How to Develop an AI App Like Elsa Speak?

Updated on Jan 9th, 2024

Develop AI app like ELSA speak

The education sector has taken great leaps of innovation in today’s digital market, and all thanks to the robust AI technology. Right from giving lessons to the students to conducting the test and issuing the certificate, AI apps have revolutionized the teaching and learning methods completely. One such AI app that has made a prominent position in online learning apps is Elsa Speak.  

With its smart AI capabilities and user-friendly interface, Elsa Speak has attracted many students and experts and has gained huge momentum in the past few years. But, what exactly is Elsa Speak, and how investing in an AI app similar to Elsa could help you? Let’s have a closer look at it!

What is Elsa Speak App?

Develop App like Elsa Speak

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ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) Speak is a prominent AI learning app that has helped millions of people to read and become proficient in the English language. Developed in San Francisco, this leading AI app has been the most favorite English learning app amongst the people that are:

  • Preparing for exams like IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, and so on
  • Planning their travel to the USA 
  • Looking to advance their career with better communication skills

The app’s popularity can be estimated from the fact that there were around 446200 downloads of the app on Google Play. Besides that, Elsa Speak has also been considered the most promising AI learning app for 2020. Students and experts from over 130+ countries use the Elsa Speak app to learn the English language. 

The learning app uses smart AI capabilities to understand and analyze the user’s voice commands and then suggest the best suitable recommendations. Besides that, you can even get information on weather, nearby places, language games, and interactive learning videos using the Elsa Speak app. 

Why Invest in an AI App like Elsa Speak?

As mentioned above, many people worldwide have been using the Elsa Speak app to get proficient in the English language. That means the online learning app sector has been showing some tremendous growth in today’s digital market. 

Let’s have a look at some more fascinating facts that could empower your decision to invest in an app like Elsa Speak.

Hence, it is evident that the mobile learning sector is gaining huge momentum, and the reasons could be many, including the current pandemic situations. That’s why investing in an online learning app could not just help you boost your brand value and profits but could even help you become a pioneer in the educational field, especially in the field of language learning. 

AI is the latest booming technology of the global market, and witnessing the recent advancement pace of AI can ensure that the whole global market will work on AI models in the coming years.  So, why not take advantage of this brilliant idea and make your business successful?

Create app like ELSA speak

How to develop an AI app like Elsa Speak with Matellio?

Although developing an AI app like Elsa Speak may seem tedious to some people, Matellio makes it simpler for you! Here are the five easy steps to develop your personalized and successful AI learning app with our experts.

 1.Fill Out the Consultation Form

The first step in developing an AI app like Elsa Speak is to fill our consultation form. You need to fill out your basic details like name, contact number, a valid email address, and a short message describing your requirements. Once the details are filled in, and the form is sent, you will get a message from our business analyst on the meeting’s final schedule. You can fix the timing and a suitable platform (call, skype, oom, etc.) for your project discussion.

2.Discuss Your Ideas and Requirements

After filling out the consultation form and scheduling the call, you are directed to our AI experts that help you in your AI app development project. During the call, you can discuss your business requirements and any AI app ideas like Elsa Speak. 

Not just that, but our AI experts could also help you identify the feasibility of your idea, concerning the ongoing AI trends and app development scenario. You can choose the most trending and reliable technology platform for making your AI app successful in the market. Why wait when you can access the most reliable AI trend for your project today! Click the link below to know more.

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3.Choose Relevant Features and an Aesthetic Design

Once you have answers to all your questions regarding the AI app development, the next step is to choose relevant features and an aesthetic design. If you want to succeed in today’s competitive market, two things are needed – UI/UX and the features. 

Now, to those who are new to app development, whereas UX refers to the user experience. In short, both these design components overall make your AI app accessible for your users. Next comes the features. So, like UI/UX, you also need to have at least two th three advanced features in your app that could make you stand apart from your competitors. 

Because what’s the point of having an AI learning app with the same common features that your users are already enjoying?

Hence, to help you create a successful AI educational app like Elsa Speak, we have mentioned a few basic and advanced functionalities that you could include in your app.



Sign-up/Log-in Let your users sign-up or log-in using a unique username and a secure password. Make the registration process simple by enabling them to sign-up using their social accounts.
Voice-based Searches Voice recognition is a robust AI application to enhance your online language learning app’s overall user experience. Enable your users to search for a word or a topic using their voice commands. 
Dedicated Dictionary A dedicated dictionary has almost all the English language words along with their proper usage and verb forms.
Online Tests An online test portal that lets your tutors analyze th while sitting remotely and in a secure environment.
Performance Tracking The students can avail this functionality to check their performance in the past tests and know their overall position.
Visual Content Make learning more engaging for your students by sharing the videos and images of particular topics seamlessly through the AI app.
Live Tutorials Tutors can use this live functionality to offer their students lessons during any conditions so that their studies are not hampered.
Multilingual Options Let your users learn in their native language and ensure faster learning. Offer multilingual options to your users so that they can translate the lessons in their preferred language mode.
Payment Management Keep track of all the students’ payments or the tutors towards your app and send them timely receipts of their withstanding amounts directly on their mobile phones. 
User Management Manage all your users along with their payments and account type. Send push notifications to new and existing users and boost your customer segment and revenues. 
Subscriptions Offer flexible subscription options to learners and tutors and make them valuable users of your AI app.
Social Sharing With this unique and advanced option, yur users can share the relevant videos or their performance on their respective social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.
Reviews and Feedbacks Increase the credibility of yur app by enabling your users to share their reviews and rate your AI app based on their experience. 

4.Hire Professional and Experienced App Developers

After successfully adding the relevant features and design for your AI app, the next and most important step is to hire app developers. You need to have a dedicated team of tech-savvy engineers that could transform your business idea into a reality. 

Here you have two options, either choose freelancers or outsource your project to an experienced software engineering company like Matellio. Although both the options are feasible, outsourcing your AI app development project is the wisest decision. Why? 

That’s because:

  • An experienced software engineering firm will have more knowledge of the ever-growing AI technology rather than a freelancer that switches the tech platform with time.
  • The experts from an experienced firm can help you choose the most reliable and trending features and designs for your app that are somewhat difficult by working with a freelancer.
  • Lastly, a freelancer may not offer you the testing services or the maintenance or upgradation services which are only possible with an experienced software engineering firm. 

Hence, make your decisions smartly, and choose what fits your project. Are you still in confusion? Refer to our bog to access some more excellent benefits of outsourcing your project!

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5.Test Your App and Deploy

The last step in developing an AI app like Elsa Speak with Matellio is testing. Testing is the most crucial step in development as it detects the minutest of the bugs that were left unidentified during the development process. You could eliminate your app’s glitches and performance issues with proper testing, which may cost yur brand value after the app deployment. 

However, many of the businesses often skip this step and, after that, face issues. Hence, as a leader in app development, we make sure that nothing affects your business idea and brand value. That’s why we offer automated and manual testing services as a part of our app development process so that you get a smooth and efficient AI app. You can choose from any of the testing services that fit your project needs and budget. 

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How much does it cost to develop an AI app like Elsa Speak?

So we are at the most awaited section of our article, the cost of developing an AI app like Elsa Speak. Now, some of you might be thinking that with these features and smart AI technology, the overall cost of developing an AI app might be very expensive. But it is not!

With our agile-based development approach, you could not only save your business cost but could even develop a high-performing AI app in less time. Here are some crucial factors that we take into account while calculating the overall app development cost:

  • Design and Development Cost

   The cost involved in hiring the UI/UX engineers and the developers is covered under this category.

  • Customizations and Complexity

    The customizations and the complexity of the AI app also affect the overall cost of development. The more complexity the more the cost will be. 

  • Project Management Cost

    To efficiently manage all your developers and your AI app development progress, you will need an experienced project manager. So, that cost is covered under this category.

  • Maintenance and Upgradation

    Lastly, to maintain and upgrade your English-speaking app from time to time, the cost incurred would be covered under this category.

Apart from all those factors mentioned above, many other factors affect the overall cost of developing an AI app. Hence, it is better to reach our experts and know the exact cost of development as per your project needs. Don’t worry; your first consultation is on us. 

So, book your free consultation slot and kickstart your app development today!

Till then, Happy Reading! 

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