How to Create a Thumbtack Clone in Easy Steps?

Updated on Jan 22nd, 2024

How to Create a Thumbtack Clone in Easy Steps

Are you concerned about various home-related tasks like plumbing, cleaning, or organizing a house warming party? Don’t worry; the Thumbtack clone has got you covered!

In today’s tech-driven world, on-demand applications have taken over a vast portion of the app development sector. Right from ordering your favourite food to managing your tasks, we have on-demand apps for everything, and home-service applications are no exception. Enters Thumbtack! Whether it be plumbing, electric fitting, or even planning a birthday party, the Thumbtack app is all you need.  

In fact, apps like Thumbtack are today making considerable profits in the global market. As per a trusted source, the on-demand home services app market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 70.15% during 2021-2025. So, when apps like Thumbtack are booming, why not use them to make good profits for your business? That’s what our blog is all about!

Today, we will be talking about a billion-dollar business idea that could transform your business profits to a great height – Thumbtack Clone Development. From features and cost to business model and challenges, we will be covering everything you need to know about a Thumbtack clone. But, first things first!

What is Thumbtack?

Thumbtack is a robust marketplace platform that enables you to find the perfect resource for facilitating your home-related tasks. It is a robust platform where you can find every possible service related to your home issues. Right from party organizers to fitting the water pipes and even cleaning your home, you can find many services on this platform that could make your everyday life more simple. 

Launched in the year 2008, Thumbtack is one of the biggest on-demand service platforms in the USA. People can post a job or find a perfect service with just one click on their screens using this robust on-demand application. Although successful, the initial start for the Thumbtack was not so smooth. As per the CEO Marco Zappacosta, they had a tough time figuring who is available for the job, their qualification, security, charges, etc. Moreover, they even had to wait for a long time for the perfect investors, and their main idea behind the app changed a lot of time.

But, finally, with a good idea and investment, the idea of this on-demand application took off, and today apps like Thumbtack are considered one of the most successful business ideas across the world.  

How Does Thumbtack Work?

The Thumbtack app’s working is quite simple; it connects the customers in need with the perfect service providers. Let’s dig deeper to understand the business model of the Thumbtack app. 

Firstly, the customers who require service post a query on the app with their requirements and contact details. Then, the query is sent to the nearby location’s concerned service providers, but it does not share the customer’s contact details to eliminate the contact masking. 

Now, the interested or curious service provider pays the applicant and then the admin posts the job description and forwards that to the customers. Once the payment has been made from the respective person, the contact details are shared. 

The customers can review and compare various service providers based on ratings, qualification, prices, etc. besides that; they can even call or message the service provider to know more details or schedule the service at any point in time. That’s how the Thumbtack app works.

Why Invest in a Thumbtack Clone?

Now, most of you might have a question about why to invest only in a Thumbtack clone. What makes it different from other on-demand service platforms, and what benefits does it offer to the investors? Well, here are all your answers!

  • Launched in the year 2008, the Thumbtack marketplace platform is currently valued at $1 billion, far more than any other on-demand service platform. That’s why people also call Thumbtack the Amazon of the on-demand market! 
  • Thumbtack offers some unique services to its users at a very affordable price. That is only possible with best hiring practices and a vast customer base. 
  • As per a report, the global audience’s average spending on online marketplaces like Thumbtack is far more than any other spending, including food, transportation, or other services. 
  • Out of a total 57.6 billion spent by the people in the USA alone, a whopping $35.5 billion was spent alone on apps like Thumbtack. That shows a promising future for your Thumbtack clone!
  • The market demand for on-demand home servicing is constantly increasing. In fact, as per trusted statistics, the on-demand app market will reach $869.95 market value by the year 2022. The lack of time with the people and the urge to access the best for their homes are compelling the global audience to use on-demand service platforms like Thumbtack. 

Hence, if we look at these statistics, it can be said for sure that the market potential for these on-demand apps like Thumbtack will rise exponentially in the coming years. That’s why investing in a Thumbtack clone is somewhat a wise decision for investors and startups.

How to Develop Apps like Thumbtack in 5 Easy Steps?

1. Validate Your Business Idea

The first and foremost step in creating a Thumbtack clone is to validate your business idea with experts. Before initiating the thumbtack app development process, you need to be very clear about the main motive behind creating this on-demand home service app.

Whether we talk about the target audience or the target market, you should answer all such questions. For that, you could consult with an expert app development company. An experts consultant could help you get answers to some of the typical business questions like,

  • What purpose will my app solve?
  • Who will all benefit from my on-demand Thumbtack app?
  • What specific problems could be solved through a Thumbtack clone app?
  • Which areas will be my target locations and why?
  • Who are my competitors, and what I should learn from them?

And many more!

In all, with expert consultation services, you could get a more comprehensive view of your business idea. From that, you could frame a clear image of your app, and that will eventually make your app development much more accessible and cost-effective. 

2. Choose Latest and Reliable Tech Stack

The next crucial step to follow for developing an efficient and professional Thumbtack clone is to choose the best technology. Now, there are limitless options for everything in today’s digital era, and app development is no exception. Right from Android apps to iOS and Windows, we have various programming languages and frameworks that could help us achieve the best results for our custom app.

However, many of these programming platforms are not reliable, which means they are not suitable in the long run. So, how to choose a reliable technology for your Thumbtack clone? Easy, with an expert consultation!

By partnering with an experienced and reliable app development firm, you can seamlessly identify and choose the best tech stack for your Thumbtack clone. Here’s what our certified developers use at Matellio for building apps like Thumbtack:

  • Frontend – React JS, Angular JS
  • Backend – PHP, Python, Golang
  • Database – Postgres, MongoDB
  • iOS/Android App Development – React Native, Flutter, Xamarin
  • Messaging API – Twilio
  • Geolocation API – Google Maps
  • Online Payment Gateway – Stripe, PayPal  

You can seamlessly integrate any of the API and look for some more advanced tech tools for your Thumbtack clone with our experienced and certified developers. Remember, the key to success is an efficient and reliable app that perfectly suits your business and user needs. 

3. Customize the Features

Features are the most critical aspect of the app development sector. You need to have some unique and valuable features that could outgrow your competitors for a popular and successful app. Hence, as an app development expert, here we have listed some of the crucial features that could make your Thumbtack clone a hit in the market.

Features Description
Login/Signup The users could easily login or sign up to the application using their basic details like name, email address, and a unique password. They could even login using their social accounts. 
Profile Creation This feature lets you users create their profile for a seamless app experience. The users need to validate their contact number and email address to eliminate the fraud registrations. 
Voice Search An advanced voice-based search option that helps your users to search for any service using their voice commands. That not just saves the time, but even makes your app popular amongst the global audience. 
Job Posting Any registered service agency could post a job specifying the requirements, and other details using this feature.
Geolocation A unique and useful feature that helps your users to access the nearby service person for fulfilling their needs. 
In-app Messaging The customers and the service agencies/person could easily communicate with each other for scheduling or cancelling the services at any time while using the app.
Search Filters It helps your users filter their search options using specific criterias like price, service type, location, and so on. 
Task Scheduling The service agency/person could easily schedule their tasks according to their time constraints using the same app.
Service Categories A useful feature that categorizes the services into different types like home cleaning, party organizers, electric fittings, plumbing, and so on.
Digital Payments Online payment options for your users so that they can pay for the services through any suitable platform they want. 
Customer Support Customer support module to help your users seamlessly access the app without any glitches and issues. 
Ratings and Reviews The users(customers and service agencies) can rate and review their experiences on your app, that could potentially help you to update the app as per their suggestions.
Admin Panel A useful module for the admins where they can manage everything from a single window. Right from payments to users, the admins can control all with a single tap on their screen.
Push Notification Push notifications feature for the admins to help them market their new policies, features, and offers directly to the specific customers. 

Besides all these features, there are a lot more that you can integrate while creating apps like Thumbtack. However, as an expert in app development, we would always recommend you to go for the basic features first, and then add the advanced features as you scale up. For best suggestions, it is wise to consult with an experienced project manager. 

4. Hire the Best App Development Team

Once you have figured the best features and tech stack, the next and most vital thing is to hire the development resources. You need to have all the required resources like frontend developer, backend developer, tester, project manager, designer, etc., with you before you start the development process. But, hiring them all in a short time is undoubtedly a tedious task!

Hence, the best way is to outsource your app development to an experienced and reputable app development firm like Matellio. Why? 

Well, there are many benefits, but the primary ones are as follows:

  • You can get all the information on the latest and reliable technologies that could make your app a hit in the market.
  • There are no concerns about hiring the best development team, as an experienced and reputable firm usually has access to the best resources. Right from the developer to UI/UX engineer, and tester, you would get everything you need under a single roof.
  • An experienced app development firm has access to some of the most promising development tools and platforms that are unknown to every developer.

All in all, it is always a wise decision to hire dedicated app developers from a reputed and experienced app development company. Hence, it would be best to look for an outsourcing firm that offers flexible hiring models and competitive development prices.  

5. Test and Deploy

The final step in creating a Thumbtack clone is to test and deploy your app in the market. Now, testing has always been a critical aspect of the development sector, especially during today’s competitive era. With testing, you can get all the small and big errors that were left unidentified during the development process. However, despite such importance, many businesses often skip the testing step, and as such, they suffer from glitches and functionality errors during the initial days of launching. 

Hence, to eliminate such circumstances for your on-demand app, you should always opt for testing. You can choose between manual or automated testing to thoroughly test your app and make it error-free for your users. Remember, having a smooth and efficient Thumbtack clone will help you bring more revenues and even raise your brand name in the global market.

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Other Factors to Consider during Thumbtack Clone Development

Besides the development steps, you need to consider a lot more things to make your Thumbtack app a hit in the market. Competitors analysis, geolocation challenges, pricing, etc., are essential factors that one must consider before deploying the market’s final application.

Here are some of the challenging factors that could impact your Thumbtack clone:

1. Design

Besides feature, another important factor that impacts your app development is UI/UX. Even if you have all the advanced features and your target audience does not access them, they are of no use. Hence, UI/UX makes a critical part of the overall application and its success. That’s why you should hire the best UI/UX Designer for your Thumbtack clone.

2. Monetization Model

Another vital factor that plays a large part in your initial revenues is the monetization model. Now, there is no denying that your Thumbtack clone will become a significant hit in the market. But like all the other startup business ideas, you too need to have a second source of income before your app takes off. Hence, you could make sure that your Thumbtack clone generates substantial revenue during the initial days with a perfect monetization model.

So, to help you out, we have mentioned a few monetization models that you can leverage for your Thumbtack clone.

  • Third-party Advertisements: Under this model, you can offer an advertising platform to other businesses. That means they can advertise their products/services on your app in exchange for a specific price. That way, you both can earn something for your brand.
  • Subscriptions: You can offer some special advanced features to your users under the subscription categories. That means they have to pay a little extra to access those advanced functionalities and offers. Many of the leading brands use this model to gain extra revenues.
  • Partner with Other Brands: that one of the most common monetization models these days. Many of the platform’s partnership with other leading brands for an enhanced customer base or shared profits. An example of that is Spotify and Starbucks. With every Spotify premium account, you get Starbucks loyalty as a reward. You can use that to get an extra off at Starbucks.
  • Commission: Lastly, we have commissioned a proposed monetization model for your Thumbtack clone. You can charge a substantial amount from the service providers and the customers for every service they opt for.  

3. App Development Platform

Besides monetization and UI/UX services, the app development platform also impacts your app idea’s overall profitability. Meaning, you need to have a clear understanding of what type of app will you launch in the market. Will it be an Android app, or an iOS app, or a Windows app. 

For that, you need to carefully analyze the data that you generated during the idea validation step. You can also conduct various online surveys to find what your target audience uses the most and can then decide the most suitable platform. Many businesses also opt for cross-platform app development that efficiently satisfies all the users’ needs with a single app. You can also opt for a cross-platform app to make better profits and reach a higher number of customers. 

4. Pricing Models

The pricing models offered by your Thumbtack clone will also affect the kind of audience you will have. For instance, if you offer very high prices than your competitors, you will likely have fewer chances of getting more customers on your app. Similarly, setting low prices also makes the quality of your services suspicious. 

Hence, the best way is to find an optimal price and offer that to your customers. Having slightly higher prices than some of the competitors is never a bad thing. In return, provide the kind of quality and app experience that your audience deserves.

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Key Takeaway

So, that was an easy guide on launching your Thumbtack clone in the market. To conclude, we can say that every business idea differs from its user and investor point of view. Everything could be the same or different from the original Thumbtack app from tech stack, top features and designs, and that solely depends on your business requirements. Hence, the best way is to carefully analyze your needs and go for an expert consultation. 

That’s where Matellio comes in! With an experience of over 12+ years, we at Matellio strive to deliver the most efficient, feature-rich, and error-free mobile application at cost-effective prices. Moreover, our customization and branding services enable you to control the development of your app entirely. Right from themes, and buttons, to designs, and features, you can decide everything to make your app as per your needs. 

So, what are you waiting for? Fill our consultation form and enjoy our free expert consultation services right away!

Till then, Happy Reading!

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