How to Hire a Digital Transformation Company?

Updated on Feb 6th, 2024

How to Hire a Digital Transformation Company

“At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next ten years… if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies.”

— John Chambers

And while these words may have come from an industry leader himself, they are no less true. As per the latest insights published by Gartner, 91% of businesses are engaged in at least one digital initiative; it’s no wonder they are doing so. From improving the efficiency and accuracy of processes through automation to making better decisions with the data-based insights from integrated systems, digital transformation services are among the most lucrative solutions for most businesses today. They enable them to scale faster and stay lucrative at all the development stages. So, if you’re considering taking your business through a digital transformation journey, here’s a complete guide to help you get started.

  • The adoption rate for digitalization is at the highest right now, with 91% of businesses engaged in at least one digital initiative.
  • Consumer demands, regulatory compliances, and remote accessibility are among the most contributing drivers in the digital transformation of a business.
  • When looking to hire a digital transformation company, it is important to seek relevant experience as well as skills like AI development, DevOps, and software architecture.
  • With over 36.2 million Americans expected to work remotely by 2025, including cloud services in digital transformation strategy is a must.

When Should You Hire a Digital Transformation Company?

When Should You Hire a Digital Transformation Company

While it’s true that every business, no matter its niche or scale, has the potential to benefit from active investment in digital transformation solutions, not all of them are expected to reap a similar ROI. Here we have enlisted some of the more important factors to consider when evaluating the scope of digital transformation of your business. More importantly, we’ll help you decide whether simple SaaS and pre-built software solutions will help you attain your digitization goals or if it’s time for you to hire a digital transformation company.

Consumer Demands

Consumer demands have remained the foremost factor for bringing almost all the revolutions in the market. The rule is simple, first comes the demand and then the means to supply that demand. If your business has lately been struggling to keep up with the consumer demands, owing to the rapid digitalization in your niche and the consequent expectations of your target audience, then it is the most telling sign that your business must join the bandwagon sooner than later, and take digital transformation consulting now.

Dampening Productivity

If your workflows have become slow and more resource-consuming than final productivity, a lack of digitalization in operations can be a major reason. Many companies have witnessed a gradual decline in the outputs of their operations when staff becomes overburdened by mundane yet necessary tasks. Often tedium slows the human resources down, leading to an increase in expenditure and reduced net income. To solve the situation, you should consider taking digital transformation consultation from a reliable company and figure out which of the workflows can be automated without creating a dent in the capital.

Regulatory Compliances

Industries like healthcare, education, finance, law, and every business that collects data of users in any sort of way have to comply with the regulations of the market they’re operating in. Now, regulatory compliance is one of the trickiest tasks for any business. Companies have to spend fortunes on audit processes to ensure they do not have to suffer any kind of penalty owing to the failure in compliance. What makes the situation worse is the cryptic changes in the rules, which make compliance even more difficult and their audit more time-consuming. By automating all of this through custom digital transformation solutions, much of the resources can be salvaged with improved accuracy in the compliance process.

Increasing Operational Costs

Thanks to digitalization, every business is decisively decreasing its operational costs. This is resulting in increased remuneration and overall inflation in the market since now most of your competitors are able to afford the increased expenditure. What this means is that if you have, till now, failed to adopt similar digitalization strategies, you’re forced to pay to surplus to stay competitive in the market. If that indeed is the case with your business, know that hiring a digital transformation company must be your next step forward.

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Lack of Labor

Many industries and departments have constantly been suffering from a lack of relevant labor. More often, the reason is a lack of demand for that particular kind of labor in the market and the consequent migration of skilled labor because of a lack of profitability in the said profession. The perfect example of such a situation is the growing dearth of manufacturing labor. Most workers in bigger companies have been replaced by RPAs and actual robots to minimize operational costs and achieve greater workplace safety. As a result, not many employable people are investing the in relevant skills and hence the growing gap between supply and demand. The solution here again is to follow suit and digitalize the operations for which your business is facing the lack of relevant labor.

Frequent Security Issues

Whether it is data leaks of manually recorded information or ineffective surveillance methods, most businesses today are in dire need of improved security procedures for their premises and intangible assets. By digitalizing all the data and securing the same with the most suggested configurations, many instances of security lapse can be easily avoided. Therefore, if your business has been facing frequent security issues lately, then hiring digital transformation services, including facial recognition, cloud storage, and AI-based surveillance facilities, are the best options for you.

Ineffective Decision-making Processes

As per Gartner’s report on digital transformation, as much as 90% of businesses have agreed that data and analytics are key to their organization’s digital transformation initiatives. Another report from McKinsey also supports the fact with their observation of data-driven organizations that were able to acquire 23 times more customers than their counterparts. Data has become an inevitable part of the decision-making process. Therefore, if your organization is still struggling with making more effective decisions, then data-based digitalization, where the digital transformation company helps you create data pipelining, EDA automation, and develop business intelligence solutions, is your perfect solution.

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What to Look for When Hiring Digital Transformation Consultants?

What to Look for When Hiring Digital Transformation Consultants?

If by now you’re completely sure that your organization does need the services of a digital consulting company, it’s time for you to create a checklist to find the best one.

Experience in the Niche

With the growing market size of digital transformation, which is expected to generate revenue of over USD 3810 billion by 2030, many software development companies are engaged in offering extensive digital transformation services. However, not all such companies can offer tailored solutions for your business. One with experience in your industry vertical and niche would have the expertise and experience to do so. This is why, when looking for a digital transformation company, you should look for one that has a portfolio or at least one case study in your niche.

Essential Skillsets

Now experience, while important, is not the only essential component of a perfect digital transformation company. It needs to have the right resources, training, and experience in the right technologies and skills.

Software Architect

For digitalization, it is ideal that your business has an accustomed solution built from scratch to automate its workflows. This is why the foremost member of your digitalization team is a software architect, the professional responsible for making high-level design choices and framing technical standards for all the legacy systems. This includes software coding standards and platforms to be used to facilitate the smooth execution of software development services.

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Cloud Engineer

Did you know about 36.2 million Americans are projected to be working remotely by 2025? While the pandemic has definitely exponentiated the adoption of remote work culture, the increased traffic and the consequent commute time, asset maintenance costs, and the unproductive hours in meetings have long been compelling decision makers to make necessary changes in their organizations that can enable their employees to work remotely. As such, if you’re planning to digitalize your business processes now, allowing remote access through the cloud is a must. This is why, when you’re hiring a digital transformation company, ensuring they have the right cloud integration resources is essential.

AI Developers

Artificial Intelligence today stands at the fulcrum of operational automation. From automating supply chains and labor tasks to ensuring optimal security and resource utilization, AI applications are everywhere, making businesses easy to scale, grow, and remain competitive while maintaining focus on their core competency. So, if you’re looking to digitalize your workflows through automation, AI is going to be an inevitable part of it, making AI developers an indispensable part of your business’s digital transformation. When looking to hire AI developers, you should look for skills in programming languages like Python, C++, Java, JavaScript, etc., as well as skills in statistics and probability.

Software Developers

Developers, including software engineers, web developers, and mobile app developers, should be a part of your core digitalization team. They are the ones who will build the programs and custom solutions for your organizations and integrate them together to ensure end-to-end implementation.

UI/UX Experts

There is no dearth of business applications and solutions pre-built for the designated user type. However, not all of them will match the exact requirements of your business. Moreover, they will not include the understanding and skill set of your workers and staff in the interface of the solutions. This is why if you want to ensure a smooth transition and an easier learning curve for your existing workforce, having UI/UX experts in your digital transformation company is necessary.

QA Engineers

QA engineers are vital during the development of custom software for your business’ digitalization journey. This is to ensure that all the possible issues with enterprise solutions get fixed at the initial stages. This will improve the adoption rate of the software, helping your staff adapt to the new workflow better.

DevOps Engineer

If yours is a big organization with employees working at different touchpoints, then deploying digitalization software together becomes important. What more? There’s not always just a one-time deployment of software. Often for organizations like banks, NBFCs, Clinics, etc., new regulations mean configuration in the software at the foundational level. Meaning recurrent deployment, that too with consistency across the entire organization. This is where DevOps consulting services can help you achieve your digitalization goals through easy development and deployment cycles.

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Why is Matellio Your Perfect Digital Transformation Services Company?

Overall, the best way to find the right digital transformation services for your business is to research the market well. But before you research the market, you must know what it is that you’re looking for. For instance, you could be looking for enterprise software development services to automate your workflows by integrating legacy systems. In such a case, you won’t need a company with web development expertise. However, if you’re looking to take your brick-and-mortar store online, in such a case, website development would be an important part of the digitalization process.

Another way is to take digital transformation consultation from a development company with extensive experience. Such an agency would help efficiate your digital transformation journey and, at the same time, help you uncover more opportunities. Matellio is among such leading digital transformation companies that have both the expertise and experience to help you through the entire process. To begin the process, simply fill out this form with your requirements. We will analyze the feasibility of your requirements and then create the entire digitalization strategy along with a development plan and free quote.

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