How IoT Asset Management Solutions Are Beneficial For Healthcare?

Updated on Apr 10th, 2024


The pandemic will be marked by obvious and unexpected challenges and the consequences of the continued uncertainties. The healthcare domain has been under a lot of disturbance. COVID-19’s global epidemic sparked an unparalleled demand for medical supplies. It’s no surprise that as medical treatments become more advanced, the number of tailored devices, drugs, and tools needed by health care facilities keeps rising. Despite the unexpected surge in demand, hospitals and other treatment centers have been investing in healthcare asset tracking systems for some time. 

Healthcare is a huge industry, and the Internet of Things is gaining traction in the industry by boosting IoT healthcare solutions upkeep and management.  

Using IoT assets management solutions to maximize resource consumption and increase healthcare productivity levels improves the quality of care delivered and allows for a significantly faster reaction time in the event of an emergency.  

The main emphasis of IoT-based asset management solutions for tracking medical supplies states in the healthcare industry is to maximize the possibilities of patient safety and risk minimization, allowing clinicians to provide outstanding services.  

But, what exactly are IoT assets management solutions? Why are these solutions best suited for the healthcare industry?  

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  • In addition to HVAC control and physical security systems, healthcare professionals can leverage IoT systems.
  • In the case of an emergency, smart IoT asset management systems also include an SOS service and emergency buttons, which transmit fast notifications to a device.
  • The condition of the tools can also be checked using IoT sensors for any damage or malfunction so that it could be replaced as soon as possible.
  • During the projection period 2021-2026, the Asset Tracking Size was valued at Usd 17.14 billion in 2020 and is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 13.45 percent to USD 34.82 billion by 2026. 

What are IoT Assets Management Solutions? 

What are IoT Assets Management SolutionsIoT asset management solutions connect processes and tasks into a unified system, resulting in a one-handed ruling. Real-time analysis of the data, alarms, flexible edge management of assets, preventative maintenance, and real-time transparency, as well as automated processes.   

Digital asset management solutions allow for more efficient and comprehensive asset management, boosting the business’s operational efficiency. It also allows for developing new business models for monitoring asset performance throughout its lifecycle. It also assists organizations in identifying cost-cutting opportunities.   

Moving ahead, let’s talk about, 

Why are IoT-Based Asset Management Solutions best Suited for the Healthcare Industry? 

By incorporating IoT based asset management software, healthcare professionals can have direct exposure to data which will help healthcare professionals to find their medical tools whenever they need them. In short, this will allow healthcare professionals to work much more quickly, trying to access tools and materials as needed. IoT-based asset management devices make patient data more accessible, allowing hospital staff to give high-quality care to more individuals. Remote systems save the hospital time and resources by reducing costs and increasing efficiencies, reducing the risk of burnout among medical employees, and avoiding the inconvenience of travel for the patients. These monitors can also be used to guarantee that medical supplies are stored in the best possible condition. By allowing hospitals and other healthcare facilities to constantly monitor the temperature and relative humidity of their pharmaceuticals, they will be able to avoid any immediate complications that may develop. Apart from that, as per the reports by BioSpace, the worldwide IoT in the Healthcare market is expected to grow from USD 60.83 billion in 2019 to USD 260.75 billion by 2027, with a growth rate of 19.8% from 2019 to 2027.  

IoT-Based Assets Management Solutions Help in:
IoT allows for real-time monitoring of a patient’s health, resulting in lower costs.
Controlling drugstore and medicine inventory is a major concern for medical institutions. These are controlled efficiently and at lower costs with the aid of IoT solutions for asset management.
IoT in healthcare enables complete transparency so that evidence-based decisions can be made, and it leads to better patient satisfaction.
The data collected by these devices aid inefficient decisions for treatment plans, resulting in proper functioning with fewer errors and lower costs.


As you’ve seen the overview and usage of IoT-based asset management solutions, now it’s time to discuss,  

Benefits of using IoT Assets Management Solutions in the Healthcare Industry! 

Well, there are numerous benefits of using IoT for healthcare apps. Talking about benefits of IoT solutions for asset management are:


Easy to Manage Warehouse Inventory 

You could manage duties in the warehouses by delegating them to a linked sensor or RFID tags by using various smart IoT technologies. After that, the data is evaluated and saved on the cloud. You may check inventory details on the dashboard without having to enter any information manually. Sensors could be used to track items both inside and outside the warehouse. Managers can determine information in real-time by incorporating them into the system. 

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Reduces Theft Attacks 

IoT asset management solutions provide a far more comprehensive view of all key mobile assets across sites than an excel worksheet. With smart medical asset management, you can track, monitor, and retrieve your stolen products much faster, whether patient beds and walkers to dialysis machines, ventilators, and other essential components. In the case of emergencies, Smarter Technologies’ smart IoT asset management systems include an SOS service and panic buttons, which transmit fast notifications to a mobile device.  

No Inventory Shortage 

By automated hospital inventory management, RFID tags can help to simplify this procedure. Using portable scanners, personnel could read labels on hospital drugs and amend their records promptly. Because of the prevalence of counterfeit medicines, verifying the validity of the drugs is also a serious concern. To identify their drug supply, hospitals must be extra cautious and employ RFID tags. To avoid inventory shortages, IoT-enabled hospital asset tracking systems can be utilized to characterize a minimum cutoff point. When this level is reached, automated purchase orders are executed.  

Ensures better Assets Tracking & Management 

Conventional asset management solutions conveyed data, including tracking details, data obtained, audit logs, and so forth, but they required a lot of human interaction and were inaccurate. IoT-enabled asset management uses sensors to track and monitor assets in real-time. On your devices, you may access complete information such as asset condition, location, and operating performance at any time. This will aid you in cost reduction, inventory optimization, process efficiency, and non-compliance elimination. 

Furthermore, the IoT asset management system can easily handle tedious chores, such as data collecting, operations management, and compliance requirements, allowing organizations to boost flexibility.  

Ensures Easy Scheduling of Maintenance 

Most hospitals employ surgical products and machinery on a daily basis, and they must be sanitized on a regular basis to avoid infection in both patients and hospital employees. IoT based asset management solution can assist you in creating routine maintenance for all of your medical tools and equipment. You can keep track of planned maintenance in real-time and be informed when fixes are required. Through automatic medical equipment tracking, IoT development also assist you in maintaining and updating tool records, as well as the maintenance history of each instrument. To maximize the life of your equipment, you can also give particular maintenance instructions as advised by the manufacturers.  

Ensures Predictive Maintenance 

Hospitals employ cutting-edge technology, which can sometimes save or prolong living things. IoT devices can monitor how well this equipment is working, preventing problems caused by interruptions or system failures. If a problem arises, you can notify medical staff and get any necessary repairs completed before the machine breaks down. Predictive maintenance is not only more cost-effective, but it also maintains important equipment like scanners and ventilators functioning at optimal performance.  

Overwhelmed by the benefits? Want to create a similar solution for your business? Then never forget the MVP approach.  

Why so? Let’s talk! 

Why Following the MVP Approach is Beneficial for Healthcare App Development? 

In the healthcare industry, MVP development has made advances. MVPs enable healthcare businesses to effectively respond to market demands and enhance resource consumption, making the innovation process more dependable and cost-effective. The agile methodology to MVP development lets you test your idea without committing all of your resources. You can launch a healthcare business app idea with an MVP and test it rapidly. This method also aids in the early identification of demand. It helps a company from putting all of its efforts, energy, resources, and other resources into a product without knowing whether or not customers would like it. If you’re considering developing an MVP for the healthcare industry, you should proceed with caution, as this is a highly regulated industry. Before releasing an MVP, you must comply with several legal requirements, including HIPAA and FDA regulations. That is why it is preferable to engage with the right healthcare technology consulting experts so that they can help you in understanding the relation between the MVP approach and your application success. 



The Internet of Things is the future of the healthcare industry. It’s no wonder that savvy IoT asset management solutions will help the healthcare business more than any other; it will help owners and managers to monitor data directly from their devices easily. If you’re looking forward to a solution for managing your assets, get started now!  

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