How To Build An Online Learning App?

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

Learning apps give us a chance to discover new information related to any industry and helps improve and enhance our skills. Also, if you don’t wish to attend the classes or a certain institution to broaden the outlook, just find and download the right online learning platform and the whole world of knowledge would in front of you. 

According to a study by Imod Education, at least 50% of the classes would be delivered on online platforms by the end of 2019. Moreover, more and more companies are incorporating online learning to increase qualifications and improve the skills of their employees. So now we could see the online learning platforms are transforming the ways we use to imbibe knowledge. 

If you want to be part of this trending niche, roll up your sleeves and start preparing for the hard work. Here’s a comprehensive guide for eLearning App Development. 

What is actually the Online Learning Platform? 

The Online Learning Platform is basically the software application, that allows users to store all the learning content at one particular place. It in general includes, communication, evaluation, and monitoring tools that optimize the learning process. 

Types of online learning platforms:

So, to create your own online learning platform, these types could help you to decide on the same:- 

  • Open-source platforms:

 The platforms give you the opportunity to customize the software for the organizations, you could select the most essential features and the major benefit it offers is that you could make the modifications at any given point of time. Moreover, you could also integrate third-party-add-ons to make them more informative and engaging. One more major advantage is that a development community always tests, find out bugs and improves and enhances open-source platforms. Some popular examples of open-source are Moodle, Litmos, BrainCert, Claroline, and DotLRN.

  • Massive Open Online Course Providers: 

These are basically designed for a large number of audience, and is available for anybody with internet access. Either they focus on one specific industry or provides various categories and fields for study. Massive Course helps students to get their certification online and these courses are in general offered by top companies and institutes. As compared to earlier, Now we have a wide range of courses that could fit every taste. 

  • Content Management Systems For Online Learning:

It usually has every basic functionality and is used for content generation within the system as well. The most famous instances, for CMS, are PHPNuke, Drupal, CoreMedia CMS, etc.  helps you develop the websites and mobile applications of any complexity. In addition, you could also extend the functionality or even integrate third-party plugins. 

  • Web Conferencing Software: 

The web conferencing software, in general, enables users to conduct online conference calls and classes, video conferencing or live-chats. It is useful especially for the topics which users find complex to study. And it also enables one-to-one monitoring. Most of these tools provide free trials so that the users can test accordingly and decide what best suits them. 

How to Create an Online Learning Platform? 

Before you land to search for the best online learning app development company, just take out some time to decide what you actually want to create? How’s it going to look like and what features would want to add in the same? What colors would you want to suggest to the designers? 

We provide you with a list to make it easy and convenient for you to find out the answers to the above questions. 

  • Make a list of the online learning platform features

We have included some common features of online learning, but it’s up to you what functionality you wish to have in your online learning platform.

 Typical E-learning Platform Features:- 

  1. Authentication/registration via email or social media
  2. Viewing courses
  3. Filtering courses by category, subcategory, language, price, etc
  4. Reading information about courses
  5. Enrolling in courses and Profile creation
  6. Display of recommended, recently viewed and completed courses in the profile
  7. Calendaring with upcoming classes
  8. Displaying streaming web video
  9. Chatting and Notifications
  10. Certification
  11. Reports of activities
  12. Evaluation tools
  13. Managing users and courses
  • Create a mind map for an online learning platform: 

It is basically a mind map that would represent your thoughts, opinions, and views in a graphical way. It would help you kind of deviate from the standard way of thinking and would your ideas take a new shape. All you need to do is just imagine yourself at the user’s place and then think about the actions you would require to take and the feature beneficial and suits you in the beginning. 

  • Compose wireframes:

It is a graphical framework of your web page that represents its interface and elements. And to be honest it is basically the blueprint page layout would give a clear vision of your profile and how it would look like. And moreover, both the development team and clients are on the same page for how the project will function. And here is the list of tools for developing wireframes. 

  • Test On real users:

The more idea you come up with, the more it would be beneficial for you. But nothing is better than your potential users admires this idea and cant wait to see and test your product. Here you could do that, you could show your wireframes to three-four users and ask them, what features they like in that, and they need you to add, what element they would prefer to move, and is the navigation convenient for them and if not, what aspect or elements need changes and modification. 

The wireframing stage is perfect for making changes and amendments. This testing would definitely help you fill the gaps and enhance the layout of your web pages. It will also speed up the entire process of development and, then you will receive the desired end-product.

  • Think about UI design: 

It basically ensures if the interface elements are easily and conveniently accessible. Moreover, you need to keep the page layout simple, you should select soft color items and carefully place the items. 

  • Check carefully if the platform has all the features you need:

You need to make sure that the platform you’ve selected provides you with all the features you need to start. Although, the customization, and adding the new features would be costly, 

but, there are platforms that charge you for the number of users, so if you plan to have thousands of users check that too.  

  • Ensure that it is updated regularly:

After all, no one would want to waste the time on the platform which is not updated on a regular basis or on rare occasions. The online learning platform should always meet the user’s demand, suit the user’s needs and please them with the different novelties. 

  • Learn about the support provided by LMS:

There are several types of support that LMS provides:

FAQ, online forums, phone or email support. Before selecting any online learning platform, specify what kind of support they actually offer, how often, and till what time period. 

Cost of Educational Application Development:- 

Online learning applications are nowadays very popular, especially among students. If you wish to have your own online learning platform and stand out from your competitors, you need to make an investment. The cost to develop an eLearning platform depends on multiple factors including features, technology, etc. 

For accurate estimation, contact Matellio. Matellio is a global provider of best-in-class software engineering services. With over two decades of experience, our team has majorly fostered a digital edge for numerous ideas and thoughts through expert IT solutions. 

All you need to do is invest your time, money, and effort. Remember that the right planning would prevent you from unexpected problems and moves that could appear during the development process. And, without a doubt, investments in planning would lead you towards your desired goals and objectives!

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