How To Create a Virtual Nurse Assistant Like Sensely?

Updated on Jan 22nd, 2024

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The recent advances in the healthcare sector have witnessed popularity across the globe. However, the recent addition of the virtual nurse assistant has triggered innovation in digital healthcare. Learn how developing a virtual nurse app like Sensely can be your profitable investment to boost your healthcare organization.

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In today’s technologically advanced era, the global sectors have evolved significantly, and healthcare is no exception. Gone are the days when people needed round-the-clock assistance to monitor their health and manage the hospitals’ administration work. The advancements in AI and mobile app development generated a new means of patient care – a virtual nurse app!

Virtual nurse apps or virtual nurse assistants have transformed healthcare and nurses’ traditional aspects in the hospitals. Right from monitoring the patients to managing the hospitals’ administrative tasks and even assisting the doctors, the virtual nurse assistants have taken over the nurses’ tedious and mundane tasks.

Sensely is one such virtual nurse app that has gained much popularity in the past few years. Backed with AI capabilities, this virtual nurse assistant has generated a whopping $6.5 million of revenue since its deployment. 

But, what exactly is Sensely, and how can you develop a virtual nurse app like Sensely? Let’s discover all such answers in our blog below!  

What is Sensely App?

Sensely is an excellent AI-powered virtual nurse assistant that has gained huge momentum in the past few years. Developed in the year 2013, this virtual nurse app has benefitted the patients and has simplified the patient care and hospital administration tasks. Right from providing the wellness information to answering all your healthcare queries and even assisting the doctors during the checkup rounds, the Sensely app has automated various non-critical aspects of the nurse operations.

Moreover, with AI capabilities, this smart virtual nurse app has also facilitated automated systems to keep a check on the patients during pandemic situations. Besides healthcare assistance, Sensely even assists the patients in handling their claims. All in all, with Sensley, you do not need any human resources to manage the patient’s right from admission to discharge and payments. 

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Why Develop a Virtual Nurse App Like Sensely for Your Healthcare Organization?

As per the American Nurse Association, there will be a need for 3 million nurses by the end of 2022. To handle such a vast demand, virtual nurse apps emerged as a prominent tool!

Don’t you believe us? Here are some facts that would make you think about investing in a custom virtual nurse app! 

  • Almost 17% of the UK people said they need an app that could connect them with nurses or doctors.
  • 25% of the respondents said they would actively use a mobile app to give them details of their medical symptoms. 
  •  The healthcare virtual assistant market is gaining high momentum and is expected to reach $2.83 billion by 2027.
  • More than 90% of the doctors believe that virtual healthcare assistants could greatly improve their patient’s health.
  • Research performed by showed that the patients trusted AI nurses more than the actual healthcare staff, and even the virtual nurse assistants were quick in solving the patient’s queries. 

Hence, it is evident that virtual nurse assistants today are quickly gaining huge momentum, and AI’s adoption is an add-on to it. That’s why the leading healthcare companies have already launched their virtual nurse assistants to make profits and increase their brand reputation. 

Virtual nurse apps like Sensely help the hospitals better treat their patients and even facilitate the nurses’ work. From patient care, medical record tracking, connecting the patients with doctors, and providing clinical recommendations, an AI-powered virtual nurse assistant is a huge innovation in healthcare and nursing. 

Hence, investing in a custom virtual nurse assistant is a profitable idea for your healthcare company. You could deploy your app in various hospitals and earn far better revenues and brand value than any other way. 

What Features to Include in Your Virtual Nurse Assistant?

As evident from the examples above, nurse app development is quickly gaining pace. Many leading nesses have already launched their apps to stand apart from the crowd, then having some unique and advanced features is a must.

Hence, as an expert in AI solutions development, we have listed some of the basic and advanced features that you could integrate into your virtual nurse app to make it a hit in the market.

For Patients



Log-in/Sign-up The users can log-in, or sign-up using their basic details like name, email, and a unique password. You can even offer social sharing for a quick registration process. 
Virtual Characters Virtual characters that could simulate the behavior of the nurse using smart AI capabilities.
Conversational Chatbot Advanced conversational chatbots to enhance your customer services. They can understand and mimic human-behavior and could respond to your patient’s query in the most effective way. 
Content Module Engaging content module with videos and images to inform and educate the patients about various diseases, medications, and precautions. 
Symptoms Checker An effective and smart feature to help the patients inform the healthcare experts and nurses about their symptoms of illness while sitting remotely. 
Virtual Consultation The patients could seamlessly consult with a nurse or healthcare expert regarding their illness or medical reports.
Medication Reminder The app uses smart machine learning algorithms to remind the patients of their medications on time.
Nearby Healthcare Services The patients could locate the nearby healthcare centers using the app during the time of emergency. 
Appointment Management This functionality lets the users book appointments with the healthcare professional using the app.  
Voice Recognition The users can access the app with their voice commands using this functionality.

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For Nurses/Healthcare Experts



Sign-Up/Log-In The healthcare professionals could sign-up on the app using their social account or email address. 
Patient Management The feature lets the nurses manage the complete list of patients with their basic details, medications, allergies, and so on.
Report Management The reports sent by the patients could be managed using this feature.
Symptoms Analysis Once the patients send their symptoms, the nurses could use this feature to analyze the possible illness.
Push Notification A unique marketing feature that lets the hospitals inform their patients about upcoming holidays or hospital affairs. 
Appointments/Bookings The nurses or healthcare experts could manage their appointments using this functionality
Healthcare Content The educational content sent to the patients could be managed with this feature.
Video Consultation Enables the healthcare professionals to pursue video consultation with the patients in real-time. 
Payments The hospitals/nurse organizations could manage the payments revised by the user using this feature. 

For Admins



User Management You can manage various users (patients/nurses) with this feature.
Payment Management All the payments made by the patients or the nurses could be managed using this feature. You can even get the details of the outstanding payments if any. 
Claims Management The medical claims of the users could be managed by you using this advanced functionality. 
Push Notification A smart feature that lets you market and promotes your app with push-notifications in real-time. 
Conversational Chatbot Conversational chatbot to handle all your customer service operations in the most possible human manner. 
Marketing Management Automated marketing module to let you manage all your campaigns through a single platform. You can get insights into your various marketing campaigns and could then decide which are worthy. 

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Techstack Involved in Developing a Virtual Nurse Assistant

Another crucial aspect that could impact the future of your virtual nurse assistant app is tech trends. We all know that change is the only constant in today’s digital world. Many new technologies are launched every day, and only some play a long run in the market. 

Hence, it becomes crucial for you to select a reliable and trending technology that could enhance your app and not disappear after a short time. That’sThat’s where an expert software engineering company like Matellio comes to play! 

Let’sLet’s examine the top trending and reliable technologies that our certified developers use to develop your virtual nurse app.

  • Conversational AI – UI Path,
  • Payment Gateway – Braintree, Stripe, PayPal
  • App Frameworks – Java, Swift
  • Editor – Xcode, Visual Studio
  • Maps – Google Map
  • Backend – MEAN Stack
  • Email Marketing – Sendinblue
  • Analytics – Google Analytics
  • Social SDK –, Google

Other Things to Consider During Virtual Nurse App Development

Besides features and tech-stack, certain other things impact the success of your virtual nurse app. One of the major and most important things is the selection of your technology partner. Your development partner could easily make your app either hit or flop in the market with their services. Hence, you should always consider these crucial points before making the app development firm’s final selection. 

 1. Expert Consultation

The very first thing you need to consider before choosing a reliable development partner is expert consultation. It is no surprise that AI is relatively a new tech trend of the market, and it is still advancing with time. Hence, in such a scenario, it is highly possible that you may not know all the latest trends of the AI market, especially when it is related to AI app development. That’s where expert consultation comes to play!

With expert consultation, you could not just know the latest AI app development sector trends but could even know their reliability. Apart from that, the AI experts could even help you validate your app idea and could suggest the best possible features to make your virtual nurse app a hit in the market. 

Hence, always choose a development partner that offers an expert consultation service for your business idea.

2. UI/UX

Another crucial aspect that one should consider while planning to develop a successful virtual nurse app is UI/UX. UI refers to the user interface for those who are new to the development sector, whereas UX refers to the customer experience. Even if you have advanced functionalities and are not accessible by your users, it is of no use. That’s where the designing component comes to play!

Hence, make sure that you actively invest in UI/UX to make your app user-friendly and customer-centric. You can ask your development partner whether they have certified UI/UX engineers, or you could hire professional UI/UX engineers for your AI app. 

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3. Testing

Testing has always been a crucial aspect of the app development sector. With testing, you can detect all the errors in your app that were left unidentified during the app development process. However, many businesses often skip this step, and as a result, they face bugs and glitches just after the app deployment.

Due to all these, they even suffer a loss in brand value. Hence, to eliminate such conditions for your app, you should always opt for testing services. Try to opt for automated testing services to detect bugs automatically and fastly! Ask your development partner whether they provide automation testing services or not!

Remember, an experienced and reliable app development firm always offers testing as a core aspect of their app development services. Hence, choose your service partner wisely.

 4. Development Platform

For making a virtual nurse app, you need to select a suitable development platform, viz. Android, iOS, Windows, and so on. For that, once again, expert consultation services could be used. You can also leverage the online surveys to decide what development platform your target audiences are using the most.

However, even after the survey, if you are still confused between two or more platforms, opt for cross-platform app development. With a cross-platform AI app, you can target more customers with little effort. The customers of almost all the platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, etc., could be satisfied with a single cross-platform app.

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 5. Professional App Developers

Finally, you need to look for professional developers when choosing an app development firm. Look for the qualifications and experience of the developers, and check whether they offer dedicated hiring models or not. For an efficient virtual nurse assistant development, you need to have a professional and tech-savvy team of engineers with you. Hence, make sure that your technology partner offers that.

Reputed and experienced developers always know what problems might come during the development and even have solutions to those problems. Moreover, they even have the idea of the latest trends that are prevailing in the market. That’s why always go for experienced and reputed app development companies for your virtual nurse app development

That’s where Matellio comes to play!

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How can Matellio help in Developing a Virtual Nurse App like Sensely?

With over 12+ years of experience, Matellio has always been a leading choice for businesses in AI app development. Whether you talk about an AI-powered telemedicine app, or an EHR system, or even a virtual nurse app, our certified developers always strive to deliver the best to all our clients.

We follow an agile methodology that ensures constant monitoring of the project and efficient app development. Our clients experience a 50% reduction in cost due to our effective development process without any compromise in quality. That’sThat’s why leading platforms, including Clutch, have considered us the leading software engineering firm worldwide.

Right from free expert consultation to automated testing services, and flexible hiring models, you could get everything to make your app a hit in the market. Hence, reach us today to discuss your big business idea with us for free. Make your company a global brand and boost your sales and profitability. Remember, innovation and consultation are the only two keys to succeed in today’s competitive era. So, keep discussing and keep growing!

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