How To Develop An App Like Discord?

Updated on Jan 9th, 2024

App like discord

Would you enjoy exploring the world of voice-over, especially when playing games? Video game players didn’t have many choices before 2015 to remain linked with fellow teammates. But all that was modified by Discord.

“Discord is for everyone, not just for video game players” While specifically developed for gamers, Discord has now become a popular medium used among various organizations and groups.

Discord has proven a savior with the novel disease outbreak, mostly when the entire world is operating remotely and arranging remote meetings. It is indeed an application that can be used on your computer, network, or mobile device.

You would be shocked to hear that Discord has accumulated more than 250 million daily users just four years of its launch, gaining from the increase in online activity exacerbated by the Covid-19 disease outbreak. The firm was estimated at $3.5 billion after raising $100 million in financing in July 2020. Massive, isn’t it?

Are you very amazed by the market size of the Discord and are now planning to make your own Discord-like app?

If indeed, in this blog, we will discuss what Discord is, features, revenue model, cost, and how effectively you can develop an app like Discord.

So without any further ado, let’s get started!

If you are a novice and you don’t have any clue about what Discord is explicit? Or why use it? Here’s a thorough explanation for you.

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What is Discord?

It is among the most potent Voice over IP apps that was essentially built to help players on an online gaming platform remain linked with one another.

Discord is a free video, text, and voice chat app accessible to adults and youth aged 13 or above. It was created through gaming to put people around. Discord is targeted explicitly at video game players, providing them with strategies for finding each other, communicating while playing, and organizing games.

When the makers developed discord, they assumed it was being used to connect with many other games and collaborate. But, to the shock, the app’s prominence spread through multiple community verticals. And nowadays, Discord is being used to render voice calls, video calls, file sharing, and just about everything you do with other standard networks, such as Zoom& Skype.

Another of the best aspects that make Discord so popular is that it enables users to operate on a free server with expanded limitations. On a server, users can easily create around 5000 connections at once.

Few more stats to encourage you for developing app like Discord

  • Have over 250+ million users as of now.
  • The company holds a value of 3.5 billion.
  • Have over 100+ million monthly active users.

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How To Develop An App-like Discord?

To answer this, let’s start with the features and functionality.

In the industry, Discord’s choice of realistic and creative features has made it a top player. Moving on, let’s discuss,

1. A Detailed List Of Features & Functions To Create A Discord-like App

Discord is among the best tools that you can use to build different commercially available things these times. Let’s discuss the must-have features and fundamental features that you need to include in your discord-like app. Take a look.

  • Chatting – Although we all understand that Discord is indeed a voice over IP software, allowing voice communication between users would be its main characteristic. Discord provides the flexibility for users to remain linked with one another with voice and video calls across specific voice networks.
  • File sharing – File sharing is a must if you’re attempting to create a voice and text messenger app like Discord. Today’s modern chat apps have had this feature, so that would be a risk to miss it. To measure fair file size limits, you will need to study the target community’s requirements (if any). Usually, uploading massive files calls for more powerful servers.
  • Screen Sharing – This feature user can share his/her computer’s screen with the viewer if the user encounters difficulties describing or sending a particular message.
  • Role management – The server holder will become the administrator and would have the full authority to appoint server members to various positions.
  • Integration – Simple incorporation is one of the other significant aspects of Discord that we all enjoy. Users here seem to be free to use your chat app to incorporate their user profiles and utilities.
  • Push Notification – Users are provided with clear updates here to allow for easy integration throughout. Via this chat app, they can easily stay linked with one another.
  • Servers – Users may enter private or public discussion boards relating to particular topics being discussed. Some of the largest are based on video games, although there are indeed servers oriented on everything from sports to gardening.

Some other features are:-

Other Imp Features
·         Create your server

·         Invite/referral.

·         Add friends.

·         Set status.

·         My account.

·         Game activity.

·         Join a server.

·         Search Bar.

·         Privacy and safety.

·         Scan QR.

·         App settings.

·         Language control.

·         Change log.

·         Support.

·         Login/logout.

·         Disable/Delete account.

Excited about the features and functionality? Let’s move on and discuss,

2. Tech Stack Needed To Develop App-like Discord

To include the features mentioned above and functionality in your chat app, you will require a top tech stack like below!

  1. For server-side programming – Elixir, Golang, Python, Ruby, C++, Erland.
  2. For client-side programming – Kotlin, Java, JS, Swift, Objective C, React, Flux, Electron.
  3. For data protection – TLS, DTLS, XSalsa20.
  4. For DevOps – Webpack, Babel.
  5. For business Tools – G Suite, Zendesk.

Besides, tech stack, you need to concentrate on a squad of professional developers to develop your app. Your development may look like this:

3. Team Required 

  • Business analyst.
  • UI/UX designer.
  • QA engineer.
  • Front-end developer.
  • Back-end developer.
  • Project Manager.

So as of now, we hope that you are now all clear with the basics, features, tech stack, and team required to build app-like Discord.


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4. How Will You Make Millions Through Your App? How Will Your App Make Money? 

Don’t worry; you need to decide on a suitable monetization model for your app. Below, we’ve mentioned top revenue models you can consider. So, take a look!

  • Advertisements – You will receive a certain fee from each ad displayed when your users are using the application if you run advertising on your application.
  • Freemium Model – Your application will indeed be available for free download and use in the free version. Still, it will have some in-app payment options, which might allow users access to extra features until updated.
  • Paid Version – When anyone chooses to download it, you can also opt not to keep your application free and charge a particular amount. Multiple and memorable roles can be included in the full subscription.
  • In-app Purchasing – The last choice you have is to include your application with numerous in-app purchasing options. When a user has to use those extra functions, he has to pay first.

So as of now, you know nearly everything about how to create an app like Discord.

Moving on, let’s discuss another essential point i.e., development cost. So, without taking much of your time, let’s get straight into it.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Discord App

Cost to Develop an App-Like Discord

VoIP applications such as Discord, make it possible to create calls over the internet, are incredibly complicated and costly to develop. The development cost depends on various factors like:

  • App’s complexity.
  • Features and functionality of Apps.
  • App’s platform.
  • Region of the development firm.
  • Tech stack and plenty more.

For the task, you may query your development partner regarding their rates. They can give you an estimation, and it’s not an actual figure, since based on the adjustments in the functionality you design, the exact number may differ.

That’s why hiring a VoIP development firm is the best option, which helps you develop your app and build your app at a fair price.

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In a Nutshell 

Apps for VoIP are not the simplest to develop. Several things are essential to take into account. In this blog post, we have addressed the most apparent issues that come when you look forward to developing an app like Discord.

In contrast, the VoIP app space is new and developing, and so the community would welcome every excellent concept of app development.

If you’re looking for a custom VoIP app development firm, contact us and get ready to disrupt the market with a top-notch app.

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