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Launch an all-in-one app like Doctor On Demand with your choice of tech-stack and features, and witness better revenues and easy management with improved online presence.
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What is Doctor On Demand?

Doctor on Demand is a market-first virtual healthcare solution that aims to reduce the waiting time of the patients while offering them the best healthcare consulting. With this unique and feature-rich on-demand doctor app, the patients can easily book the appointments with their expert doctor at their choice of time while sitting at home or offices. Not just that, Doctor On Demand even helps the professionals to manage their schedule and earn more. Due to its magnificent benefits and low-cost investment, today, global healthcare clinics and institutes are investing in a custom Doctor On Demand clone.
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Huge User Base
Huge User-Base

With virtual healthcare becoming popular, you can enjoy better profits and a huge user-base for your Doctor On Demand clone.

Futuristic Model

Get futuristic models and tested marketing strategies of the original app to make your own Doctor On Demand clone a hit.

Improved Brand Value
Improved Brand Value

Improve your brand value and make your healthcare services accessible across the globe with an on-demand doctor app.

Boosted Revenues
Boosted Revenues

Get much higher revenues, easy profits, and 100% returns on your total investments at less time and with less effort.

Unique Features of Doctor On Demand Clone to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for your Doctor On Demand clone that make your doctor appointment app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
Add Doctors
Add Doctors

Add doctors to your Doctor on Demand clone, and offer the best healthcare services to your users while making profits.

Add Users

Add new users to your app and manage the existing ones with all their information stored in a secured manner.

Total Bookings
Total Bookings

Keep a track of all the appointments booked through your on-demand doctor app with time and doctor’s name.

Online Commissions
Online Commissions

Easily deduct your specific commission percentage and send the remaining amount to the concerned doctor through the app.

Customer Support
Customer Support

Solve all your user queries, and automate your customer care process with an ML-based chatbot integration.

Record Management
Record Management

Securely manage all the medical records of your patients and doctors in an electronic means and offer access-based rights.

Subscription Models
Subscription Models

Increase your app’s revenues and make it beneficial for your specific users with subscription-based models.

Centralized Dashboard

Get every medical record and appointment requests along with market trends and user-analytics in real-time.

Create Profile
Create Profile

Enable your users to create the profile and submit their medical history and treatments they are currently undergoing.

Choose Doctors

Offer a long list of professional doctors that are expert in their field to your patients and ensure the best treatment.

Online Appointment

Offer ease to your users to book the appointments of their favorite experts as per their schedule while sitting remotely.

Video Consultation

Facilitate better and smooth communication by connecting the doctors with their patients through audio/video calling.

Report Sharing

offer the best healthcare services to your patients by facilitating online report sharing through your Doctor On Demand clone.

Urgent Care
Urgent Care

Make it apt for the users to locate and visit the nearest healthcare centre and connect with their doctors in real-time through the app.

Add Insurance

Integrate insurance plans of the patients in their accounts and help them access all the services through your on-demand doctor app.

Medication Reminder
Medication Reminder

Offer timely help and regular medication reminders to your patients and make your Doctor On Demand clone successful.

Create Profile
Create Profile

Help the doctors to create their detailed profile including their experience, ratings, and other certificates to get more patients.

Manage Schedule
Manage Schedule

Enable your healthcare partners to manage their schedule and edit it in case of emergency via Doctor On Demand clone.

Accept Request
Accept Requests

Increase the chances of better earnings for your doctors by sending them real-time booking requests instantly.

Video Calls

Help the doctors to connect with their patients through audio/video call and offer the best healthcare services.

Online Prescriptions
Online Prescriptions

Make it easy for the healthcare professionals to share online prescriptions with the patients through your doctor app.

Total Earnings
Total Earnings

Offer a centralized dashboard to help doctors view their total appointments and earnings made during the day.

Medical History

Enable the healthcare partners to view the complete medical history and ongoing treatment of the patient in a secure mode.

User Ratings
User Ratings

Enhance the services of your doctors and increase their chances of earnings by offering them user-ratings and reviews.

Expand Your Healthcare Services Across the Globe

Reach millions of patients without any efforts and make profits easily with our professional, custom, and budget-friendly Doctor on Demand clone.
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How does Doctor on Demand Clone Work?

Offer ease and efficiency to your patients and doctors while enhancing the remote healthcare services with your on-demand doctor app. Here’s how the Doctor On Demand clone works.
  • 1
    Book Appointment

    The user has to register on the app, select a suitable doctor, and has to book an online appointment for expert consultation.

  • 2
    Schedule Confirmation

    Once the appointment request is made by the user, it is sent to the admin and the concerned doctor where it is then confirmed.

  • 3
    Online Payments

    Post appointment confirmation, users need to pay consultation fees using any channel, or by adding their insurance plan.

  • 4
    Video Consultation

    Finally, at the time and date of the schedule, the doctors consult with the patients either through audio/video call or through in-app chat.

How Much Does Doctor On Demand Clone Cost?

Launch your dedicated on demand doctor app and offer fully digital healthcare experience to your patients. Connect with our experts for an efficient Doctor On Demand clone.

Developing a custom on-demand doctor app calls for accurate requirement gathering and complex data analysing. In order to create an app as per your needs we need to involve many resources and tools that impacts the overall cost of app development. However, one cannot predict the exact cost of app development before analysing your ideas and requirements, and that same is true for your Doctor On Demand clone. Hence, the best way to get an exact quote for your on-demand doctor app is to connect with our experts over a free 30-minute consultation.   

Core Technologies Behind App Like Doctor On Demand

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Doctor On Demand clone?

Doctor on Demand clone is an on-demand telehealth app development service that deals with the creation and deployment of custom appointment cooking apps. With a dedicated Doctor On Demand clone, you can easily schedule your online appointments, manage the daily routine, track your patients remotely, and can earn better profits. The app is built with your choice of features, budget, and requirements. 

2. Is Doctor On Demand successful?

Yes, the virtual telehealth apps like Doctor On Demand have today gained a huge momentum due to their many versatile benefits. Right from offering ease and better remote healthcare services to patients across the globe to streamlining the appointments and schedules of the doctors, Doctor On Demand has many robust functionalities. Besides, with easy management, the clinics can earn more while satisfying their patient’s needs.   

3. How can I monetize my Doctor On Demand clone?

There are many ways through which you can earn better revenues for your Doctor On Demand clone. For instance, you can offer subscription models to your users in exchange for specific features and benefits. Apart from that, you can even charge a nominal fee for sharing reports, and for video consultation. Displaying third-party ads on your Doctor On Demand clone is also one way of generating extra revenues easily.  

4. How do you make an app like Doctor On Demand?

To create an on-demand doctor app like Doctor On Demand, you need to follow some critical steps like, 

  • Select a suitable development model based on your needs 
  • Look for an experienced telehealth app development company 
  • Choose next-gen features, and technology stack 
  • Opt for a suitable mobile app development platform 
  • Hire dedicated team of engineers 
  • Create MVP with an aesthetic design 
  • Follow agile methodology for app development 
  • Test your app 
  • Deploy on various platforms 

5. What can I use Doctor On Demand for?

You can use your custom Doctor On Demand clone at various places including large hospitals, clinics, or for your own purpose. This unique and futuristic app can be used to provide your healthcare services to remote areas, while making your day simple and profitable. Besides, the startups can also use this to make their profitable entry in the telehealth market.  

6. What are other popular telehealth apps like Doctor on Demand?

There are many other popular telehealth apps like Doctor On Demand app that can be used to create your on-demand doctor clone. To name a few, we have: 

  • Amwell  
  • Talkspace  
  • Teladoc  
  • BCBSM Online Visits  
  • Spruce  
  • Telehealth by SimplePractice  
  • DocsApp

7. What all resources will I need for creating a custom Doctor On Demand clone?

For a feature-rich, smooth, and efficient Doctor On Demand clone, you need to invest in multiple resources and tools that are in-trend and effective, like: 

  • Expert consultation service 
  • Front-end developer 
  • Backend developer 
  • UI/UX engineer 
  • API developer 
  • Tester 
  • Project manager 
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Digital Marketing executive, and more 

You can either hire all these or can easily outsource your project to an experienced app development company for a budget-friendly and efficient on-demand doctor app.

8. Are you the copyright owner of Doctor On Demand?

No, we are not the copyright owners of the Doctor On Demand app. However, with our years-long expertise and access to some of the best resources across the globe, we can ensure you a fully custom and similar on-demand doctor app that resembles Doctor On Demand. You get a custom Doctor On Demand clone matching your business standards and requirements.