How IOT Benefits Mobile App Development?

Updated on Apr 23rd, 2021

How IOT Benefits Mobile App Development?

The internet has been improving and developing with a too fast pace. In the initial days of the internet, there had been several communication protocols like Token Ring, IP, and Appletalk, but now the internet is readily standardized on IP. But the long predictable pathways of extended information has changed and the physical world has itself become a kind of information system. In all this, IoT becomes imperative because it is the only leap which leads to revolutionary apps having the potential to transform people’s life. The existence of IOT shows the next big evolution of the internet, bolstering the ability to collect, analyze and distribute the collected data which transforms into potential information and knowledge thereafter. It has dramatically reframed the concept of developing mobile applications in an optimal manner through the shift from traditional software development to IoT-integrated mobile applications development. It is expected that the IoT platform would grow at the compound annual growth rate of 40% by 2020.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

It is an ecosystem of all physical objects connected and accessible through the internet. The physical objects include heart monitor, automobile, smartphones, home appliances, wearable devices, vehicles, vehicles, and many more as well as human. The communication among objects becomes possible through the exchange of data or sensor using various communication including Wi-Fi, iBeacon, Bluetooth, Rfid Erc. Basically, it is the network of advanced digital machines and objects that utilizes the softwares, sensors and various kinds of availability for sharing the data.

Benefits of IoT app development

In a consistent bid to improvise the ways of augmenting efficiency and empowering business leaders, many progressive enterprises have started implementing IoT app development framework. Internet of Things has expanded its reach not only for the daily tasks but also to the complex tasks involved in industrial production. Due to the flexibility and cost effectiveness, the industry has agreed upon the integration of IOT. It would be quite interesting to see how does it optimize their different business activities, so best of both worlds to discuss the key benefits of IoT mobile app development:

1. Real-time monitoring: Real-time monitoring reduces the associated risk with regular business operations and routine activities. It benefits the enterprises to track daily routine tasks by eliminating human errors through the automated tracking process. The efficiency of the workforce gets augmented by garnering productivity and reducing cost. It is possible for system operators to rely on data-driven displays by embedding smart sensors on production lines and machine parts to know about temperature, lubricants, the pressure of the system. The IoT dashboards enable the operator to keep the safe operation of machinery and keep employees informed through alert systems and digital panic buttons. It also detects either machinery or operator in danger or not through cloud analytic and anomaly detection.

2. High productivity and efficiency: The IoT mobile app users interact with multiple devices by an IoT interface. The simple interface covers behind the complex calculation which leads to high productivity and better utilization of available resources. This integration also automates various processes which will ensure extensive smart projects like smart cities, smart homes, etc. This ensures the efficient functioning of the equipment by real-time data through synchronization with connected devices. The IoT makes possible to find the issues in the equipment and take precautionary measures to ward off any breakdown.

3. Modified Visibility: Today, the mobile applications must transform to accommodate functionality for connected device otherwise they will lose the users interest. So IoT infrastructure integrated AI technology offers a predictive analysis of the information and extents visibility-related capabilities. It wonders in the mobility domain and assists enterprises to meet changing requirements. Now, developers understand this and consistently making efforts to design apps for its compatible user adoption in the future.

4. Strengthened data security measures: The user shares personal information in order to get personalized recommendations and responses. But at the same time, it raises concerns about the user’s data privacy and security. The problem of data breach and security of personal information of app users is solved through strengthened data security measures using IoT. Furthermore, when all smart devices are connected with the network and used through a smartphone, it also opens up the possibilities of hacking and security breach.Here, IoT offers an additional strong safety layer, multiple entry points, and data encryption to ensure data protection which again revives the trust of users.

5. Need for innovation: Increasing use of smartphones, wearable devices, and smart home devices implies the need to interconnect all these through communication devices. The people want to stay connected with their physical devices all the time whether they are moving or watching a movie in the next room. IoT apps encourage developers to go through with fresh innovative ideas to connect an app with communication devices like NFC, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, etc. It is also possible through link developing innovations like Machine learning AR and VR with IoT to get an aggressive edge in the market.

6. Interconnection of IOT with Mobile app development: It is evident from the growing trend that IoT makes things easy through smart devices connected to the internet and smartphones to monitor. It has been consolidating attention due to a wide series of benefits for smart homes or the use of smart devices. The IoT app development witnessed a consistent increase in innovative IoT mobile apps, which consists of components like sensors, analytics, networking, cloud, and connected devices. These components offer countless arrangements to develop an interactive app with its own pre-determined purpose.

7. Interactivity and Customization: There is no doubt that IoT opens up the new door of customization by making mobile applications more interactive and flexible integration with API, source code transparency and loose coupling of components of platforms. The rapidly evolving feature rich IoT ecosystem needs to have a greater degree of monitoring by the developer over its source code, integration interfaces, data schemes, and security mechanism. It enables the customization of mobile apps with IoT related functionality, which makes it up to date and relevant for the user.

8. Helps to understand consumer behavior: The perfect marketing strategy requires your communication to be strongly personalized. The amazing apps often fail in the race because they lack in terms of personalization. A successful never lacks with this core feature and so are the flourishing market strategy. The crucial step for the success of any product and service or business is the mapping to the needs of customers. With the integration of IOT, business is now capable to build the mobile application which collects and analyses the data through the efficient resources such as the internet, social media sentiments, and video surveillance, etc and use for customization thereafter.

This way, the production of user-friendly applications become easy and business can reach the customer easily.

9. Good news for developers: IOT has given the golden touch to the traditional processes, which gave an unexpected level of convenience to developers for mobile application development. The facilitation of machine level interaction of the internet, developers can easily develop the app with fewer efforts. Additionally, a lot of innovative and engaging features can also be integrated into the app.

Why should you hire the mobile app developer from Matellio?

IOT based tools ease the process for development and reduce the time devoted to development but ultimately the app is delivered through the expertise of a developer to understand the real-life situations. The machine can only suggest and apprehend the probable outcomes, choosing the best one is entirely depends on the user. Mobile application development requires exactly the same level of interaction of the developer for making it entirely compatible with the real-time environment. Matellio is a pioneering company with a team of competent developers. Initiate a business interaction for the seamless mobile app integration to your existing business processes.

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