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Matellio is a leading force in revolutionizing financial transactions with its digital wallet app development services. From contactless payments to highly secure bank authorization, our eWallet development services will keep you ahead of payment revolution.
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    What is

    What is a Digital Wallet app or eWallet?

    E-wallets or digital wallets are transformative digital solutions that are revolutionizing the world of financial transactions. The fintech app works on peer-to-peer communication technologies like NFC, beacon, and QR codes to transfer money swiftly and securely between business and users. Matellio, as a leading fintech solution provider, offers bespoke digital wallet development services for secure payments.
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    Contactless Payment

    The application uses iBeacon, NFC, and QR code readers to facilitate contactless payments.

    Security and Integrity
    Secure Fund Transfers

    We build eWallets with highly secure communication protocols for safe online transactions.

    Reward Management

    Improve customer loyalty with features like cashbacks, loyalty points, & referral bonuses.

    Crypto Transactions

    The advanced digital wallet app will also store and make purchases with cryptocurrency.

    Features for Digital Wallet Application

    Explore a wide range of user-friendly features that we can include in your Digital Wallet App.
    Online Payment

    Users can opt to pay their bills online through the digital wallet either by adding balance to it or linking it directly to their bank account.

    Push Notifications

    Send your users reminders for subscriptions, recurrent payments, and notifications whenever they receive funds or cashback through app.

    Bank Account Authorization

    Users can link their bank accounts to the e-wallet and synchronize the app with it to reflect real-time balance and make direct transactions.

    Digital Receipts

    App creates shareable digital receipts for every transaction so that users can keep track of their spendings with details for future references.

    Refer and Earn

    Accelerate your customer acquisition by rewarding your registered customers for inviting more people to your digital wallet platform.

    Transaction History

    Enable your users to check their past transaction anytime they want with reference IDs so they can refer to the same as and when required.

    Intuitive Dashboard

    Merchants will have an intuitive interface to get a quick overview of their funds, receivables, and products sales.

    Track Payments

    The feature will allow your merchant users to keep track of payments, recurrent or otherwise, so they can manage their customers efficiently.

    Unique QR Code

    Registered merchants will have the unique QR codes assign to their digital wallet account to use direct payment from customers.

    EMI Payments

    Merchants can opt to offer EMI payment options to their customers, and manage the records of same through the app.

    Customer Management

    Keep track of all your customers and their transactions with you for to get insights on their buying behavior to offer personalization.

    Promotional Offers

    Enable your merchant users to create custom offers to help them acquire new customers and engage existing ones better.

    Manage Banks

    The admin panel of the app will have the facility to add or remove the banks from where the users can connect their digital wallets with.


    A dashboard for admin panel will help them manage key functions and gain regular and important insights in one click.

    User Data Control

    With oodles of user data at their disposal, this feature enables admins of the app to use the user data discretely and in a safe environment

    Usage Statistics

    Monitor the complete usage statistics of the app to make better policies, offers, and interface elements to enhance its experience.

    Manage Merchants

    Add or remove merchants from your app easily and even have the facility to add and remove features from their dashboards.

    Auto Back-ups

    Admin will have the facility to initiate auto and manual data backup to store data at safe locations in case of system breakdown.

    Looking for a Customized Digital Wallet for Your Business?

    Connect with our experts over a free consultation and discuss your digital wallet requirements.
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    Digital Wallet Application Development Services Matellio Offers

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Do you develop mobile wallets for merchants?

    Yes, we develop dedicated eWallet solutions for businesses to enhance their checkout experience for customers. Along with contactless payment the app will also facilitate promotional offers management, customer management, and other functionalities as needed by the business. 

    2. How long does it take to develop an eWallet mobile app?

    An eWallet app development can take anywhere from two months to a year depending upon the functionalities you want to offer with the solution. Contact us today to know exact timeline of your eWallet project. 

    3. Do you offer post-development support?

    Yes, Matellio does offer complete support and maintenance services, even after the digital wallet app is developed and deployed. 

    4. How do you develop a custom digital wallet application?

    If you’re looking to develop your eWallet application with Matellio, all you need to do is book a free consultation session with our experts. After the session, our experts will create a requirement analysis documents for your project, along with a project plan, and a q free quote. Once all these are approved, a team will be assigned to you and the agile development process will begin for the MVP of the project. Post that we will develop the full-featured version of the app in iterative steps. The app will be tested at every step to ensure a flawless user experience. 

    5. Does Matellio have experience in fintech?

    Yes, we’ve got ample experience in delivering fintech solutions. Check out our portfolio to know more about the leading solutions we have developed so far. 

    6. How do you assure a quality product?

    Matellio possesses a team of qualified QA Experts who ensure a bug-free app development. Moreover, we test our products frequently and include your feedback to make your product according to your expectations. 

    7. What is the cost of developing a digital wallet?

    The cost of developing an e-wallet depends on various factors like its features and functionalities, integration required, the type of wallet app, development time, location of development, etc. To know the precise development cost, you can book a free 30-minute consultation session with our experts today! 

    8. What technologies do you use to develop next-gen eWallets?

    Matellio has a pool of talented mobile and web app developers who are proficient in developing all types of digital wallets. Their experience in developing native and cross-platform mobile apps, and cloud solutions will expedite your project for an early launch. their expertise with technologies like Bluetooth, encryption, blockchain, and near communication field, also enables us to deliver you a next-gen digital wallet solution that keeps you ahead of the curve.