How to Develop a Communication App Like the Color Message?

Updated on Mar 1st, 2024

How to Develop a Communication App Like the Color Message

Since its invention, messaging has been an integral part of our lives. With the help of next-gen technologies, these communication apps have evolved a lot in terms of features and functionalities. An app like Color Message has introduced a whole new way to converse on text with a whole new lot of exciting features.  

Traditional messaging apps were extremely dull and without any features or emoji. Still, with Color Message, you get a whole new level of emoticons and functions that makes your conversations even more lively. Entrepreneurs have measured the growth of this particular field and have invested in numerous apps like Color Message. Despite a lot of communication apps in the market, there is still some room left for a new communication app that fulfills the user’s expectations.  

If you are thinking of developing a communication app like Color Message, the market conditions are extremely favorable; in this blog, we will guide you through a strategic development process. But first, let’s get to know the Color Message App.

  • The global messaging app market is projected to cross the valuation mark of 16.01 billion US dollars by the year 2024.
  • Integrating a set of features that includes personalizing the chats and GIFs can make your communication apps more popular.
  • Color message is built on technologies like Python, NGINX, Java, MySQL, etc.
  • Number of features, tech stack, and other parameters can affect the cost of your development process.

What is Color Message App?

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Color Message is a messenger app that personalizes your default SMS messenger with many features. The app has more than 500,000 downloads on the Google Play store. The app offers a lot of meaningful functionalities like personalization, instant messaging, sending voice through chat, backup SMS and MMS, spam blocking, and more. 

The app has improved default SMS messenger with lots of artistic details such as personalized thread design and more. Users now can block anyone on this app, and it delivers an optimum security level for your data protection. Various companies are using these types of apps to deliver an instant reply to their visitors and enhance their customer satisfaction rate. 

With the Color Message app, users feel more valued as the app allows them to personalize every feature as per their needs. If you are thinking of developing an app like Color Message, you have to keep an eye on the current market trends of the said field and derive a unique idea that fits the expectations of the users.

What Does the Market say About Communication Apps?

The global messaging app market is projected to cross the valuation mark of 16.01 billion US dollars by the year 2024. In a recent study, more than 64 percent of the users stated they would prefer messaging apps over any other kind of medium to converse with their family and friends. More than 46 percent of the users stated that they prefer the features of the SMS messenger app over others. 

The global communication app market is progressing at the speed of the light; all the market figures indicate there are a lot of opportunities for mobile app developers and companies. The level of feasibility these kinds of apps delivers have pumped their popularity and revenue figures. Apart from these market figures, they also deliver a lot of marketing opportunities for companies and start-ups.

Certain companies have integrated these apps into their websites and use them to deliver answers to the queries of their customers. However, when it comes to the development of these apps, the process is not that much complicated. Let’s start with the process. 

Development Process of a Communication App like Color Message 

People often believe that developing an app for a service is a complicated task, but it can be developed easily with a dedicated plan. A perfect roadmap with all the milestones highlighted along with a time frame gives you an exact idea of the outcome. Along with everything, you’ll need a reliable app development company with highly skilled resources and a good reputation in the market. Here is the simplified development process that you can follow.

Know the Market  

Any result-oriented development process starts with detailed market research and analysis. Start with finding out the market trends and finding your target audience, which is not hard in the case of communication app development. People may expect your communication app to provide diligent features and functionalities that ease up the messaging process. 

Start with finding your competitors and their business strategies. Analyze their business models and glean all the important points that can give you an edge over the competition. List out the features of apps that are trending and improvise them to attract more customers. You can either assign the research task to your in-house team or hire a dedicated marketing company to do the research for you. Alternatively, you can just shop for a detailed market report online from various online marketing websites. These reports are categorized as per the genre and other stats.

Work a Plan

The next step after gathering the facts consists of making an effective blueprint to guide the communication app development process. You have gathered the facts from market research; use them to plan your way ahead. Make partitions into your plan based on various parts of the process, such as features, technology stack, and more. Remember, hiring an app development company is also part of planning. Let’s start with features. 

Features to be Considered

When a user chooses a product, the first thing they notice is features. Make sure the features in your fresh communication app development awe the users. In case you want to add a new feature in your app to attract more customers, ask your mobile app developers to create the same for you. Here is a category-wise list of features that should be considered while developing your mobile app for efficient communication.

Authentication Allow users to register themselves on the app with the help of minimum personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses, or social media profiles.
Contact Import/Export Allow users to get all their contacts integrated into the apps to send messages; it also allows users to send contacts to others.
User profiles Allow users to set their profiles as per their choice. It allows users to add pictures, themes, and more.
Messaging Allow users to send messages quickly and securely without any delay.
File-Sharing Allow users to send various types of files to each other such as GIFs and stickers, photos, and media files.
Notifications Allow users to get aware of any new message, alert, and any updates or offers.
Voice/Video Calls Allow users to get in touch over a voice call or video call from the application itself.
Audio Sharing Allow users to record their audio message and send it to other users in the chat for better feasibility.
Location Tracking/Sharing Allow users to share their current location with other users with the help of third-party integrations.
Backup Chats Allow users to delete or recover their chats on the app and get them saved to avoid any data loss.

Tech Stack to be Considered

The functionality of the features included in your communication app development majorly depends on the technology stack you choose. Make sure to choose a robust and scalable tech stack that empowers the overall app performance. Here is a tech stack that most of the communication apps like color message use that can be considered for your project.

Application and Data – Python, NGINX, Java, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, React Native, Dropbox, Amazon VPC, Gunicorn, HBase.

Utilities – Google Analytics, Amazon Route 53.

DevOps – GitHub, Git, Docker, Jenkins, Android Studio, Docker Compose, HAProxy, Eclipse, Nagios, Zookeeper , Graphite, Ganglia.

Business ToolsSlack, Jira, G Suite, Confluence.

Design & Development 

While designing a mobile communication app, you should take care of the layout which displays products and other services. Divide the layout with an aesthetic design and make sure everything is easily accessible. Consult your UI/UX designer for ideas and brainstorm a bit with your team also to reach a better conclusion. You have done detailed market research; use the facts and various designs that came across for a reference. 

After you are done with the designing part, start with testing your app in every way possible. It is recommended to build a prototype first and measure the performance, then move towards a full-fledged app. Ask your testing engineers to thoroughly test the code and remove any errors or bugs before launching the application. Remember, the app should be clean of any errors and bugs when it goes into the hands of users. A reliable development partner will provide you with experienced and skilled resources who will take care of everything before launching the project. 

Which Factors Can Affect the Development Cost?

When it comes to deciding the budget of any app development, there are various factors that can affect the overall cost of the process. You may have got an idea about the cost included in the app development of any genre. The best way to decide the budget is to discuss every possible thing with your in-house team and consider the points of your market research. Here are a few factors that can fluctuate the cost of your development process. 

  • Number and types of features. 
  • Technology Stack 
  • Number of resources 
  • Hiring an app development company 
  • Platforms (Native/Cross-platform), etc.

Develop an MVP

MVP is the first version of your product to consist of basic features only. One of the most common mistakes is mixing a minimally viable product with a prototype. Above all, however, MVP is a real product with key features that enhance its core function. MVP’s goal is to test the demand for the product and decide whether or not to continue developing it based on the market reaction. If you are thinking of developing an MVP, follow a simple process here. 

  • Explore the market 
  • Analyze competitors 
  • Prefer MVP features 
  • Design and develop an MVP 
  • Get feedback and make changes

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Develop Your Communication App with Matellio 

Communication is a necessary part of our lives, and the services that provide have great importance. The market situation in this area shows promising numbers of opportunities for companies wishing to start in this area. In the global market for all types of application development, there is always room for a new application with added features. Get to know your customers’ expectations and apply changes to your social application development process to get the most out of your project. 

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