How to Develop a Wedding Planner App?

Updated on Apr 15th, 2024

Weddings can be amazing!!! But planning them can be exhausting. After all, there are many things to take care of. Even if you are into the event and wedding planning business, things can be chaotic for you. That’s where wedding planning app development comes into play!

Wedding planner apps are a great source to streamline your tedious operations and manage everything at your fingertips. Whether booking the cabs, managing the caterers/decorators, validating the client’s ideas, collecting the payments, or even marketing your wedding planning business, you can do everything with a dedicated app.

That’s why the wedding planning app development market has surpassed $73.6 billion in 2020! So, when the world is leveraging an app for wedding planning, why are you lagging? Hence, if you are an appreneur seeking help developing a wedding planner app, you have landed on the right page. 

In our comprehensive guide on developing a wedding planning mobile app, we’ll help you figure out what makes the marketing promising for your growth, pursue the idea, what options you can choose from, how, and more.

Let’s dive in to know better!!

  • The wedding app development market has crossed the mark of $73.6 billion and the post-covid era is further accelerating this growth.  
  • Having a wedding planner app makes your management, budget planning, communication, and last-minute work much easier and more manageable.  
  • Next-gen technologies like AI, ML, voice assistance, and a chatbot can elevate your wedding planning app’s capabilities.  
  • There are many advanced features like social media integration, AR/VR features, in-app chats, and calendar integration that can make your app popular. 
  • Partnering with a reputed wedding planning app development company can ensure a successful, error-free, and trending wedding planning app development for your business.  

What Makes Wedding Planning App Development a Better Choice?

Talking about users, of course, the power of mobility is incredible. Helping you reach out to the required with ease and convenience without even having to leave the comfort zones of your home is something no one can ever hate. And when it comes to the tedious job of panning weddings, wedding planner apps simply act as the cherry on the cake.

According to TripSavvy, 2.4 million weddings are held in the USA every year. Well, this whopping number is not just the thing where the rewards come from. Besides getting help from digital solutions, brides and grooms now prefer to do 83% of the planning online. Of these, the majority share happens to be that of smartphone/tablet users (42%).

Additionally, couples are more inclined to use technology throughout the wedding journey by sending invites, creating custom designs, communicating with vendors, sending calendar invites, etc.

Besides this, wedding planner apps and websites happen to be the topmost source for vendor discovery.

Entrepreneurs planning for wedding planning app development are now brainstorming more than ever to offer lucrative planning solutions to help users plan their weddings. These features mainly include setting budgets, finding vendors, and keeping track of the solutions.

With an increase in tech-savvy users, this industry offers profits to couples and those looking to invest in wedding planning app development. 

What are Popular Wedding Planner Apps to Take Inspiration From?

1. Wedding Wire 

WeddingWire app

The first one on the popular wedding planner apps list is Wedding Planner. All you need is a few minutes, and your personalized wedding website will be up and live. Once you set up an account, the website offers you awesome deals based on your location and wedding venue.

With the extensive range of planning options, Wedding Wire also offers you the features like  

  • Comprehensive schedule 
  • Post-nuptial reminders 
  • Wedding photo updates 
  • Useful articles and how-to(s)

2. The Knot Wedding Planner 

The Knot Wedding Planner app

The app takes you through a series of questions that requires you to answer your engagement date, wedding date, budget, number of guests, etc., to get you curated deals from nearby vendors.

With The Knot, you can have your wedding website ready for yourself in just a few clicks. It also lets you choose great aesthetic themes for your website to make it great. It also features some ever-in-demand functionalities like  

  • Registry management
  • Guestlist management
  • Sharing wedding stories

3. Wedding Happy  

Wedding Happy app

A free mobile app available across AppStore and Google PlayStore, Wedding Happy aims to make wedding planning easier than ever for you. You can also set and send reminders to other users using the easy-to-use mobile application. The app also offers a calendar function, serving as a great schedule and to-do list. The range of features also extends to  

  • Vendor tracking 
  • Payments 
  • Real-time reminders 
  • Built-in calendar

4. Appy Couple 

Appy Couple app

Appy Couple boasts itself as a wedding hub for your guests and you. It is a dynamic app that takes into account comprehensive wedding sharing needs.

The app includes features like:

  • View details about the events you’ve been invited to and RSVP
  • Stay updated on any changes in schedule or accommodations 
  • Make travel arrangements and coordinate transportation 
  • Find out where the couple is registered or what to gift 
  • Share pictures before, during, and after the big day 
  • Socialize with the bridal party and other guests (hey, you never know!) 
  • Toast the couple with virtual champagne or leave a message in the guestbook

Wedding Planning App Development – Steps to Follow

So, we are at the most awaited section of our article – the steps for developing the best wedding planning app. You can follow the steps to learn about creating a wedding planner app. Else, you can request a free 30-minute consultation, to begin with, your wedding planning app development.

Market and Competitor Analysis is Important

Decide on the Type of Wedding Planning App You Wish to Develop

Shoot up your query to look for the best wedding apps across the region, and you’ll realize that the world is already full of various types of mobile apps to choose from. Starting from the games, checklists, invitation makers, planning and countdown widgets, and lookbooks. You can simply download an app for makeup, party themes, and many other options for everything. If you are looking for inspiration, here we have listed popular wedding planner app categories to help you out:

  • Planning Apps

Well, almost everything can be pursued only with a strong plan. These apps for wedding planning help you plan your special day with smartness with an array of features like to-do lists and schedule management. Checklists, budget planning, discovering and hiring vendors, preparing guest lists, and more are at the tip of your fingers.

  • Countdown Apps

The journey to your wedding day is as exciting as living it. You can make this transition more exciting than ever with the help of countdown wedding planner apps. With effective use of fancy frames, breathtaking backgrounds, and many more add-ons, these help you keep the fun alive through widgets.

  • Checklist Apps

As we said earlier, wedding planning is chaotic, and with chaos come the chances of being forgetful about petty things. Not only this, but sometimes we tend to miss out on critical aspects. Imagine having prepared a list of guests and messing it all up by losing a few pages. Painful it is. But no worries anymore. Thanks to Checklist mobile applications that let you keep track of big and small things while ensuring that you don’t miss the fun.

  • Guest List Apps

Well, checklist apps were doing pretty amazing that way, but then we thought users would probably love dedicated apps. And that’s why wedding planning app development teams came up with the amazing concept of the guest list apps. With intuitive applications serving in their realm, some of them also let you create customized ecards online on the go.


Look for a Reputed App Development Company

So, you have conducted market research and have chosen the best wedding planner app for your brand. But what about bringing that idea into a successful reality? You need to have experienced resources that can offer 24*7 assistance, next-gen tech tools, a proper marketing team, and whatnot! That’s where a reputed app development company comes into play.

You can easily streamline your app development process by partnering with an experienced wedding app development company. There will be no need for constant monitoring, data feeding, and changes, as your experienced developers will handle everything.

You can also know the latest industry trends, competitor analysis, next-gen tech usage, and features that contribute to the best wedding planning app development. Hence, always opt for a reputed app development company for your project. You can check their portfolio, customer reviews, and tech expertise to make sure that they follow the best security and development practices.

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Focus on the Best Features and Tech Stack 

There are plenty of wedding planner apps trending in the market, and the main reason behind their success is their features. Hence, focusing on the features is a must if you want to succeed with your wedding planning app development.

As a leading app development company, we suggest you add the following essential features to your wedding planner app.

Features of User-Facing Mobile App 

  • Registration and Social Sign Up 
  • Log In 
  • Vendor Discovery 
  • Venue Discovery 
  • Intuitive Search for Specific Vendors/ Venues/ etc. 
  • Shortlist preferred options 
  • Smart filters with parameters like wedding dates, service type
  • View Supplier profile 
  • Review suppliers 
  • Check their reviews and ratings 
  • Checklist management 
  • Custom suggestions in terms of checklists 
  • Budget management 
  • Guestlist management 
  • Online RSVP for guests 
  • Wedding albums 
  • Vendor/ Profile Sharing options 
  • Email functionality 
  • Wedding countdown 

Features of Vendor-facing Mobile App 

  • Registration and Social Sign Up 
  • Log In 
  • Manage details 
  • Set availability 
  • Set booking goals 
  • Manage bookings 
  • Manage inquiries 
  • Set availability preferences 
  • Membership plans 
  • Receive customer reviews 
  • Reply to customer reviews 
  • Export various analytics reports 
  • Alerts and notifications 

Features of Admin-facing Mobile App 

  • Manage customers 
  • Manage vendors 
  • Manage category/ subcategory 
  • Manage checklist 
  • Manage customer reviews and ratings 
  • Manage membership packages 
  • Manage CRM 
  • Manage wedding styles 
  • Manage locations 
  • Manage albums 
  • Manage notifications 
  • Content management system  

Leave the basic features for once. Here are all the advanced features that can help you launch the best wedding planning app for 2022 and beyond!

Social Media Integration 

Do you think you can really avoid social media and still excel in the age of social zombies? We doubt you can. And so, the first one on our list is social media integration. This integration can be rewarding for you, from enabling social sign-up options to helping the vendors get insights into potential leads. Besides, you can also let your users relish great features like sharing images and wedding schedules directly on social media platforms.

Payment Gateway Integration

The Digital era calls for significant aspects to be digitalized, and payment happens to be one. Don’t forget to include convenient payment options, including all the possible combinations like net banking, credit cards, debit cards, etc. Alternatively, you can develop a payment solution or opt for e-wallet app development to make it easier altogether.

AR/ VR Features

Visiting venues before making decisions is superb, but what if you really can’t opt for it, given the time and availability restrictions? Bothersome on the whole. That’s what the target users would feel. And that’s why the third one on our list includes AR/ VR features. Kick off the latest technology with the innovative mobile app development expertise that can help your users enjoy a virtual tour of the venues and do a lot more.

In-app Chat Conversations

Imagine having to browse through the list of vendors and service providers, and then all you get is their contact details, making it all the more effortful. On the other hand, imagine being a vendor, and while you look for prospects, all you get is contact details, or if the user has hidden it, not even that. Can you think of conversion chances here? We know you don’t want to make your users suffer through this, so in-app conversation features like integrated chat dashboards, etc., are a superb thing to look up to.

Calendar Integration

When you have events scheduled, you want all the invitees to be a part of it and make it to your dream day. That’s how calendar integration will help you. You can mark the calendar schedule and send the users digital invites. It makes your job easier, but it also enables you to keep the excitement quotient up.

Push Notifications

A user browses the list of vendors via the wedding planner app while shortlisting the promising choices. Due to time availability or other challenges, he missed out on the bookings. Now that one of the stores is nearly occupied, the user receives a push notification informing him. Users love this idea, and so will you when you see the engagement rate increase and the popularity of the app multiplying. That’s why we recommend adding push notifications to your app.

Automated Guest List with Contact Synchronization

Creating a guest list is fun, but not when you need to invite over 1000s guests. Here is where automated options come in handy. Giving your users the liberty to synchronize contacts with the app will help the users amazingly.

eCommerce, because It’s Everywhere

Weddings and shopping are an inseparable combination. With so much to do, ranging from wedding trousseau, footwear, and multiple things from the bride and groom’s wardrobe, this can be tedious. Integrating eCommerce into wedding planning will help you take the burden off the user’s shoulder.


Living Stories of a great experience is incredible, and so is sharing them. Enabling your users to talk about their collaboration with you or with various vendors will keep you connected with them and increase their popularity. And who knows, you just earn another business relationship from someone who read the story. Word of mouth marketing works indeed.

Nearby Options

Nothing can be as demanded as a list of nearby vendors when you are looking to give your shopping spree a break as soon as possible. That’s why helping users get to the nearest places at ease. Locating these places will provide them with quick relief and you, their love.


Always Begin Your Wedding planning App Development with an MVP

Now, what is an MVP? Well, it stands for a minimum viable product and defines the scope and interface of your project. To put it simply, it combines the features and designs chosen by you to offer you an exact prototype of your project.

With an MVP, you can see what features will look like, where they will direct your users, what will be the interface of your app, etc. In short, it will be the practical implementation of your ideas and business requirements. Hence, to eliminate the last-minute surprises and hefty testing costs, you should always begin your wedding planning app development with an MVP.

By partnering with a reputed wedding planning app development company, you can easily know what features would work for your project and how to implement them in your MVP.  

Develop, Test, and Deploy Your Wedding Planner App 

Last but not least, you need to develop your wedding planning app, test it, and deploy it on your choice of platform. Make sure that your wedding planning app development follows the agile development methodology so that you get updates after every sprint release.

With the agile development methodology, you can eliminate the testing costs and get a digital product matching your expectations. Not to mention, the perks of implementing new changes are beyond explanation with the agile methodology.

Next comes the testing services. In order to be sure that your wedding planner app does not contain any glitches, testing the app is essential. You can choose between manual or automated testing that matches your budget and needs. The best way is to ask your development partner what suits your business needs. A reliable app development partner always offers testing as an integrated app development service.


That’s Where Matellio Comes In! 

Now that you are done planning for your wedding planning app development, you need to partner with an expert like Matellio, who can fine-tune your idea to exploit its maximum potential. As a leading app development company, we have transformed many big business ideas into a reality. Our free competitor analysis and market research capabilities can help you explore your niche’s latest concerns and trends.

Besides that, our experts also have years-long experience in working with multiple next-gen technologies. That can further enhance the UX of your wedding planning app. Our expertise in building apps for wedding planning can make things easy for you. On that note, how about partnering with us? Request a free no-obligation quote now and get your journey started. 

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