Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Trends For 2021

Updated on Jan 12th, 2024

AI Trends in 2021

What once started with the idea of machines that imitate human beings’ cognitive powers has today become a vital part of the digital transformation of every business. In today’s digital era, artificial intelligence has not remained a new concept. From healthcare and education to transportation and manufacturing, artificial intelligence trends have successfully taken over every leading aspect of the global market.

As per Gartner’s report, the number of businesses making use of custom AI solutions grew to a whopping 270% in the past few years. The same report even predicts that by 2022, almost 80% of the IT solutions will be based on AI/ML. 

So, as a leading name in providing custom AI solutions to many industries, today, we have compiled the top 10 artificial intelligence trends that will transform businesses in the year 2021. Read on to know more! 

AI trends

1. AIoT

We all have heard about IoT, but not of AIoT. AIoT, also known as ‘Artificial Intelligence of Things,’ is a completely new AI trend of the global market. Although IoT and AI are both potent technologies and can be used separately, the new artificial intelligence trend is set to bring many new opportunities for the business world.

We all know that IoT deals with devices and generates a vast amount of data, whereas AI quickly utilizes real-time insights and automates business operations without human-interference. So, a combination of both these leading technologies could be readily used by businesses to create advanced digital transformation strategies.  

 Many leading companies like Amazon, Oracle, Google, and Microsoft are already on their way to augment IoT with AI and create a new artificial intelligence trend!

2. AI-Enabled Chips

Another great artificial intelligence trend set to facilitate the growth of AI in business is AI-enabled chips. Smart chips or AI-enabled chips are a completely new artificial intelligence trend whose main aim is to boost custom AI solutions’ performance. 

As per a source, AI-enabled chips are projected to generate a $91,185 million market value by the year 2025. With quicker data processing capabilities, the AI-enabled chips will enhance AI applications like object detection, facial recognition, natural language process, and so on. Many leading companies like NVIDIA and Qualcomm have already created their AI-enabled chip to improve their users’ mobile gaming experience.     

 3. RPA

RPAAnother significant artificial intelligence trend that has been ruling the business world for quite some time now is RPA (Robotics Process Automation). RPA is not a new AI trend and has been helping many industries automate their mundane tasks with robots’ help for quite some time now. 

Industries such as insurance, retail, and banking continuously leverage RPA development services to perform high-volume tasks and save a lot on cost and time. Apart from all that, RPA has also been extensively used to simplify all the complex tasks and bring efficiency to business operations.

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4. Edge AI

Although the combination of IoT and AI will serve many purposes of the business world, there is still a need to make quick and efficient decisions. That’s where Edge AI comes to play! Edge AI is an excellent artificial intelligence trend that uses AI algorithms’ computational powers and edge computing to process the data quickly. The device may not be needed to have an active internet connection. Still, you can analyze the data in some milliseconds. 

Today, Edge AI has been all set to revolutionize many industries like healthcare, real, and even transportation, where a small delay in data could cost huge amounts of money. One of the largest car manufacturing companies, Toyota, uses edge AI in car manufacturing to help people with limited mobility. 

5. Quantum AI

With the rise in AI trends and advances in other digital technologies, quantum computing will also see significant changes. Quantum AI, a new and evolved artificial intelligence trend, will help businesses crack the holy grail of quantum supremacy. The businesses would be able to quantify the Qubits deployed by supercomputers.

That means, with the rise in this artificial intelligence trend, we would soon be able to get accurate and real-time information by supercomputers, which could be used directly for research purposes at the operator level. Moreover, the AI applications will also give possible answers to the complex questions of quantum computing!

6. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has always been a critical aspect for businesses, and with the rise in digitization, it has only increased. It is also certain that with the rise in the use of AIoT, a popular artificial intelligence trend, more data will be generated, and hence, more will be phishing and hacking attacks. However, the scene is somewhat different here!

With the use of powerful and smart AI solutions, enterprise security levels would increase. With recent advances, today, we can get complete information on the digital activities of malicious accounts. That means, before the data is stolen, we could spot the account and could raise preventive alarms against it. All in all, data breaches and cybersecurity would not be a major issue with the advancement of AI in business.

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7. AIOps

aiopsWith the increasing complexity of IT operations, the need for a new and more advanced solution became a global aspect. That’s where AIOps came into existence. AIOps, a popular artificial intelligence trend, has been in the global market and has gained a large momentum due to its amazing capabilities.

With the AIOps solution, you can help various departments of your IT company enhance the processes quickly, make faster decisions, and analyze large volumes of data seamlessly. You can even avail much more functionalities with a custom AIOps solution if you choose a reliable partner like Matellio. With it’s out-of-the-box and flexible services, we ensure to take your business to the next level with our AIOps services.  

8. Self-Piloted AI Drones

As per a report, the drone industry will reach $1.5 trillion by the year 2040! That’s huge compared to any other artificial intelligence trend evolving in the global market. AI-powered drones are actively used today in many critical sectors of the market for surveillance, delivery, and inspections. However, drones’ rising popularity reveals that AI-powered drones will significantly empower the global market in the coming future.

Whether we talk about security or delivery during any pandemic situation, AI-powered drones will become a crucial AI trend for many businesses. Additionally, with the integration of HD cameras, facial recognition solutions, GPS trackers, and so on, drones’ capabilities will increase multiple times.

9. Digital Healthcare

HealthcareToday, it is no surprise that the healthcare sector has been a leading segment of the global market, and all thanks to the advanced technologies of the digital era. Whether we talk about online consultation from doctors or custom telemedicine apps, the digital healthcare sector has been evolving a lot today. But that’s not all!

With the advancements in artificial intelligence trends, digital healthcare will witness even more advancements than ever. AI trends like robotic surgery, virtual nursing assistants, and healthcare fraud detection systems will continue to facilitate the growth of AI applications in healthcare

Additionally, with the rise in AI-powered systems, researchers and doctors will also detect any deadly diseases in less time, which would help them develop the vaccines. The development of the COVID19 vaccine is the latest example of this!

10. Automated Machine Learning

Finally, we have automated machine learning as an excellent artificial intelligence trend for the year 2021. With the rise in AI capabilities and the growth of AI applications in business, even the non-experts would be able to use machine learning algorithms and techniques. 

With the help of robust tools like Google Cloud AutoML, there would be more data available for the people, and the scope of data science would rise significantly. That will eventually help the businesses to make seamless customizations to their digital transformation strategies without having a fear of complex ML algorithms. 


Ready to Implement AI-Powered Application in Your Business?

Those were some of the incredible artificial intelligence trends that are all set to revolutionize the market scenario in the year 2021. To conclude, we can say that it is exciting to see how AI-powered solutions and custom mobile applications will continue to dominate and transform the world around us. Luckily, this is not the first time we will see AI’s powers in transforming the global industries, but surely 2021 looks to be another year of vast proliferation and expanding use cases for AI. 

Hence, to get maximum value from AI deployments, enterprises should explore the way forward and focus on the latest trends to maintain a competitive edge. Are you also looking for a reliable partner to talk about your digital transformation strategies and to include AI technology in your organization? With years-long experience at Matellio, we could be your one-stop solution for all your digital transformation strategies. Reach us today and know more about our work and experience. Plus, get a free expert consultation on filling our form.

Till then, Happy Reading!

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