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Hire experienced developers from Matellio to build a robust digital asset management software with powerful features like smart search, version control, and data analytics to meet your business’s custom requirements most efficiently.
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    What is

    Asset Management Software for Your Digital Assets

    Digital asset management software is a robust tool for the media and entertainment industry that helps businesses in managing their digital assets with greater efficiency. With tools like asset creation, smart storage, distributed processing, sharing, etc., we help the companies streamline their asset management effectively. You can also invest in modern cloud based digital asset management software development and big data analytics to scale your business with Matellio.
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    Cost Savings

    Offer cost savings with a single solution for multiple services like encoding, file sharing, etc.

    Improved Reliability

    Secured access to digital assets for complete reliance on their consistency and accuracy.

    Maintenance Tracking

    With version control functionality, software can track every change made to any digital asset.

    Improved Security

    The software ensures a safe space to store your digital assets, and prevent data leaks.

    Custom Features for Your Digital Asset Management Software

    Build a feature-rich digital assets management software to streamline your business processes with best security and automation measures.
    Smart Search

    By equipping your software with a smart search option will enable your users to search the assets in a more effective way through predictive search features and filters.

    Seamless Download

    Users must be able to seamlessly download all the digital assets related to their media business like audio files, videos, etc., as and when they require.

    Share Assets

    Users can share their digital assets easily with the other people safely by leveraging the encryption technology for secure communications.

    User Authentication

    The software must be able to protect the digital assets from unauthorized access even within organization by using user role, and access management tools.

    Version Control

    The app must be able to let the users check whenever certain changes are made in their assets, and keep record of the time stamps and changes themselves.

    Metadata Control

    Users can utilize controlled and consistent vocabulary in their field format of metatags to organize and index their assets including. audios, videos, and e-books.

    Publish and Deliver

    The software enables users to publish and deliver the digital files in the desired format by transcoding them with just a click into the perfect format.

    Quick Insights

    Track and analyze the vital insights on your digital assets by getting quick insights over them through advanced big data analytics over the asset management.

    Activity Feed

    Track the activity every time an asset is added, edited, shared, downloaded or removed from the platform and have them added to the respective users’ feed.

    Planned More Features for Your DAM Software?

    With Matellio, you will get the utmost help from ideation to the final launch of your digital asset management solution,
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    DAM Software Development Services We Offer

    Leverage our services and technology to create next-gen digital asset management software solution

    Other Media and Entertainment Software Solutions that We Can Build for You

    The solutions are built to keep your assets secure while keeping their distribution seamless.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is a digital assets management software?

    Digital assets management software is an essential and robust IT solution for a media and entertainment enterprise that needs to have complete and secure access to its digital assets. The software is primarily used to store and distribute digital assets like video, audio, graphics, and textual files. The software can also be used to convert the files formats, redistribute, share, download, edit, and remove them from the platform. The solution is also responsible in managing the users’ access to the files and tracking their activities to protect the data from unauthorized access. 

    2. How long does it take to create a digital assets management software?

    It completely depends on your custom requirements. If you’re looking for a sophisticated cloud-based digital assets management software and AI-enabled automation, it is apparent that the solution will take more time. In contrast, if the DAM solution you’re looking for is quite bespoke and has least custom features, it can be built much sooner. Besides tools like plugins also take less time than a full-featured solution with distinct mobile and web apps. Bottomline is, if you want to know the exact timeline of your DAM software project, we suggest you fill in this form to book a free consultation with our experts now!   

    3. Can you create plugins for an existing DAM software?

    Matellio has a team of experienced software developers and hence is more than able to offer you bespoke development services in the same. Our developers are well-versed in creating custom and modern-age features for a digital assets management software. Therefore, if you’re looking to develop some specific plugins, know for sure Matellio can help you with that in no time. 

    4. Can you add more features to a digital assets management software?

    Yes. When we say we are a custom digital rights management development company, we mean every word of it. Whether it is a new solution or an existing one with appropriate software documentation, we can create as many and as complex custom features for your business as are required. 

    5. What engagement models does Matellio offer?

    With Matellio, you can hire digital rights management software developers through either of the four engagement models we offer. 

    • Dedicated developer model 
    • Turnkey model 
    • Time and material-based hiring model 
    • Custom hiring model 

    6. Will you offer organizational training for a newly developed DRM software?

    When we develop a custom-featured digital rights management software for your business, we ensure that its features and functionalities remain as intuitive as possible. That being said, when required we also create a dedicated technical documentation and user guide for a new digital rights management software so that you can have your staff trained very easily and streamline the process for future employees as well. 

    7. How do you develop custom DAM software?

    We develop custom digital assets management software using the best practices of Agile methodology. Our developers will create a list of the essential features which will be used in the development of MVP software. The remainder of the features are divided into Agile sprints and are kept in the backlog to be developed and deployed with each new version. . Once a version is developed, tested, and deployed, we begin working on the next iteration, to save time and resources, all the while ensuring you always have a working version of the software with you for training and maintenance purposes. 

    8. What different digital assets management solutions you offer?

    A digital assets management software is an extensive collection of inter-related tools, with a common objective of simplifying the distribution and management of valuable digital assets of a company. The varied services availed from a DAM software are- 

    • Asset Indexing 
    • Smart storage 
    • Distributed Processing 
    • User Authentication 
    • Personalization 
    • Asset Version Control 
    • Format Transcoding, etc. 

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