How to Build a Dedicated Developer Team?


The worldwide outsourcing market appears to be expanding at an exponential rate nowadays. That’s obvious, given that IT outsourcing helps hundreds of businesses around the world gain a competitive advantage by making them more effective and adaptable. The dedicated development team approach can be an ideal choice for both existing enterprises and startups as it’s transparent and profitable. A rising number of businesses are opting to work with outsourcing companies that provide a dedicated team of experts and continuously utilize this collaboration approach.

But, working with a dedicated team is effective, and if so, why is that so trendy? In our blog, we answer all of these questions.

Also, in this blog, we define a dedicated team, highlight the primary benefits of a dedicated team model, and lead you through the process of forming a dedicated development team.

So, without any further ado, let’s quickly start with:

Dedicated Development Team: Quick Overview

A dedicated team of developers is a team of professionals given by the software development vendor who has predetermined credentials and skill sets to handle current and existing software development activities for your company. Typically, a specialized development team augments or enhances an organization’s existing software development competence.

The dedicated development team model is ideal for companies who really need to dramatically increase development resources fast or complement their development teams with unique or highly specialized skills.

The dedicated team strategy can help your organization in a variety of ways, including enabling you to expand up or down immediately as needed, lowering development costs, and shortening development time. Whilst also keeping full control over the project’s vision, milestones, and deliverables.

The dedicated team model is the best option for mid-to-long-term application development with flexible scope and requirements. Until the project is completed, a dedicated development team works seamlessly into the client’s business. The client can handle their dedicated team in the same way that they would their in-house team, with the exception that they don’t have to worry about recruiting, administrative support, or the associated costs.

What is an Ideal Structure of a Dedicated Development Team?

The structure of a dedicated development team depends on the task. The team structure for app development is different from web development team. For better understanding, we’ve mentioned the best team structure for web, app, and software development tasks.

Team for Software Development

A diverse team’s configuration and professional level have a significant impact on a software project’s success. Include the following individuals in your dedicated software development team for the best results.

SCRUM-masterSCRUM Master

Among the most important responsibilities in the Agile process is the Scrum Master. They perform the role of a team facilitator and are in charge of resolving any issues that can prevent the development team from meeting the objectives of the product. The scrum master is also accountable for the team’s interactions with tools and processes, client participation in contract negotiations, and adapting to changes in software development plans.


Before a solution is built and used, the business analyst is in charge of converting business demands into requirements and ensuring they are accurately documented. By tracking a project’s progress and providing technical specifications, this person acts as a link between the product owner and the developers.

Front-end-back-end-developersFront-End/Back-End Developers

The developers are responsible for building the software products and writing the code. In addition to coding, they are in charge of communicating with the Project Manager regularly. Front-end developers are in charge of communication across the business logic layers and concentrate primarily on the view layer of the software application. As opposed to front-end developers, back-end developers write code for the data & business logic layers.

Project-managerProject Manager

The project manager’s (PM) primary responsibility is to oversee the software project. They must’ve been aware of the “who, which one, where, when, and why” of the software plan to ensure that the project goals are met. Additionally, they are responsible for managing the development team and efficiently interacting with the clients.

Team-lead Team Lead

The team lead is responsible for overseeing the overall effectiveness of the software development team and making sure that everyone is motivated and well organized. In short, a team lead is in charge of ensuring everyone on the team gets along. They keep tabs on the project’s completion. They also assume the role of a coach or mentor and are responsible for making sure the development team has all the tools necessary to finish the project and respond fast to any problems that may emerge.  

  • UI/UX Designers – Preparing or creating the user interface is the UI/UX designer’s primary responsibility. They exchange client-specific material, images, and style cues. They focus on creating solutions to fulfil the expectations and needs of front-end developers.
  • Testers – In the software development team, software testers are of utmost importance. They check to see if the software solution satisfies the operational needs. Furthermore, they guarantee that the software project is devoid of faults, flaws, and defects.  

Make sure that the dedicated software development team you hire are experts in the following technologies: 

  • Frameworks – ExpressJS, NodeJS, ReactJS, VueJS, PHP, Laravel, Angular 
  • Languages – PHP, Java, Kotlin, C#, .NET, Python


Team for Web Development

The web development team is quite complex. It is composed of a diverse team of specialists who are in charge of various sets of tasks. To make it simple for you to comprehend how the complete team collaborates to create a fully functional website, we have categorized the roles and responsibilities of each expert. So, take a look!


The thoughts and aspirations are conjured up by this professional, who then converts them into technical specifications that the development team may follow. The developer team begins working on the project within the framework created by these standards.

Front-end Developers

The initial part of a website that users can see and interact with is the front-end. As an example, consider a website page that has been opened in a browser and all the elements that it contains. The front-end developer creates the codes that control how the website’s features and design aspects function using techniques like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap.

Project Manager

Throughout the entire process of developing a website, a project manager keeps everyone connected. Using the project’s blueprint as a guide, the project manager collects data regarding the project’s requirements and deadlines. Also, the project manager keeps in touch with the client frequently.

Back-end Developers

Back-end developers’ work is done in the background. They develop the server-side code that outlines the solution’s logic, structure, and functionality and manage numerous integrations, such as connecting to third-party plugins and addons or the CMS. To build the logic and ensure the web application is functional, they use a variety of programming languages and frameworks, including PHP,.Net, Ruby, Python, MYSQL, etc.

DevOps Developers

Developing your website architecture to the next level is the primary responsibility of a DevOps Developer. Code, automated procedures, and scalable, reliable, and customized cloud solutions for all makeup infrastructure. The DevOps team ensures that the website is quick, safe, and accessible to users everywhere.

QA Engineers

On the team building the website, quality assurance (QA) engineers play a crucial role. Before the website is ever launched, the QA engineer’s primary responsibility is to identify the bugs. Identifying the issues early on in the development process can reduce overall costs. To guarantee the website’s functioning and usability from the very start to the end, they run both manual and automated code testing checks. 

Make sure that the dedicated web development team you hire are experts in the following technologies: 

  • Programming Languages – Python, Java, PHP 
  • Frameworks – Angular, React, NodeJS, VueJS, Django, Laravel,  
  • Database – MySQL, MongoDB,   

The best way to develop a specialized web development team is to collaborate with a staff augmentation company. To cover your web development needs, these companies provide development teams and an IT team. As part of your team or to boost your internal resources, you can hire DevOps developers, architects, QA engineers, project managers, and tech professionals.   

Team for App Development

It’s crucial to think about the team’s precise structure before you begin hiring professionals.  

Business strategists, developers, quality assurance professionals, and sales and marketing experts typically make up an efficient mobile app development team. Let’s explore their roles and responsibilities in more detail.

Project Manager

From the beginning to the finish of a project, a project manager is responsible for adhering to the quality, timeframe, and budget that have been established. Assigning duties to the development team, setting sprint periods, prioritizing activities, determining the cost of your project and staying within your budget, and improving communication between you, the customer, and the developers are all tasks that project managers perform.

UI/UX Designers

The UI/UX Designer is the next crucial professional you require on your team to create your app. As the name suggests, a designer’s key duties include working with documentation and developing fundamental wireframes. Additionally, the primary duty of the UI/UX designer is to create an app that is easy to use, intuitive, intriguing, and engaging to deliver a positive user experience.

Back-end Developers

Back-end developers are yet another crucial team member that you can’t afford to overlook when building a dedicated app development team. The back-end developer is in charge of maintaining a server and also operational logic and cloud storage. Also, make sure that they have practical experience with a programming language like Java,.Net, Python, PHP, or Ruby.

Android/iOS Developers

The development languages and specifications for the iOS and Android operating systems are different. Because of this, every platform needs its own team of developers. The technical parts of creating mobile apps are typically handled by Android and iOS developers.

QA Testers

A quality assurance (QA) expert’s primary duty is to keep an eye on each stage of the development of mobile apps to make sure that the application and design adhere to all specifications, find app flaws and bugs as soon as they arise, and help you meet project delivery schedules and budget constraints.

Make sure that the dedicated app development team you hire are experts in the following technologies: 

  • For Android – Kotlin, Java, an expert in Android Studio, .NET
  • For iOS – Swift, Objective C, Xcode IDE
  • Other languages & frameworks – Python, Ruby, React Native, Flutter, Xamarin  

Are you lacking time to hire each IT specialist individually? Relax; staff augmentation services can assist you. They will conduct a recruiting process on your behalf once you simply inform them of your specifications.

When Do You Need a Dedicated Development Team? Key Reasons!

A dedicated software development team is a type of manpower outsourcing that can come in handy in various situations. The major reason is most likely: – 

  • Lack of funds 
  • Time constraints 
  • Lack of industry knowledge
  • Lack of expertise in the in-house development team
  • Committed to long-term project
  • Want to access a large pool of talents 
  • Lack of resources 

In-House vs Dedicated Development Team: Which One is Best for Businesses?

Here are some key differences: –


Dedicated development team  In-house team 


High  Low 

Overhead cost 



Associated risk  Low 


Flexibility  Flexible  

Less flexible compared to a dedicated development team 

As you’ve seen the reasons to hire a dedicated development team, it’s time to check

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What are the Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team?

The top benefits of hiring a dedicated team of developers are:-


High Engagement

One of the most significant benefits of a dedicated development team is that they are completely dedicated to your project and effectively become an extension of your company. A dedicated development team becomes fully immersed in your organization’s culture, policies, values, and goals. They follow the management methods and methodologies that you desire. Your dedicated development team is entirely at your disposal, focusing completely on your project and dedicated to achieving your goals without interruption. With a high level of participation, the team is able to gain a better understanding of your company’s demands, enabling them to be more effective and productive in achieving your objectives.

Faster Time-to-market

The second undeniable advantage of working with a dedicated development team is the ability to time-to-market. A dedicated team of developers will come in handy if you need to develop a product swiftly without sacrificing quality. While you avoid diverting your in-house team from the main project, outsourcing professionals will focus on the quality of your adjoining project.

Proactive Support & Maintenance

When you employ a dedicated development team, their job isn’t done once the product is designed, developed, and delivered to you. They also provide skilled help before, during, and after the deployment of the changes in your workplace. Technical assistance is something that any devoted development team worth their weight would take pride in, and it’s something to remember about when choosing a company to work with. These groups can also assist in training your full-time employees on how to use the new procedures or systems they’ve created. Furthermore, even if you’ve only engaged them for a one-time assignment, they keep backups of the product in their systems.

Reduced Risk

When you engage dedicated, experienced developers, you can rest assured that they will get the job complete while keeping the risks of transitions and operations in consideration. You don’t have to be concerned about attempting to achieve things on your own that you are unlikely to be capable of. As a result, a skilled group can provide you with a risk-free outcome.


Putting together a team of developers for a project may be a time-consuming and financially stressful process. You’ll indeed have to devote time and money to finding applicants, taking into account their experience and hard and soft abilities. Aside from the search and recruitment costs, putting together a team on your own entails’ major administrative costs such as additional office space and management, equipment, training, and others. On the other hand, when you hire a dedicated development team, you don’t have to bother about screening, recruitment, or management. All of the viable applicants have gathered in one location, have everything they require to work on your project and are ready to begin as soon as you are. Building a dedicated development team is much less expensive and easier than recruiting in-house developers, and it delivers the same, if not better, results while freeing up resources for other critical operations.

How to Build a Dedicated Development Team? Key Points to Consider!

The following is a typical procedure for hiring a team of dedicated developers: –


Note Your Requirements

Spend some time assessing your business requirements prior to putting together a dedicated development team or outsourcing this initiative to a third-party vendor. Then, based on this demand, develop clearly stated targets. This should include parameters like the project’s scope, advantages, and desired objectives.

Make a JD

When writing a job description, be as clear as possible. A full description will assist you in selecting the most professional team with the least amount of time spent. It will tell you if a committed team is unable to execute your project.

Do Some Research

Check referrals, experience, portfolio, and customer reviews before deciding on a dedicated development team. Check to see if the team has worked on projects comparable to yours before. If that’s the case, look into the number of projects they’ve completed, the types of clients they’ve worked with, and the technology stack they use for such projects. This will offer you a good indication of their ability to generate results that meet your requirements. Consider arranging interviews and skill assessments for different team members prior to bringing them in for long-term projects.

Communicate with Them

There’s a good chance you’ll have a huge list of developers on your hands. However, you’ll have to choose one with an effective communication style.

When you’ve decided on a remote team, set up a call with them to talk about things in detail, and express your thoughts on the project, its special requirements, and your project objectives in an appropriate manner.

Discuss timeframes and an engagement model to gain a better understanding of the team’s approach. Efficient communication guarantees that you and the team are on the same page and an efficient workflow, which contributes to enhanced service quality.

Check Their Security Practices

If security standards are critical to your project, you’ll want to make sure that any dedicated development company you hire has the right credentials. When you hire a professional development team, maintaining rigorous security standards from the beginning helps to ensure a secure project.

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Sign NDA

Your ideas may be significant to you, but they may also be really beneficial to others. Teaming up with another company can provide them with access to your ideas as well as the technology for your platform, allowing them to steal your innovations. As a result, when you hire a dedicated development team, it’s critical to sign an NDA so that you’re legally protected in the event that someone tries to steal your intellectual property. To guarantee you’re covered as much as possible, the NDA should be signed by everyone involved in the project.

Why Hire a Dedicated Development Team from Matellio?

Matellio provides dedicated resources experienced in next-generation technologies with the flexibility to pick, manage, and expand resources as needed. Through continual project experience, our software development team has gained substantial insights, assisting clients’ companies with high-quality performance and speedier project deadlines. Our dedicated development team augmentation services are designed to help you save costs while giving you complete control over our expert IT development services. You can employ our crew on a flexible basis and rest certain that the work will be completed without complaint. You can also employ us to supplement your in-house teams with highly qualified individuals.

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Hire an expert, dedicated development team if you have a tech requirement that cannot be met internally. The dedicated development team’s knowledge and capabilities will be put to good use in delivering secure and assured results. The managed team model is a unique strategy for developing a technically solid product that is scalable, flexible, and adaptable while remaining cost-effective. Hiring a dedicated team of developers enables you to focus on your primary areas of expertise while also allowing you to advance technologically by giving your project their full attention. 

If you require a dedicated development team, contact us. 

From the beginning, we at Matellio guarantee top-notch quality. Our professionals bring your ideas to life while giving you a superior service, from assessing your business goals to addressing the challenges that need to be addressed before developing the solutions.


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