How Can AI Help Improve Customer Experience?

Updated on Jan 8th, 2024

AI for User Experience

Customer service has always remained a significant aspect of businesses, especially during the digital era. Late replies or inefficiency to solve a customer query take down the revenue numbers and even hampers the brand value of the businesses in this competitive market. That’s why the leading businesses today are making investments in AI to enhance their customer services. Yes, you heard it right! 

AI in customer experience has become a hot trend for the business world! Whether big or small, today’s leading businesses make great investments in AI to enhance their customer services. In fact, Microsoft predicts that by the year 2025, almost 95% of the customer interactions will be based on custom AI solutions and mobile applications. 

But, the main question is that how do these companies make use of AI in customer experience? In other words, how AI enhances the customer services of digital businesses? Let’s find answers to all such questions in our blog below!

Improve Customer experience with AI

How AI Enhances Customer Experience?

Right from offering detailed insights to understanding and analyzing the customer’s behavior in real-time, here’s how AI for customer experience is becoming a bigger trend for enterprises today!

1. Customer Behaviour Analysis

Getting the exact user behavior is quite beneficial, especially if you are related to customer-centric fields like retail and e-commerce. That’s where AI solutions come to play!

Today, the leading businesses are using computer vision applications and NLP to get an accurate analysis of customer behavior and their shopping patterns. The digital cameras in the store capture the user’s visuals, which are then analyzed by the computer vision application. Based on the results, the AI system then suggests the most suitable items to the user with discounts that they cannot refuse. 

All that increases the overall sales of the store while enhancing the customer’s shopping experience. The use of NLP in custom chatbots is also similar to that, except that in this AI application, the user-behavior and emotions are verified through their texts.

2. Voice-based Searches

Another crucial aspect that has been facilitating the use of AI for customer experience is voice-based applications. We all know that customers are king, and a happy customer is indeed a great source of marketing your brand in front of thousands of other people. That’s why to provide ease of shopping to the users, many online businesses today have made voice-based search a core feature of their website and mobile apps. 

With this unique AI functionality, the customers could search for relevant products/services on your site by using their voice commands. Not only that, but with voice recognition applications, your systems can even identify the users with their voice. They could then provide them personalized suggestions based on their past interaction with your brand. 

All that eases the user’s shopping experience, and eventually, you get happy and loyal customers for your brand!


3.Personalized Services

Another benefit of AI in customer service is that it facilitates personalization. Now, we all know that to succeed in today’s competitive market, personalization is the only key. The customers would like to get special services from their brands, whether it is special discounts, early access to sales, and updates about new products. 

However, analyzing customer loyalty and sending personalized messages to every customer may seem tedious to businesses. That’s where AI in customer experience comes to play! With the help of automated AI solutions, you can capture the customers’ accurate emotions and sentiments with respect to individual products/services. From that, you could eventually target all those products that have fair to excellent user-experience.  

All in all, with smart AI solutions, you could detect the personalized behavior of the customers with specific products/services and could then suggest similar products seamlessly. 

4. Conversational Chatbots

A chatbot is not a new term in the global market. Instead, it has become a much-needed aspect for the businesses of the digital era. However, with the recent advancements in the AI development sector, conversational chatbots have become global. Conversational chatbots are advanced AI applications that could easily understand and mimic human responses. 

These smart and user-friendly chatbots work without any human-dependency and offer the best possible solution to user problems in real-time. That means you do not need to have dedicated customer service employees 24/7 to attend to customer queries and other mails. 

But, wait, that’s not it! With conversational chatbots, you can even target your audiences in a better and more personalized manner. The smart AI capabilities of conversational chatbots analyze the user behavior from texts, calls, and mails and then offer you detailed insights from those conversations. You can use that to frame personalized marketing strategies such that the customers cannot deny it!

Implement Conversational Chatbot

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5. Efficient and Unsupervised Learning

Finally, we have another excellent use case of AI in customer experience – unsupervised learning. You may have often noticed that customer service is mostly a human-oriented job. That means the customers would only like to talk with a human resource rather than a machine. But, with the latest advancements in AI, that issue is also resolving slowly.

The use of NLP and conversational chatbots are today helping many big and small businesses to automate their customer service tasks completely. Right from generating emails to answering the queries based on the user’s emotions, AI in customer experience is slowly becoming a viral and profitable trend for enterprises. What’s your excuse for not investing in this trend?

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How Can You Leverage AI for Customer Experience?

Now, most of you might be thinking that how your business can leverage the benefits of AI in customer services? Well, the answer to that question is simple – by investing in custom AI solutions. And who better than Matellio could help you develop reliable and cost-effective AI solutions for your brand?

With years-long experience in delivering efficient AI solutions to startups and Fortune colonies, we are the leading choice for AI software development. Right from voice-recognition systems to smart AI applications and even computer vision solutions, our certified and experienced developers strive to deliver the best solutions satisfying your business needs. 

In only five steps, you can also develop an effective AI solution to enhance your customer experience.

  • Fill the Form

The first step to implement AI for customer experience is to fill our consultation form. To avail of our free expert consultation service, you need to provide some of your basic details like name, contact number, a valid special address, and a short message describing your requirements.

  • Consult with AI Experts

Once the form is submitted, our business analyst will schedule a meeting with you based on the timings suitable for both of you. You can then discuss your business requirements and any ideas regarding the implementation of AI for customer experience. Our AI experts will not only help you check the feasibility of your AI development idea but will even offer you the most trending insights of the market that could enhance your project. 

You could know about various tools and tech platforms that could be used to make your AI implementation successful and user-friendly. All in all, with expert consultation, you will be all set to make your business the most innovative and profitable that too cost-effectively.  

  • Choose the Best Features and Designs

    Features and design play a crucial role in the success of your custom software solution. Having at least two to three advanced features and an aesthetic design for your AI solution is very much needed to stand apart from your competitors. Hence, make sure to invest actively in UI/UX to make your AI solution user-friendly and accessible. You can even access our content resource to get a detailed insight into UI/UX.

  • Hire Professional AI Developers

Once your features and design are finalized, the next and most crucial step is to hire professional AI developers for your custom solution. You need to have a dedicated team of tech-savvy engineers to implement AI in customer experience success. For that, you can leverage our flexible hiring models that best suit your project and business needs. 

Furthermore, you can even utilize our staff augmentation services that enable you to hire our dedicated resources until your project is completed. That means our experienced developers will work on yur project dedicatedly till the project is successfully finished. 

So, choose the best model as per your needs, and implement AI for customer experience seamlessly. 

  • Test and Deploy

    The last and final step in our custom software development process is testing. Testing is the most crucial step as it detected the bugs and errors left unidentified during the AI development. 

    Hence, to ensure that your software is smooth and user-friendly, we offer manual and automated testing as an integral aspect of our development process. You can choose the most suitable one depending on your project needs and make your AI solution smooth and efficient.



With the advent of artificial intelligence in the global market, many things transformed significantly. Right from the implementation of RPA to facial recognition and conversational chatbots, the business sector took a huge leap of innovation using custom AI solutions and mobile apps. And today, AI in customer service is playing another major role in transforming the face of the global business sector.

 So, when the whole business world is following the trend of AI in customer service, why not you? Reach us today, and transform your business into a profitable next-gen organization. Plus, get a free consultation to avail the best ideas for your business.

Till then, Happy Reading!

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