How to Develop a Meal Planner App Like Intent?

Updated on Dec 13th, 2023

How to Develop a Meal Planner App Like Intent

Modern lifestyle demands too many sacrifices in order to be maintained. People have to follow a tight schedule and have almost lost their work-life balance. Under such pressure, the first thing which gets deteriorates is human health. Today a large ratio of people is suffering from different chronic health problems. Obesity, lack of certain vitamins, weak body development, and much more are common issues among every second person.  

One common thing in every situation is the unhealthy dietary plans that people follow today. So, modern problems require modern solutions, which is why healthcare app development is being promoted and adopted by people. Here through this blog, we will discuss some of the vital aspects of developing an application that supports healthy meal planning to promote healthy eating habits among people. 

  • Meal planning has become an important requirement that people are demanding.  
  • Meal planner apps have a plethora of perks which include but are not limited to grocery listing, customizing healthy meals, exploring new recipes, and others.  
  • From offering offline accessibility to keeping up with the progress graph, meal planning apps have several other vital features.   
  • Development of an application requires following certain steps leading the way towards creating a successful and effective performing application.   

What Is Meal Planning? 

Meal planning is scheduling the meal, which consists of healthy ingredients with an accurate portion on a weekly or monthly basis. The portion is decided as per the data inserted by the application user. Hiring for custom mhealth app development has become common as the benefits they offer are required by people nowadays. Meal planning is advantageous as it helps users set their goals and choose the meals to help them achieve the same.   

It comes with seasonal tastes and a variety of recipes. As per surveys, people these days prefer planning their meals, and this trend is growing because people want to manage their lifestyles and wish to live healthier. Modernization has brought up this cost-effective and beneficial solution for everyone. 

Market data supports our claim of rising demand for the meal planner appThe market value of applications supporting meal planning is anticipated to reach $15,017.42 million by 2029. Wherein it was witnessed to be $2,187.63 million in 2021. So, the growth is evident, and the factor driving this is that people are willing to invest in health-related programs. (SOURCE) 

What Is Intent App?

The intent is an application designed to offer suggestions for planning meals that are effective for health-related goals. For instance, if a person is trying to lose weight, they need to consume a meal with some specific ingredients and certain portions. With the help of the intent application, they can easily plan their meals and achieve their goal without any food-related hassle. 

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Benefits Of Meal Planning App Like Intent

People are curious to learn about the advantages these applications supporting meal plans offer. The healthcare software development services are using next-gen technologies to create solutions that provide the best experience and services to users. Below we have mentioned the benefits of these applications. 

Benefits Of Meal Planning App

Skip or Add Your Meal by Choice

Meals are directly related to health, which is why healthcare app development company builds meals associated applications. These applications contain creative ideas for recipes along with pictures of the meals after being ready. It helps you to add different recipes based on the ingredient and nutrients in your meal, or you can skip any if you want. This liberty of choosing to skip meals after learning about them is one of the best perks offered by the meal planner app. 

Grocery Shopping

Meal planners like the intent app are very useful when it comes o grocery shopping. Yes, it does not only help you with what you should eat and sets up a list according to your grocery requirements. Within the application, you can select the days and meals based on which grocery list is generated with the specific amount of raw ingredients required per the recipes. 

Offering New Recipes

Another benefit of having these applications is that they offer new recipes which are healthy to consume. The main motive for developing app like intent is to provide your users with the diversity they can have while consuming healthy food. Users can improvise these recipes as per their needs and choice. These applications offer a creative way to try new flavors for healthy living. 

Monitoring Health-related Goals

With the help of applications supporting meal planning progress, health-related goals can be tracked easily. The healthcare app development has modified itself as a meal planner because fitness goals require a customized meal arrangement. Using these applications, people can track their goals of losing or gaining weight, building muscles, and much more. These applications arrange meals as per the target people’s needs and offer recipes with appropriate nutrients for that specific goal. 

Customized Planned Meals

One of the best benefits of this application is precisely planned meals at users’ fingertips. Being in the healthcare domain, you would want to help your users by nutrition app development, but through meal planner, you offer them a wholesome plan. These applications have nutrition trackers within and can plan the meal of any individual based on their health-related goals. The portions of food they must take per their health preference are also being informed through these applications. 

Looking to Develop a Meal Planner App Like Intent?

Must Have Features Within the Meal Planner App Like Intent

Post pandemic healthcare industry has crossed a novel benchmark. People are demanding solutions for their health-related issues, and this is increasing the adoption of diet tracker app development which also looks after meal planning. Here we have jotted down a few vital features that must be within your application. Some of the major ones are: 

Must Have Features Within the Meal Planner App

Weekly Meal Planning

This feature helps users in multiple ways. They can set their meal preference for the entire week and maintain a hassle-free cooking experience. It helps avoid confusion in selecting meals and provides improvisation if needed. The users can personalize the food plan they want to enjoy weekly by keeping their dietary preferences on priority. 

Recipe Collection

With healthcare app development being in focus, the developers need to ensure that the application has this feature within. By integrating the feature of recipe collection, the app becomes more creative and attracts users. The recipes included within must be simple yet flavorful with healthy ingredients. The recipe must be added per the user’s geographical location and diet preference.   

Offline Accessibility

Today, diet and nutrition app development aim for multiple things. It’s not just about helping users with their dietary plans but also taking care of their basic health necessities. The application must have offline accessibility so people can utilize their recipe collection. Users cannot always be connected to the internet, so the application should offer them the flexibility of using it from anywhere. 

Comparing Meals Plans As Per The Goals

It is one of the significant features that must be within the meal planner app. People using these applications have certain health-related goals like weight loss and weight gain. These goals can be fulfilled with healthy meal planning. So, using these features, people can compare different meals and settle for the best plan per their preference.    

Progress Graph

With the help of a meal planning app, users can track their progress. The application includes a graph through which users can witness how far they have achieved their goals by maintaining a healthy diet. The entire diet plan journey can be tracked, and they can also witness the remaining hard work required based on their health-related aim.

Food Listing

If a user requires any food item rich in carbohydrates, protein, or other nutrients, they can choose their preference, and a food listing is offered to them. The users will get a long list of items to choose from based on their preferences. They can easily plan their meal or grocery list per the listing suggestion. 

Social Media Sharing 

This era demands everything to be well connected. People often wish to share their health-related goals on their social media platforms. So, the meal planning app must-have feature of sharing on social media. The users upload pictures or recipes they follow with their social media family.  

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Steps For Healthcare App Development

Building a sustainable and scalable application supporting meal-planning activities takes time and effort. It must be designed so that every target user’s preference is considered. You cannot trust any random mobile app development services provider for this project. Experts and experienced team support are required. Below we have mentioned steps that will give you a glimpse of how to develop an application like the intent app successfully.

Steps For Healthcare App Development

Defining The Scope of The Project

The first and most crucial step is to look at the non-functionals details, including scalability, app performance, and others. You must document every app requirement and design. The elements such as recipe management, meal planning, and others need prior documentation for a better future in the healthcare industry. For building a user-friendly application, it is vital to look at the platforms it will be developed on, such as iOS and Android. At this stage, the application categorization should be clear such as features that need to be integrated, charges, accessibility, and others. 

Choosing a Suitable Software Architecture Pattern 

The second vital stage is choosing a suitable software architecture pattern that can be helpful for the smooth functioning of the meal planning app. The application needs enhanced performance and customized maintenance, so it is significant to choose software as per the requirement. 

Choosing Between Native Mobile Apps Or Hybrid Apps

To build an application, you need to choose between native and hybrid apps to offer a better user experience. For cost-effective building applications, hybrid app development is best. It has low maintenance, and the app development cost is also not that high. So, this step will ensure the quality of the app you want to develop. 

Finding Appropriate Technology Stack 

Another crucial stage vital for any healthcare app development company is choosing a suitable technology stack. A compatible technology stack can elevate the application’s performance to another level. A flexible stack helps manage the application, maintain its designs, and implement and improve the system as per requirement.

Planning App Security

It does not matter how well your meal planner app is developed; it will ultimately fail if it lacks proper security. Security is one prime factor that needs high-end management. The application will include vital data of the users, which needs to be protected. You can consider integrating essential components such as cloud platform security, digital signature, multi-factor authentication, encrypted data, antivirus, and many others.   

Hiring a Development

Choosing an in-house developing team or hiring a healthcare app development company is a vital decision that will shape your application development in various aspects. Different stages within app development require individual teams such as web developers, testing experts, UX/UI designers, and others. 

Execution of the Project

Now it’s time to execute and manage the development of the project. It requires constant monitoring of the specific procedures. Development, testing, and deployment at every stage require proper tracking to ensure a well-built meal planning app.

Confused About What Features to Include in Your Mobile Healthcare App?


Various technology has empowered and caused a major drift in almost every industry. The healthcare industry is also transforming to support people favoring their health condition. It is right that healthcare is being highly influenced by next-gen technologies to offer the best services. The rise in the adoption of healthcare app development services proves this rapid change. Designing an application that supports meal planning is like defining a platform with a futuristic approach. It can be upgraded to fulfill the demand of users and enhance their experience. These briefs about the benefits, features, and steps of development will let you understand the strong base you need to develop app like intent.

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