How To Create A Customer Service App?

Updated on Jan 22nd, 2024


The customer is the king!

The above saying holds true even in today’s digital world. Customer service has become a crucial aspect in today’s competitive world, and, with the advent of digitization in the global market, it has improved a lot. Today, we have an app for almost anything be it a laundry app, a delivery app, or even a healthcare app, and in such a scenario, customer service is no exception. Yes, you heard it right, businesses today are readily using customer service app to enhance their customer support operations.

A customer service app is not new to the global market. In fact, it has penetrated almost all the leading industries of the global market, whether it be retail, hospitality, or even the transportation industry. According to a study by Chatbot Magazine, almost 67% of the users expect a messaging app to speak to businesses about their products or services. Furthermore, almost 41% of the world’s leading businesses have already planned to invest in customer service app by the year 2021.

So, if your competitors and friends are doing it, what is stopping you from making success for your business? In today’s article, we will be discussing everything about a customer service app. From benefits to features to the development process and even costs, here you will get an idea of almost everything you need to know about a customer support app. So, without wasting much of your time, let’s quickly cut to the chase!

What are the Benefits of Investing in Customer Service App?

Customer-Service-App-BenefitsThe first question that might strike your mind is why you should invest in customer service app development? Will it offer any specific benefits apart from what you are getting from conventional methods? Well, here are the answers to your questions!

Below are some of the significant benefits that you will get from investing in a customer service app.

1. Enhanced User-Experience

The first and foremost benefit of a customer service app is enhanced customer experience. As per a study it was found that over 64% of the people prefer to get real-time assistance in customer support from whatever channels the company uses. And we all know that in conventional customer services, the person can’t be available 24/7.

However, things are much different when using a customer support app. In your mobile app, you can integrate a chatbot that can effectively predict human emotion over text and can reply appropriately. Moreover, if the customer support staff is not available in the offices, then also they can reply to the queries using a dedicated customer service app.

2. Automated Operations

Another big benefit of investing in customer support app development is automated operations. It is often seen that the customer support staff get many queries that are not that big and can be easily handled by a chatbot or any other machine. However, in the absence of all these digital tools, the staff had to invest much time and effort.

That’s where a customer service app comes to play. With a dedicated mobile app, the employees can strategize the work and can automate their tedious operations with just a tap on their smartphones. All that not only saves the time of the employees but even helps them to focus on other vital tasks.

3. Focused Team

As mentioned earlier, a customer service app helps you to strategize your business operations and save the time of your employees. So, but obvious, with more time and automated operations, your support staff could easily pay attention to bigger problems to satisfy the needs of other customers.

And we all know that a happy customer is the best source of advertising your brand in the global market! Hence, customer support app development can be the most profitable deal for your organization.

4. Reduced Operational Cost

Cost always remains one of the most crucial factors when investing in a new app or software development. For the customer service app, the cost is somewhat less as compared to the total cost incurred in maintaining a customer support staff. How?

Well, that’s because, as we saw that customer service app automated the tedious operations and even frees the staff. So, you need not invest much in hiring new employees to solve your customer’s queries. That eventually reduces your operational cost and even improves your profits.

5. Improved Brand Value

Last but not least, the customer service app improved your brand value. Since this is a digital era and everyone likes to get fast and reliable services at their fingertips. That’s what a customer service app does.

You can seamlessly listen and solve all your customer queries and can even offer them all the information about your new products or services through a customer service app. Not only that, but your valuable customers can send you images and videos of faulty products or bills directly with the use of a dedicated app.

Now, that’s a big reason to invest in customer service app development!


How to Create a Customer Support App?

Now that you are convinced enough to invest in a customer service app, let us quickly guide you through the development process. Although customer service app development is not an easy task, you can always make it easy and effective by hiring a professional app development company.

Here’s how you can quickly develop your customer service app with Matellio!

1. Fill the Form

The very first step in developing a mobile app with Matellio is to fill out the ‘Request a Quote’ form. After filling out the form, our experts will reach you in no time to discuss the ideas and your business requirements.

2. Discuss your Business Requirements

Once you have filled the form, our experts will contact you via email, phone call, or skype call, whatever suits the condition. Then they will thoroughly discuss your business needs to determine the feasibility and scope of the project.

Here, if you have any further requirements, then you can easily share them with our experts so that they can also be considered while developing the customer service app.

3. Choose the Best Features

Features always play the lead role in determining the scope and future of the apps. Likely, for the customer service app, you need to figure out the basic yet intuitive features to engage your users more effectively. To help you out, here we have mentioned some exceptional features that you could integrate into your customer service app.

  • Inbuilt Ticketing System

Your customer service app should definitely have an inbuilt ticketing system t facilitate smooth interactions between the front-end staff and back-end staff. In those ways, the queries could also be settled much faster and efficiently.

  • Chatbot Integration

Chatbots have become a necessity rather than a choice for today’s continuously changing competitive market. That’s why make sure you integrate a chatbot in your customer service app to automate your support tasks and stand apart from the crowd.

  • Unified Agent Module

This module will help your agents to view all the like customer queries in a single frame so that they can be solved easily and at a much faster rate.

  • Live Chat Support

People even today like to get real-time answers to their problems and that too form a real person. That’s why to include a live chat option while creating your customer service app.

  • Customer Sentiment Analysis

This particular feature helps the business to understand their customer even better than before. It uses AI to predict the sentiments of the users while they are communicating with your support staff.

  • Internal Chat Options

With this robust feature, your agents can communicate smoothly with one other to know more about the specific problems of a customer.

  • Product/Service Information

While solving customer queries, the staff should have all the information about your products or services. So with this feature, they could access the information whenever they want.

  • Omnichannel Communications

Last but not least, try to offer multiple sources to your customers where they can contact you. Also, keep all your channels synched with one another so that the queries could be handles seamlessly without any hassle.

Apart from all the features mentioned above, there may be many more advanced features for your customer service app. However, as an expert in app development, we only advise you to opt for basic features at the start and then go for advanced features as you scale up.

4. Select the most Aesthetic Design

Once you have selected the desirable features for your customer support app, it is now time to invest heavily in design. In today’s competitive market, two designing terms have gained much momentum – UI and UX. UI stands for user-interface and UX stands for user experience.

Even if you have advanced features in your app and they are not accessible by your users, then they are of no use. Hence, make sure that your interface is simp,e yet intuitive. Meaning, your users must know where a particular button will take them, or what this specific option does.

Only then you will be able to entice your existing customers and attract new ones. Read our expert guide to know more about how to hire the best UI/UX designer for your project.

5. Hire Professional Developers

There is no successful app without a professional and hardworking team. That’s why we always suggest our clients hire experienced and certified developers. Now here, you have two options – either go for an in-house development team or outsource your app development project. Although, both the options have their specific perks, outsourcing the development firm is always the best decision.

That’s because firstly you may not need the development team once your project is completed as the upgrades and post-services are not very frequent. Secondly, an outsourced team will have more experience as they already have their critical hiring process and you may not know much about how to hire the best engineers and techies.

Lastly, an outsourced team can even provide you off-the-box ideas that can make your customer service app a hit in the global market. Hence, it is a wise decision to opt for an outsourced team for your app development.

Additional Resource: 16 Reasons to Outsource Mobile App Development

6. Test and Deploy your App

Lastly, we need to test the app to make it error-free and smooth. Testing has always been the most critical part of the development sector. That’s because it detects even the minutest of the bugs that were left unnoticed during the development phase. However, despite its importance, many of the marketers often skip this step and as such, they experience glitches and errors after the deployment.

So, if you don’t want to experience such circumstances, then always opt for testing. You can even go for automated testing that automatically detects the bugs and even provides ways to eliminate them. So, ask your development partner whether they provide automated testing services or not.

We, at Matellio, always make sure that all our custom software projects are tested thoroughly to make them error-free and smooth for the end-users.

Cost of Developing a Customer Service App

So, we discussed the development process for your customer service app. Now, many of you might be thinking about how much would it cost to develop a customer service app with Matellio. Well, here’s your answer!

We, at Matellio, follow agile methodology to develop your app at the best prices. All our strategies are cost-effective thereby reducing your overall development cost. Here’s a bifurcation of the total cost in developing a customer service app:

1. Project Management Cost

To efficiently manage your project and all the developers, you will certainly need a Project Manager. So that cost would fall under this category.

2. Development and Designing Cost

The UI/UX designing and the cost of development along with all the tools and tech stack generally falls under this category.

3. Testing Cost

The mode of testing you choose for your customer service would be included in the testing cost. Automated testing would cost more than manual testing but will also offer you more accurate results.

4. Upgradation and Post-Service Cost

All the upgrades and other post-sales services fall under this category. The cost of the addition of new features, modules, and other things are added under the same category.

Apart from all the factors mentioned above, there are many more like complexity, scalability, and scope of the project that directly or indirectly affects the overall cost of development. To get a better idea of the cost you can anytime reach our experts.


Why Choose Matellio?

With years-long experience and hundreds of certified techies, we, at Matellio, can be your most reliable choice for app development. Whether you are from any industry and any business, our developers and testers always strive to deliver you error-free and successful app/software solutions. From UI/UX to development and testing, our services are best-in-class and cost-effective as compared to the other competitors.

We have portfolios and case studies that reveal our work in a much better way. You get benefits like:

  • Cost Reduction
  • 100% Security
  • Agile Development Approach
  • Aesthetics Designs
  • Faster Development, and many more

Have more questions? Feel free to reach us anytime you want, and our experts will provide you every answer to your questions.

Till then, Happy Reading!

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