Designs and Animations: Generally, custom user designs and animations increase the cost. Their impact is higher than other standard features. So, one should pay attention to it. And yes, it is worth mentioning that every mobile app differs in terms of features. But still, there are some elements that are common in them and both standard and these elements should be used for the apps. It will help in its proper functionality and you will be suggested to customize them only if it is required, not affecting the app development cost.
  • Cross-platform development: One can expect good speed and performance in the native apps. Also, sometimes app development results in increased cost. It generally happens for platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. In such a case, one can use the concept of cross-platform development which is known to reduce the cost to a great extent. You simply need a professional developer for an extensive experience for benefits.
  • Absence of target: The mobile app development cost is inclusive of many other expenses including developer salaries, expenses of platform tools, running costs, etc. You should clearly know your target which will help you to upgrade your app from time to time.  In the absence of targets, unnecessary expenses are incurred by the company.
  • Having a fixed plan: You should have a financial model for your project. On the basis of your estimate, you can plan out the risk associated with it.  Many freshers believe in making a fixed price model and consider it to be safer. But the reality is something else. It is because the price can never be fixed. In order to adopt change, one must have to change the pricing structure. And changing price means increased cost. So, one must have a flexible price model. It should be possible for the person to adopt changes.
  • Expecting reduced cost: After launching the very first design, many people expect to have low running app development cost.  But they forget that the software lifecycle needs constant updates and maintenance. The developer needs to continuously upgrade the app. This is important in order to satisfy users. So, how can one expect to have low running cost?  This automatically increases the cost.

When you are developing an app, you have to be careful and have to keep on testing the app. You have to be adaptable to the significant changes and have to send reports to your clients and users.


  • One should choose technologies as per the project lifecycle and take a decision after thinking several times.  Don’t believe in the recommendation if you strongly know what suits you.
  • You have to constantly adapt to changes and only uncertainties are certain in it.  
  • Prepare your budget for app development cost in advance and try to stick to it. If you cannot plan out everything, you can plan at least 20% to give a rough estimate.
  • Don’t mistake to be highly optimistic. It will be better if you believe in being realistic and being practical is better.
  • You have to communicate with your designers and developers and interact with them constantly.

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