How to build a Home Design App like Design This Home?

Updated on Mar 14th, 2024


Want a perfect vintage chair in your room and new paint color on the wall, without getting out the rollers? Whip out your smartphone and check out the popular Design This Home app. Give a shape to your imagination and play a fun and relaxing game for experimenting with your interior decorating skills. Refine your decorating skills and style the stunning 3-Dimensional spaces with decor brands and high-end furniture. Now, what else an interior designing enthusiast would wish for? Apps like Design this Home are leading the market, and if you’re an entrepreneur wanting to have an app in the same domain, then this is the guide for you.

But first thing first, what is Design This Home exactly?

What is Design This Home?

Design this Home A

Design This Home is an Augmented Reality based mobile app by iOS game development studio App Minis for the users who want to build, design, and decorate their sweet dream home. The app allows you to explore your passion for interior design and decorate it with accessories like furniture, items, and decorations. Expand, customize, and do every little thing using the app for refining the beauty of your dream home. Adjust the furniture, put the cabinet, paint walls, and do a lot more for beautifying your home. Design This Home allows the users to select from several architectural styles like Traditional, Modern, European, Southwestern, Victorian, and Asian. The app offers nine different rooms for decorating and customize every element the way you like. Also, as you go ahead in the game and raise the value of your home- higher would be chances of collecting income from residents. The game offers 700 elements for customization upon launching.

A quick glimpse into the Market Share

Design This Home has over a million downloads. As per Statista, mobile AR apps worldwide are expected to cross 5.5 billion by 2020. Considering the rapid growth of AR applications like Design This Home, the global market is predicted to reach $18 billion by 2023.

Design This Home is not only an interior application in the market, but there are also several other competitors to be checked before developing an app in this domain-

  1. My Home
  2. Home Design Story
  3. The Sims Freeplay
  4. Dream House Craft: Sim Design
  5. Castaway Home Designer
  6. My Home Story
  7. Design Home

Features to be integrated in an app like Design This Home


1. Enjoyable Gaming

Create a combination of puzzles with home decorating gameplay for having a fun gaming experience. Empower the game with challenging levels for designing rooms and your house to give a face to your imagination.

2. Unique Storyline

Experience unique adventures for designing your homes; visit different festivals and cities with in-game characters. A best friend or a genuine landlord would help in decorating the space.

3. Realistic Experience

Place loads of fantastic 3D furniture in your home and room for giving a real-time feel. This will enhance the overall experience and make it more fun for the users.

4. Expand your Space

In case you are not satisfied with decorating and designing only one house? You have several houses for decorating. A bedroom, study, or more living rooms; more homes are on the way for exploring the space of your imagination.

5. Play with Friends

Equip the app with a game leaderboard for competing with your friends. Visit your friends’ houses frequently and rise on the scoreboard of the app portal. Also, you can enjoy the weekend events to enjoy special homes.

6. Customize Bedroom 

Have the bedroom of your choice. Begin customizing by selecting the floor type, curtain patterns, walls paints with your favorite color. Place the bed in a place of your comfort. Change the bed positions and work on your interior designs with lots of customizable options.  

7. Design Living Space

Design your living room uniquely; place the sofa, television stuff, showcase, and other stuff as per your choice. You can also customize the colors of your home with this fabulous interior application. 

8. Join Community

Join the community and share your creativity with hundreds of other users. You can also have new ideas of decorating by joining the community as it would give you insights into somebody else’s designing space. An option of liking is also integrated into the app.

9. Vote your Favorites

View others designed home and vote for your favorite room or home decor through the vibrant and creative community created in the application.

10. Unlock Rewards

Unlock numerous rewards as you polish your fantastic skills as an interior decorator with the help of this creative application. 

11. Shop Decor Items

Like certain items in the app? Shop it directly from the software itself. Select any piece and buy it for your real home. With amazing decor items available with a few taps of the screen, you can not only discover trends but own them too!

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How to develop an app like Design This Home?

1. Define a Project Scope

The first thing in the app development is to define a project scope by taking the following into consideration- 

  • Avail AR technology in designing the feature-kit of the solution to offer a fun experience. 
  • The app must be developed on both platforms- Android and iOS. 
  • Once the development process is done, focus on launching the app in one geographical area. 

2. Focus on MVP

MVP implies Minimal Viable Product. Directly launching a solution, full of bells and buttons, which a user is hardly going to use- doesn’t make much sense. Instead focus on developing a basic version called MVP and then keep updating it based on the response received from the market.  

3. Have a development Approach

An appropriate development approach is what makes or breaks an application.make use of SDKs and APIs for implementing the critical features. Take IDEs into the loop for testing the application. Mobile Backend as a Service Platform can also be availed for development. 

4. Hire a Scrum Team

Scrum is the tried and tested technique for managing an agile project. Hire a scrum team which includes a Project Management, Business Analysts, QA Analyst, UI Designer, and developers. The PM would perform the role of a scrum master for creating small and cross-functional scrum teams for the app development.

5. Interactive UI Design

“The first impression is the last impression.” This phrase might be questionable in various aspects, but when the matter is of a web or mobile application, it’s 100 percent true. Your UI team must be skilled enough to design a UI that is appealing, easy-to-use, and very much interactive. Appropriate color schemes, easily recognizable icons, and an overall interactive design would do the job.

For more information, you can use the following resources provided by app stores:

Apple has made it mandatory for the UI design of iOS apps to be abided by the Human Interface Guidelines.

For the Android version, the UI team is supposed to consult Material design guidelines.

6. Develop, Test, and Publish

The core of the process is development, and there are two platforms that needed to emphasized upon during this stage:


  • Use the open-source language Kotlin for Android application development. Using this, the developers can code very quickly and efficiently. Kotlin has a concise syntax that helps in improving the productivity of the programmers. Powered by a feature-rich library, Kotlin helps the developers in avoiding generic errors like null pointer exceptions. 
  • The next step in this process would be to begin coding. Use Android Studio as this IDE supports Kotlin. Read more about this here and kickstart your app development
  • With the help of the following guide, publish your app on the Android Store.


  • Avail Swift for developing an app on iOS platform. The language has a powerful feature kit that helps the programmers to code fast, and become more productive. Additionally, popular language ensures bug-free coding. Also, it becomes quite easy to read and maintain the app when it’s developed with Swift.  
  • The next step would be to use Xcode for coding.
  • Integrate the APIs/SDKs for Facebook, Sumerian, Shopify, Gmail, and Twilio in the code. 
  • Use XCTest for testing the app.
  • Then, publish the app on the Apple store by following these instructions.

7. Project Management Tool

In a scrum team there is a “Product owner” that provides the requirements in a software document known as “Product Backlog.” After that, the scrum team estimates the requirements and plans project sprints in the “sprint planning meetings.” Scrum Master (also known as Project Manager) conducts Daily stand-up meetings for knowing the status of project status, and to resolve issues. Then, the development team demonstrates the application in a sprint review meeting, where all the project stakeholders approve the sprint if the app works. Lastly, a Sprint retrospective meeting is conducted after the completion of a sprint. The meeting helps the team to evaluate their work; they have just now completed. 

How much does it cost to develop an app like Design This Home?

Like any other software, the cost to develop an app like Design This Home is depended upon various factors, such as-

  • Development Resources
  • UI/UX of the App
  • Platform of Development
  • Complexity of Features
  • Marketing Costs
  • Technology Used
  • Region of Development
  • App Customization
  • And other such intricacies are to be taken into consideration. 

To know precisely how much an app like Design This Home would cost, consider contacting experts.


How can Matellio help?

Matellio, with its double-decade expertise, can help in creating an interior application like Design This Home. Empowered by cutting-edge technology, our developers can generate advanced AR solutions catering to your individual or organizations’ requirements. So, you wish to explore your interior abilities, or maybe you’re an entrepreneur wanting to develop the same? Matellio is here at your service. Share your imagination, and we shall paint the curve for you. Is there something we missed? Feel free to shoot your views in the comment box below. Till then, Happy Designing!

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