Android Enterprise – Everything You Need to Know for a Future-Ready Business

Updated on Jan 8th, 2024

Android Enterprise – Everything You Need to Know for a Future-Ready Business

Imagine this, your employees can access all the crucial documents and important messages on their preferred mobile devices. They can communicate in real-time, ask for assistance during an emergency, and even protect sensitive business data. Well, that’s what Android Enterprise does to your business!   

Enterprise mobility, or in other words, managing everything on personal mobile devices through cutting-edge apps, has become prominent in building a successful brand. But you can’t offer separate mobile devices to each of your employees for work-related aspects. That’s where Android Enterprise comes into play! Android Enterprise is one such platform that is designed for mobile device management to help enterprises provide a secure and separate profile for work-related data and applications on employees’ personal devices.   

You can easily leverage enterprise Android app development services for inculcating mobility, security, and efficiency in your business. Whether it be managing hundreds of devices through a single platform or limiting the access of personal info from your employee’s devices, Android Enterprise is everything you need. Intrigued?   

Let us learn more about this robust telecom service and explore how this is a profitable trend to make your business future-ready!

  • Android Enterprise is a cutting-edge service offered by Google to help enterprises introduce mobility services in their company. 
  • Android Enterprise offers effective communication, remote control, easy collaboration, faster operations, better customer experience, etc. 
  • You can leverage enterprise mobility services in healthcare, finance, telecom, and other field service operations. 
  • Always partner with an experienced telecom software development company that has expertise in SIP, VoIP, push to talk app development, etc. 
  • Matellio can be your trusted enterprise Android app development partner as we have worked with many other companies on similar projects.

 What is Android Enterprise?

Android Enterprise is like a super toolbox that Google gives to businesses. It is a powerful suite of tools and services crafted by Google specifically for businesses. It’s not just any regular toolbox; it’s like a magic one! Why? Because it provides a range of features and management capabilities that can work wonders for your organization.   

With enterprise Android app development, you can have a remote control for all your work phones and apps. You can set them up, update them, and even make sure they’re safe from online fraud and data thefts.  

But most importantly, how does Android Enterprise offer such a level of enterprise mobility services to your business? Well, here’s the answer!

The Three Pillars of Android Enterprise

Firstly, Android Enterprise lets you take charge of your company’s Android devices effortlessly. You can remotely configure, update, and even wipe a device if it’s lost or stolen, guaranteeing the security of your company’s data.  

Secondly, you can easily manage various apps and devices across your organization. You can remotely deploy, update, and oversee applications, ensuring your team always has access to the latest and most relevant software without the use of a Google ID. That helps you ensure that multiple people can use a device on a shared basis with every app they need to perform optimally in the company.   

Lastly, Android Enterprise provides a security layer not just to protect the company’s critical data and assets but also to safeguard the employees’ personal information from the company’s access. That not only helps your employees to work confidently but also boosts their productivity and trust in your brand.

Enterprise Android App Development

Why Android Enterprise Matters for Your Business?

 So, by now, you might have an idea that Android Enterprise is your ticket to a future-ready workforce. It is, in fact, the most promising way of ensuring that your employees are productive, your data is secured, and your customers are getting real-time assistance in the most effective manner through secure mobile devices.   

That’s the main reason the market for enterprises in Android app development is rising significantly!

Market Scenario of Enterprise Mobility

Hence, you can see that the market for enterprise mobility management is growing at a rapid pace and is full of opportunities. But why are companies investing in enterprise mobility services?   

Well, here are a few benefits that enterprise mobility, and specifically Android enterprise, offers to businesses globally:  

Enhanced SecurityEnhanced Security

The foremost benefit of adopting Android Enterprise is enhanced security. We all would agree that security is a cornerstone of any successful business. Android Enterprise takes it seriously and provides many useful security features, including secure boot, encrypted data, and regular security updates. It’s like having a high-level security team protecting your company’s valuable information.  

Device managementStreamlined Device Management and Better Control

Another key advantage of enterprise Android app development is the simplicity and flexibility of device management. Android-based enterprise mobility solutions can simplify your company’s tech management. Think of it as a more efficient remote control for all of your company’s devices.  

When you leave your desk comfortably, you’re in full control. And if a device goes undetected, you have the ability to wipe its data remotely, like a digital guard.  

This level of control means your tech operations run like a well-oiled machine, ensuring smooth operation with the usual tech hiccups. It’s about optimizing and optimizing your equipment management for maximum performance.   

Increased ProductivityIncreased Productivity

Do you want your employees to be dedicated and productive, and also offer them the latest and greatest apps? Well, Android Enterprise takes care of that. It’s like having your own software curator, ensuring that your team can always access the latest and most relevant apps.  

With Android Enterprise, your employees can easily fasten their work operations. This increases productivity and efficiency. They can call their teammates in case of emergency, manage their schedules on their mobile devices, and even manage to stay connected to managers at fieldwork.   

Furthermore, Android Enterprise enables you to efficiently manage application management, allowing you to deploy, update, and manage apps across the organization. This gives your team access to the latest and most relevant software, increasing productivity.   

Scalability for Growing BusinessesFuture-Ready Business

Another key benefit of investing in telecom software development and adopting Android Enterprise is that it prepares your business for the future. Android Enterprise ensures you not only keep up but also lead the way. It offers a variety of devices from a variety of manufacturers, allowing you to hand-select the one that is perfect for your business.  

Your employees can easily communicate and work with the mobile phones of their choice. They can use enterprise applications without logging in, just like they would any other app on their smartphone. That ultimately helps deliver a truly digital experience for users.  

Cost OptimizationCost Optimization

Finally, let’s touch on how Android Enterprise can be a cost-saving ace up your company’s sleeve. It’s all about making sure every dollar counts.  

Imagine this: Android Enterprise brings a toolbox that simplifies device setup, makes app deployment a breeze, and even lets you troubleshoot issues remotely. This means your IT team isn’t burning the midnight oil on these tasks.  

Think of it as having a team of efficiency experts for your tech department. They save you time, effort, and, importantly, money. It’s cost optimization in action, ensuring your company’s financial resources are put to the best possible use.

What Features Do You Get with Android Enterprise?

So, now that you have made up your mind to invest in enterprise Android app development let us explore the top features that you can enjoy for your business. Android Enterprise is a robust tool offered by Google to help you bring mobility to your business via cutting-edge mobile devices and apps.  

But how does it do that? Well, by offering this wide range of features:   

Work ProfilesWork Profiles

The main feature offered by Android Enterprise Solutions is business information. It is a fantastic functionality that allows you to use your device for both work-related tasks and personal activities. Business profiles ensure that these two parts of your digital life remain completely separate. This means your business email, apps, and data are safe, while your personal information remains untouched.  

Zero-Touch EnrolmentZero-Touch Enrolment

Zero-touch enrollment is another feature of Android Enterprise for your company. This highly efficient feature is your helper in saving time, especially when dealing with multiple devices.  

Let’s learn more about this by example! For example, you can have an entire group or a set of devices. Zero-touch makes this process much easier. All you have to do is power the devices, and they take care of the rest. No more manual processes, no more hassle.  

It’s like a dedicated team of tech experts optimizing the system for you. This means significant time savings, allowing you to focus on more subtle tasks while devices take better care of themselves.   

Application ManagementApplication Management

Another handy tool from Android Enterprise is application management. With Application Management, you can decide which apps go on the mobile devices, make sure they’re always up-to-date and even wave goodbye to any you don’t need anymore. It’s like having a remote control for all your apps, keeping everything shipshape and under your command.  

Security EnhancementsSecurity Enhancements

Security and agility are other features you can enjoy in enterprise Android app development. Consider this scenario: Your company’s devices contain sensitive information. Security improvements ensure that this data remains more secure. Here’s how it works.  

First, there is ‘Secure Boot,’ which acts as a dangerous gatekeeper, allowing only authorized access. Then there’s ‘encryption,’ which turns your data into code that only your team can decipher. Moreover, regular updates act as a vigilant sentinel, constantly protecting against possible threats.   

Remote ManagementRemote Management

The remote control is a real game-changer on Android Enterprise. It’s like having a remote control for your company’s devices, even when you are miles away.  

This feature is especially helpful in situations where one of your company’s devices goes missing or encounters a problem. With remote management, you’ll be able to control it. You can troubleshoot issues, repair settings, and even delete data from that device, all remotely.  

Kiosk ModeKiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode in Android Enterprise allows devices to restrict specific apps or functionality for special use cases. It ensures a focused and controlled experience, whether it’s customer engagement, self-service, or digital displays. With a customizable setting, you have complete control over the functionality and content of your device.  

VPN SupportVPN Support

VPN support is also a strong feature offered by enterprise Android apps. Android Enterprise ensures that your company’s most valuable resources remain secure and accessible, no matter where your team members work.  

It acts as an active gatekeeper, verifying identity and allowing access only to employees in various locations or company offices. Whether your team uses their own devices or those provided by the company, Android Enterprise is like a digital security profile, ensuring that your company’s data is protected, no matter when or where you are. This provides peace of mind and allows your team to work safely virtually anywhere.  

Managed Google PlayManaged Google Play

Imagine you’ve got a bunch of apps that your team uses for work. Instead of everyone going to the app store and downloading stuff themselves, Managed Google Play lets you handle it all from one place. With this feature, you can decide which apps your team should have, and you can even push them out to their devices without them having to do anything. It’s super handy for keeping everything in check.  

Compliance EnforcementCompliance Enforcement

You’ve got certain rules and standards for how your company’s gadgets should behave. Maybe it’s about keeping them secure or making sure they follow company policies. Compliance Enforcement, a feature of Android enterprise, steps in to make sure these rules are followed. It’s like a friendly but firm reminder to your devices: “Hey, you need to play by the company’s rules.”  

If a device doesn’t follow these rules, Compliance Enforcement can take action, like giving a gentle nudge or even temporarily blocking access until the device gets back in line.  

So, in a nutshell, it’s like having a digital supervisor for your tech gadgets. Simple and effective, just how we like it!   

Advanced NetworkingAdvanced Networking

Finally, we have advanced networking as a feature of Android Enterprise mobile app development. It gives you extra control over how they connect to the internet and other networks. So, if you need to set up something special or make sure things run smoothly, this feature has your back.   

Getting Started with Android Enterprise – How to Implement Enterprise Mobility Services in Your Business

So, we are at the most awaited section of our blog post – implementing enterprise mobility services via Android Enterprise. Getting started with Android Enterprise is an easy task. However, it requires some careful evaluations and assistance at certain places, which only an experienced digital transformation services provider can offer.   

Hence, before proceeding further with the implementation, make sure to partner with a trusted digital transformation service provider who has experience with custom app development based on telecom.   

You can simply contact our experts over a free 30-minute consultation call to get professional enterprise mobility services for your business!   

Step 1- Identify Your Needs

The first and foremost step to Android Enterprise implementation is to identify your needs. You need to be very specific about the processes that can be optimized via Android Enterprise. If you are starting new, we would strongly suggest you opt for technology consulting services as it will give you a better picture of what will work for your business and how you can trace results from the implementation.   

With business and technology consulting services, you can make sure that your investment is put in the right place. So, seek a trusted digital consulting partner for your project and make sure they know what you’re looking for in terms of device management, security, and functionality.  

Step 2 – Choose the Right Enterprise Mobility Service Provider

Once the requirements are analyzed, the next and most crucial step is to select a trusted software engineering company that has expertise in offering business-focused enterprise mobility services. Your technology partner should have experience in delivering Android enterprise applications and services to other companies globally. Apart from that, the company should also offer a wide array of other professional services, including (but not limited to) technology and business consulting, UI/UX, security testing, functional testing, cloud migration, DevOps consulting, VoIP services, AI/ML/IoT implementation, etc.    

Furthermore, explore the portfolios as they convey a lot about the expertise of your technology partner. Check for customer reviews and only select the one that offers flexible hiring models to hire Android developers for your project.   

Well, Matellio fulfills all these criteria and is also a trusted name when it comes to enterprise Android app development. You can connect with us to learn more about our portfolios and offerings.   

Step 3 – Define Your Policies and Set Up Google Workspace

Step three of Android Enterprise implementation is defining the policies and setting up the account. In this step, you need to sit down with your enterprise mobility service provider to decide what should be the rules for your company’s devices.   

You can say things like, “Only these specific apps can be used,” or “We want super strong locks on our digital doors to keep things safe,” or even “Our clubhouse members need to be able to send and receive emails from their work accounts.”   

Once that is done, you need to move forward to set up a Google Workspace account. Well, if you don’t already have Google Workspace, don’t worry. Your technology partner can help you get it set up. That’s why you should always partner with a company that is an expert in setting up all these accounts and creating a modern Android application for your enterprise.    

Step 4 – Your Technology Partner Takes Over

Okay, so you’ve got your rules (policies) all set up in step three. Now, it’s like you’re passing the keys to the EMSP, who are like the experts who know all about Android Enterprise. So, what will they do?  

Enrolling Your Devices

They take your devices and make sure they’re ready to follow your rules (policies).   

Installing Apps and Settings

Now, your company might need certain apps, like a special work email app or a cool calendar. The technology partner will make sure these apps are added to your devices.    

Keeping Things Secure

Last but not least, your enterprise mobility service providers are like a security guard for your devices. They’ll set up locks and alarms to keep your devices safe from any digital “bad guys.”     

Step 5 – Ongoing Support

The final step in Android Enterprise deployment is support and maintenance. Your hired business mobility provider should provide ongoing support to ensure everything runs smoothly. If issues arise or you need to change your plans, they will be there to help.   

Hiring dedicated developers from a trusted software engineering company can take a lot of the technical work off your plate, leaving you with tools ready to go and a partner to help maintain it. So, take a look and be sure to hire the best company that fits your business needs perfectly and offers professional services under one roof!

That’s Where Matellio Comes In!

As a leading software engineering studio and a trusted digital transformation partner for companies worldwide, we can help you implement a business-focused enterprise mobility solution based on Android Enterprise. With a wealth of experience, we have been at the forefront of accelerating the digital transformation strategies of companies on a global scale.  

For instance, we worked closely with a telecom company, just like yours, and did a few innovative things for them. We created Android apps for their business, set up VoIP services (which are like making phone calls over the internet), and even developed a “push to talk” app for quick communication.    

But that’s not all! We’ve also crafted solutions to help companies manage all their mobile devices and keep them secure.   

Client’s Problem

Our client is a key player in the telecom sector. They were seeking enterprise mobile app development services using next-gen tech that can digitize their complete workspace. Their mobile devices were designed for on-site professionals, aiming to consolidate various communication tools into one handy device. However, they were up against a trio of hurdles: speeding up their product launch, ensuring secure communications, and crafting new products, all while keeping engineering costs in check and risks at bay.  

Services Provided

We built various mobile devices that can facilitate remote communication and digitization of traditional telecom services.  


  • Wi-Fi calling and audio via LTE(VPN)  
  • Integration with call servers  
  • Call management, including multiple active calls  
  • Do not disturb  
  • Transfer, forward, conference calls  
  • Voicemail  
  • Speed dial  
  • Audio options include Bluetooth, speakerphone, headset  
  • Call history, contacts, LDAP integration  
  • Emergency call management  
  • Failover Failback  

Tech Stack Used

  • Qt   
  • C/C++   
  • VanSIP / SIP   
  • Linux   
  • RTOS   
  • RTP/RTCP  

So, just like we’ve done for others, we can do the same for you. We’re here to make your business shine in the digital world, and we’ve got the skills and experience to make it happen. Let’s connect over a free 30-minute consultation call and see how we can get started on your digital success story!

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